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  1. Thanks for trying to help Maru. I've seen those videos but it they don't get to the wings.
  2. For anybody that has built the kit. Is it better to follow the instructions when building the fuselage and build the outer wings and center separate then join as sub assemblies? Or is it better to add the outer wings to the center top and bottom halves and them put them together as two large parts like with the Testors kit?
  3. Thank you Ron. I think I will be going for something between mild and wild. Do you know what of the G pe can be used on the E/F?
  4. Hi all, I have questions about the kit from those that have one. What am is needed? I will be getting one soon and I want to bring the detail level up a little. I don't want to go all out just replace what is most noticeable. Right now I'm thinking about replacing the guns with the Eduard resin ones and adding pe to the nose, bomb bay, wheel wells and exterior. I will be doing it as Memphis Belle May 19 1943. So any tips on what needs to be fixed or done differently from the instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Another great build from Chuck. I will be watching the great work as always with your builds Chuck.
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