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  1. Koralik

    MiG-25RBT ICM 1:48

    Thanks, the plane is beautiful and very fast.
  2. Koralik

    MiG-25RBT ICM 1:48

    This time real good and easy model to build. MiG-25RBT from ICM 1:48 scale
  3. This time something that in my workshop doesn't appear often. A propeller-driven airplane is an exotic for me. this time, however, beautiful Wellington Mk.IC Made straight from the box.
  4. Koralik

    MH-60S Academy 1:35

    I am glad that the model makes a good impression. Thanks.
  5. Koralik

    MH-60S Academy 1:35

    The model that caused me a lot of problems. MH-60S Academy 1:35 scale. The disappearing lines and rivets, the fatal fitting of the elements, therefore, I did not have too much good feelings associated with this model. The end result is not satisfactory for me but the helicopter itself looks nice and interesting. Maybe someday I will try to assemble this model again. After a few tubes of putty
  6. Now a windmill after passing. Model CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 1:35, model without any improvements. Made straight from the box. Easy to build doesn't require any major corrections.
  7. Koralik

    1/32 Tamiya F4-Phantom show time 100

    Fantastic job!!!
  8. Koralik

    Mi-24 Trumpeter 1:35

    This time i made them by hand it is very simple.
  9. Koralik

    Mi-24 Trumpeter 1:35

    Time for the "windmill" Mi-24 model Trumpeter 1:35 made without additives straight from the box. In camouflage from the base in Pruszcz Gdanski in Poland.
  10. How do I understand, you ask about the holes shown in the pictures below? I fill them with plastic and putty. About Clear Coat I use 2K Clear Coat from Car- refinisches market.
  11. No, I didn't use conversion kits. I have made changes on my own
  12. That's exactly what it is,
  13. Another of the "OLD SCHOOL" models, it is a model from the 80-90's and I did't have an idea for it. He was lying and getting dusty so he had to fly to the basket but i got the idea to make the F-18 model of the BLUE ANGELS team. The model required a lot of modifications and work and a very specific painting. In addition, F-18 BLUE ANGELS must be finished in a very high gloss. The model of demonstration aircraft are difficult to make and I do not know if what I have done will please you. Hasegawa set: Model: