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  1. One of the most interesting airplanes for people who like strong weathering. F-4E Phantom II Hellenic Air Force Tamiya 1:32, model made of course straight from the box so it may not be an ideal reproduction of the F-4E HAF. The Tamiya set is probably well known to everyone. In short it's realy good set. Greek planes can be very heavily exploited, which makes them a great material for modelers.
  2. Thank you all, I really like A-6 Intruder so it's definitely not the last model of this plane I've made.
  3. I would like to show you the model of the jet that I love. A-6E Intruder from Trumpeter 1:32 scale as always, a model made straight out of the box. Therefore, some of the decals don't match the original. The Trumpeter A-6 model is one of the best models of this company in the 1:32 scale. Unfortunately, model it's quite complicated and demanding to build. However, this is one of those jets that you must have on your shelf. 1: 1 I 1:32
  4. Thanks you, Models made straight out of the box allow you to focus on painting finishing .
  5. This time, quite a difficult model for me. I don't like models of planes that are realy clean, they look like plastic toys to me. That is why my model making is heavily exploited aircraft models. This time I tried to make this model like oryginal, so that it was not too tired, but that it was also not a plastic toy. I hope I managed. F/A-18C VF-131 Academy 1:32
  6. This time one of the most beautiful jets in the world. F-4J Phantom II VF-151 Tamiya 1:32 I made this model as always straight from the box, taking this model to the workshop you will not have any problems. Everything here fits together perfectly.
  7. Stanisław Skalski was a Polish fighter ace in World War II.
  8. This time the model with Polish markings. MiG-29 UB "4105" Personally, I really like the two-seater version of the MiG-29 so I took the model for the workshop. The Trumpeter model will not cause you much trouble, it is quite simple to build. As always, the model was built straight from the box.
  9. Something from France this time. Mirage 2000C from Kitty Hawk 1:32 scale I don't have much good to say about Kitty Hawk models. I chose a rather unusual camouflage, but next time I will do Mirage 2000 in Greek markings. Model made straight from the box.
  10. Yes, because most models that I make I made to order. I usually need two weeks to build one model in 1:32 scale.
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