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  1. The Cromwells are new tool Airfix kits.
  2. Please add me to the draw, please. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the hard work Kevin! Much appreciated. Rich
  4. Sorry to disappoint you, Kagemusha, but Revell did kit a P-51D, including the Bob Hoover version.Rich
  5. Outstanding work so far, Bill. It was great meeting you at Bufcon today, I hope you enjoyed the show! Rich
  6. This excerpt is from the sight you provided the link to. It should clarify that the picture does not represent a WWII example of an IL-2m3 two seater. "[ED: The rear fuselage, including the vertical fin, are unquestionably locally manufactured replacement units; no such metal fuselage and fin existed in the Il-2 programme.]" This sight might help: http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/il-2/il2-camo/il-2m3/il2m3-camo.htm Rich
  7. Thanks for the questions, guys. I just made some minor progress on the instrument panel using the Eduard zoom set. Still some items to paint and weather on the IP, then onto the seatbelts and the rest of the interior. Thanks for the prodding. I need it!
  8. I haven't had much luck with finishing a group build, but with a new year it's time to give it a try. To convert the IXc to a IXe, I needed to order sprue LL from the Tamiya XVIe to get the correct wing gun bulges. I will use the Sky's decals and some limited aftermarket.
  9. The old Hasegawa kit is the A6M5c version, which is different from the Tamiya A6M5. The old Hasegawa kit had the correct wings for an A6M5c, but I believe the cowl was incorrect (for an A6M5a, I believe). If Hasegawa updates the cowl it may still be worth getting as it will be a better A6M5c variant. I hope the kit is a complete new tool, but I believe I read that it is only a partial re-tool (cowling and some other parts). I wish I could locate the source for that information, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Use the coupon code FINESHIP for free shipping for an order over $50 (see Squadron ad in Finescale modeler magazine). I believe this is through Sept. 30, 2015. Rich
  11. Paragon did a nice selection of resin aftermarket when the kit was first released. I have the landing gear doors, wheels, engine shrouds etc. Barracudacast wasn't around for the initial release, so to issue parts for an OOP kit would not make much business sense. We'll see if Mr. Sutherland capitalizes on the re-release when it comes out, at least in some of the areas improved by Paragon. Rich
  12. Harold, How do I go about getting a set of the C wheels for the Hasegawa kit? Thanks. Rich
  13. I just came back from the Ajax show in Toronto and snagged one! The show was a great time and the kit looks great. Can't wait to start it and I also can't wait to see how you do yours, John. Rich
  14. Vector makes a beautiful cowling for the F4U 1D. Rich
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