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  1. A-7D Corsair II 120th, Colorado ANG. Model trębacza 1:32 Malowany Hataka Hobby Red. A-7D Corsair II Trębacz 1:32
  2. This time I chose a camouflage that is not very common. Su-25 Frogfoot IAF Trumpeter 1:32. I hope you will like this painting.
  3. Thanks, decals made -Pro Decals from Greece
  4. One of my favorite topics. F-4E Phantom II Hellenic Air Force Tamiya 1:32 At the begining 1:1 F-4E Phantom II HAF Tamiya 1:32
  5. MiG-29GT in Poland with the designation UB Fulcrum Trumpeter 1:32 The model in the MiG-29 in the two-seat version is not often presented on modeling forums. However, I like this version so it hit my workshop.
  6. It took me a long time, I had to mask everything thoroughly.
  7. I had no problems with this model.
  8. F-35A Italeri 1:32, As always, I made the model straight from the box. However, I did add some shadows and differences in the shade of color so that this one-color painting would be a bit more interesting.
  9. CR Sikkens Autowave products that's all. Galaxy Blue pearl, Graphite pearl, titanium pearl.
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