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  1. Thank you all and I am glad that you receive the model positively. I will add a photo from the work and the BW version.
  2. PPG Envirobase colors: Liquid metal and white aluminium.
  3. Model F-86D from Kitty Hawk scale 1:32. In terms of the model itself, I can write one I don't like KH models. In my opinion KH it is a desire to show on the box that there are many parts, so it makes to divide the hair into four. The plane itself is beautiful to me so this model could not be missing on my shelf. Model as always made straight from the box. F
  4. This time the model is in NMF finish P-47D from Kinetic 1:24 scale If you decide on this model, remember that you need a lot of shelf space.
  5. Something with a Polish accent this time. F-105D Polish Glider Set: Trumpeter 1:32 scale, model made as always straight from the box. The model is not simple to build.
  6. This time the model of a jet plane and so I return to my favorite topic (jets). F / A-18F Super Hornet 'VFA-102 50th Anniversary the model from my old collection. Trumpeter 1:32 scale set, the model is not simple to build. I tried to do the model without strong weathering. Of course, the model is made straight from the box.
  7. Always the same Sikkens Auto Wave II
  8. The main problems are matching elements. This model is made straight from the box without resin parts.
  9. After a few models of heavily tired aircraft. This time the model of the aircraft without strong weathering. Tempest Mk.V Special Hobby 1:32 Scale The model is not very easy to build, so I don't recommend it to less experienced modelers.
  10. This is the best Tornado from this set I've seen. Congratulations!
  11. I started my adventure with modeling four years ago. And I wanted to show you one of the models from the beginnings of my modeling passion. At the beginning I apologize for the pictures - I know that they are very weak but I did them without studio lighting. The model is the F-8E Crusader Trumpeter 1:32, the model quite easy to build I had small problems were with the air intake. I think that you already know that I always make models straight from the box and try to present heavily exploited machines. Such painting makes for me the models are less "plastic" do not look like toys. Ovcourse it's my opinion.
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