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  1. Model Trumpeter P-40F Warhawk 1:32 scale, Made straight from the box, the model is very easy to build. In terms of the compatibility of this model with the P-40F, unfortunately, I can't comment because I have no knowledge about aircraft from IIWW times. The person who ordered this model would like it to be heavily exploited, I hope that the effect has been achieved.
  2. This model is quite complicated, but all parts match perfectly. I work on this model from the box to the end, lasted 7 days.
  3. Next will be one of the most beautiful US planes. F-4 Phantom II
  4. Thanks all! It's time to return to the jets.
  5. I have several WIP photos I can add them.
  6. This time model from WW II times, I generally avoid model aircraft with a propeller. I definitely prefer modern aviation. However, from time to time I make a model for someone to order. I present to you such a model F4U-1A Corsair model from the Tamiya skal scale 1:32 This is one of the best models I've built, all the elements fit together without a problem. Model made straight from the box with one addition from yahoo. I invite you to watch, I hope that the model looks good.
  7. A great model and really great effects of your work!
  8. Fantastic finish!! Thank you for sharing.
  9. I would like to present you the model that I prepared for the model exhibition. I chose a fairly difficult to build model, Su-25 Frogfoot A Trumpeter 1:32 Model I made straight from the box + Pitot from Master. I decided to make this model very heavily exploited. This plane is a work horse in the Russian Air Force, so this look is the norm. I add a lot of photos on a light and dark background, I hope they will please you.
  10. No, I never use modling products (paints). I use CR Akzo Nobel and PPG products exactly Sikkens Auto Wave II and PPG Envirobase
  11. Colors are slightly modified colors from the RAL palette. RAL 7040, 5012, 5015, 5017
  12. This time the model quite difficult to paint. The model Su-27 Ukrainian Air Force in camouflage "Digi" set is Trumpeter 1:32 model well-known so it doesn't make sense to describe something about this set again. I can write one thing - we are waiting for a new model of this aircraft. Model made straight from the box, I painted this model with the home made mask so they are not a perfect reflection of the camo Su-27. I hope, however, that this model will please you, I like this camouflage very much ..
  13. This time, another model in gray colors. Su-22M4 from the Hobby Boss set 1:48 scale, set is worse than the KH set but definitely easier to assemble. As always, the model is made straight from the box. Decals from ModelMaker
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