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  1. Thank you all, I'm glad you like this model.
  2. For a good start to 2021. My new model AH-1Z "Shark Mouth" Academy 1:35 The model is old, but very well fitted and easy to build Painted: Hataka Cockpit: Eduard interior
  3. End of a difficult year, time for a little summary. I make models for individual customer orders, so I build a lot of them during the year. Therefore, I will only show you some of my works. Good 2021 to all of you, stay healthy. REGARDS FROM POLAND.
  4. Congratulations, I recently finished the same model.
  5. This time a plane with propellers. The model, as usual, is made straight from the box. B-24D Liberator from Hobby Boss in 1:32 scale, very weak model. And the idea of making plastic landing gear legs is an absolute mistake!!!. It doesn't make sense to write any more because I have nothing good to write about this kit.
  6. This time the F-14A Tomcat VF-21 Freelancers. Model, as always, made straight from the box + decals from CAMDECALS. The Trumpeter model is probably well known to you so there is nothing to write about this set. Maybe I will write that it is quite easy to assemble or maybe I already have experience with this set.
  7. This time 1:48 scale The GWH model, and unfortunately in my opinion it is the weakest GWH model I have had in the workshop. Model, as always, made straight from the box + Two Bobs decals
  8. One of the most interesting airplanes for people who like strong weathering. F-4E Phantom II Hellenic Air Force Tamiya 1:32, model made of course straight from the box so it may not be an ideal reproduction of the F-4E HAF. The Tamiya set is probably well known to everyone. In short it's realy good set. Greek planes can be very heavily exploited, which makes them a great material for modelers.
  9. Thank you all, I really like A-6 Intruder so it's definitely not the last model of this plane I've made.
  10. I would like to show you the model of the jet that I love. A-6E Intruder from Trumpeter 1:32 scale as always, a model made straight out of the box. Therefore, some of the decals don't match the original. The Trumpeter A-6 model is one of the best models of this company in the 1:32 scale. Unfortunately, model it's quite complicated and demanding to build. However, this is one of those jets that you must have on your shelf. 1: 1 I 1:32
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