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  1. How do I understand, you ask about the holes shown in the pictures below? I fill them with plastic and putty. About Clear Coat I use 2K Clear Coat from Car- refinisches market.
  2. No, I didn't use conversion kits. I have made changes on my own
  3. That's exactly what it is,
  4. Another of the "OLD SCHOOL" models, it is a model from the 80-90's and I did't have an idea for it. He was lying and getting dusty so he had to fly to the basket but i got the idea to make the F-18 model of the BLUE ANGELS team. The model required a lot of modifications and work and a very specific painting. In addition, F-18 BLUE ANGELS must be finished in a very high gloss. The model of demonstration aircraft are difficult to make and I do not know if what I have done will please you. Hasegawa set: Model:
  5. Time for the "old school" model from the 90s Tornado ECR - Revell 1:32 model about which I can only say that it's time for a much better Tornado model on the market. Made straight from the box.
  6. Koralik

    Lockheed Constellation 1:144

  7. Koralik

    Lockheed Constellation 1:144

    Lockheed Constellation - a baby on the hand. The model of the Lockheed Constellation aircraft in scale 1: 144, is a real baby which I made to rest from larger sizes. I chose this plane because in my opinion it was one of the most beautiful passenger planes
  8. Koralik

    Polish F-16 D Block 52

    Alain11, The Academy (SUFA) set includes an option with a braking parachute
  9. Koralik

    Su-35S Flanker E GWH -1:48

    The KH model is not the best and I would not recommend it. The GWH model is a completely different quality.
  10. This time the model about which I can not write that it is made straight from the box. This is the F-16CG model from academy with the IsraCast set full of conversion kit for the F-16A. Israeli Air Force. The model has armament probably unheard of in real conditions, but that was the wish of the person for whom I made this model. The IsraCast set is very demanding and forces many model revisions around the vertical stabilizer.
  11. Koralik

    Su-35S Flanker E GWH -1:48

    The back part in Su-27, 30, 33, 35 is the most difficult elements for painting.
  12. Koralik

    Su-35S Flanker E GWH -1:48

    My last job, This is the new Great Wall Hobby model, Su-35S 1:48 scale. This is realy good model with beautifully cast details and well fitted. Made as always straight from the box.
  13. Koralik

    USS Missouri Trumpeter 1:200

    This time the model is very unusual for me. Over one meter to build and paint, model made with one addition: Deck from Pontos, the rest is a model straight from the box. After building this model, I understood that folding ship models is a real big challenge. USS Missouri Trumpeter 1: 200 From spray booth: Final:
  14. Koralik

    F-4F Phantom II WTD-61

    I used decals from the set. However, they were very difficult to apply, there are places that required repair and painting.
  15. This time, F-4E Phantom in occasional painting. I will not write about the model, it's a pretty weak model from Revell. I made the model using original decals without any additions. I prepared the stand with accents matching the whole.