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  1. The model is easy to build. It doesn't require a large amount of putty.
  2. This time the A-4M Sky Hawk model. Model from Trumpeter scale 1:32, made as always straight from the box. The model is easy to fold and fits on every shelf.
  3. A relatively old model, but friendly and quite easy to build. SH-3 Sea King Hasegawa 1:48, because none of the painting proposals from the set did not please me, I chose the version that might come as a surprise for you. I hope that you will like it.
  4. I made this model straight from the box.
  5. The model which I received to finish. The model that was started and lay in the box for several years. The model is A-7E Trumpeter which was to be made in painting from version D - it was the decision of the person for whom I finished this model. So we have an E version that pretends version D. In my opinion, the Trumpeter model itself is not very demanding and it will be easy to fold. However, you need to pay attention to the dividing lines that are too shallow and need improvement.
  6. Few weeks ago I finished the F-5 version F, the model is not easy to build, but the F-5 always looks nice. I just could not decide on this scheme the colors are too pale, so I chose a different version by processing a bit of decals You can see the topic here: I'm waiting for the continuation of work.
  7. Transall C-160 Heller 1:72 The model about where I would write one word - I would write - DISASTER. This is a real OLD SCHOOL, difficult to fit. Old decals break and you can not put them down well. In short, I'm glad that I have this model behind me.
  8. Many years I worked as a technologist in PPG Aerospace now I work at Akzo Nobel so I use products that I have easy access to.
  9. I use CR products: Sikkens Auto Wave II and PPG Envirobase.
  10. Yes, white matte paper in a roll
  11. Two lamps on a tripod (left side and right side) and one from the top.
  12. I don't use model paints but the colors I used are similar to Tamiya XF-81 and 82
  13. I have some models on the shelf that I won in modeling competitions Interestingly, I always present jets and in return I get airplanes from WWII times. I decided to submit one of them. Hawker Typhoon Ib. Hasegawa 1:48
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