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  1. A-6A Intruder Trumpeter 1:32 as always, is made straight from the box without any additional resins, but with aftermarket decals.
  2. Of course, you can put on the website.
  3. The model is not often seen on modeling forums, i.e. the EA-18G Growler Trumpeter 1:32 It's basically a version of the F-18F from Trumpeter with additional hangers, so it's a lot different from the original. The model itself fits quite well, so there are no major problems with folding it. The model is basically a boxed version + a Red Fox printed cockpit which is generally a disappointment for me, especially since it is quite an expensive accessory.
  4. F-8E Crusader Trumpeter 1:32 The model is made, as always, straight from the box + self-made masks
  5. F-4C Phantom II Tamiya 1:32 I can see that the F-4 Phantom has been in fashion recently on LSP. There is no point in writing about the model because it is a model that has been available on the market for many years. I made the F-4 on an individual order. The contracting authority had two requirements. First, F-4C model cannot have the side number 829 and the second is to be an extremely worn out Phantom II
  6. One of my favorite jets this time. A-6E Intruder Trumpeter 1:32. The model, as always, is made straight from the box without any additional resins. The model is quite difficult to make, but it is still one of the best Trumpeter models in 1:32 scale
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