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  1. Yowza..... TU-95 cockpit. Now that’s thinking outside the box. Love it.....would be extremely cool...
  2. As the title implies, I thought a category for most wanted Russian aircraft may be interesting....for me... Su-17/22 Fitter. Any and all variant Lavochkin La-5. All models Lagg 3 Polikarpov PO 2 Just to name a few..
  3. Jeez almighty... I forgot to mention this brute.... Sukhoi Su-17/22 FITTER any and all versions
  4. MOZART.... thanks there, I wouldn’t mind getting in contact with someone who uses an iPad..... I copied my link from iCloud then posted it. With only the link showing and not the image. Which wasn’t t my intent. I haven’t figured out how to post images yet.... still trying...
  5. Let’s see.... Lavachkin La-5fn Lockheed Hudson.....just kidding... Hawker Hurricane
  6. Yes, being a veteran expat from Texas made it a easy decision. Plus no natural metal finish...
  7. Not sure if I am doing this correctly so here goes... have this urge to complete a build after years away so thought a OOB build would be a great way to start. I am not a rivet counter, and I’ll try to build to a satisfactory standard. Even to try and include a couple of crewman.... So everything has been ordered, fingers are crossed. Now let’s see if I have enough time... https://share.icloud.com/photos/0RB-CjfSKt1aE1vr0lK9Ogwjw https://share.icloud.com/photos/085lKx99L-HwWChMzKlZHK0AQ https://share.icloud.com/photos/0uevQVxRyiEsIHKZD1dq8sGag
  8. G’day everyone, wanting to join a group build and would like to know how to upload pics from my iPad. Any help would be massively appreciated.... cheers, DugyB
  9. G’day there, am curious to know if helocopters are allowed? Don’t recall ever seeing any here. I have a Trumpeter HH-65 Dolphin, and I just need an excuse to get back into building....
  10. Well being a rotor head I’d love a couple of US Coast Guard fellas.... HH-52 and the HH-3. ....I think I’ll sit right here and hold my breath for a Lovochkin La-5FN too...
  11. Just drooling for them to release a Lavochkin La-5..... in any and or all versions...
  12. Looks like a sweet topic to model. So glad of ICM to be releasing some much needed and missed VVS aircraft. (And figures too) I’ll keep a keen eye out here...
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