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  1. Koralik

    Su-30 China Air Force Trumpeter 1:32

    I am glad that my painting experiment pleases you. Model made without pre-shading, all treatments shading, color modulation are made on the finished painting.
  2. This time the model with insignia of the Chinese Air Force, is my first in a lifetime model of a jet stationed in this country. The model is the Trumpeter Su-30MKK 1:32 scale, definitely the model is not the best model of this aircraft. This is Su-27UB with changed displays in the cabin. The model is easy to build and does not cause problems. Model made straight from the box.
  3. This time, a tomcat, ready to fly, in a slightly tired version. F-14A Tomcat Trumpeter 1:32 Made straight from the box with the addition of decals.
  4. The model I made a long time ago, This is a model from the OLD SCHOOL category. Model Hawker Hunter Revell 1:32 Model straight from the box, and the other I try not to build.
  5. Koralik

    Spitfire RAF 303 Sqdn. Airfix 1:24

    It's already here
  6. Koralik

    Spitfire RAF 303 Sqdn. Airfix 1:24

    Of course I know, the ailerons in this set are movable, unfortunately, the fit is fatal, so they fall off automatically. I will have to stick one permanently.
  7. Spitfire RAF 303, Sqdn, Jan Zumbach Model Airfix 1:24 model made straight from the box without additives. I was wondering what to say about this model? The words that come to my mind are not positive. The model is VERY Weak. Looking at its quality, I think it is a very old model, today 1:48 scale models are definitely better quality. Kit: Airfix Decals: Techmod
  8. Koralik

    MiG-21UM "Eagle Talon 97" Trumpeter 1:48

    I also presented another MiG-21M from Operation "Eagle Talon 97" and I do not know how it happened but this topic jumped up myself and I didn't notice. I will try to improve this topic.
  9. MiG-21UM "Eagle Talon 97" with a characteristic white strip on the tail. Model from Trumpeter 1:48 scale, as always made straight from the box.
  10. Koralik

    F-5F VFC-111 Kitty Hawk 1:32

    Six days is enough time.
  11. The model that reached me the day before the new year. I couldn't wait and decided to take him to the workshop right away. The model F-5F from Kitty Hawk is a typical model of this manufacturer, definitely I not recommended to people who don't like fighting with matter. Cut without sense, with disappearing rivets and dividing lines. As I mentioned a typical KH model. I chose different painting versions than in the set using the Two Bobs decal. Model made straight from the box So much talk, time for the model: F-5F VCF-111 Kitty Hawk 1:32
  12. Koralik

    What would you choose?

    I will start with the fact that it is difficult to combine cheap and good. I will try to offer you really good models one more expensive the second cheaper. The first one is more expensive, but very good 1:48 scale model, great detail and very good fitting. I mean the entire family MiG-29 from GWH version is your choice. The second option is cheaper but also a great model from Kinetic Su-33. The effect you get is very good and it's straight from the box. Important, you will not need a bucket of putty. Ready model
  13. Koralik

    Su-22UM Kitty Hawk 1:48

    Kitty Hawk models are always difficult for me. The way they are cut is completely pointless - I have the impression that it comes to information on the box that there are so many parts. However, sometimes there is no way out and you have to make a model that is not perfect. Su-22UM Kitty Hawk 1:48 made straight from the box in a very difficult painting. I cut the decals and applied them over 20 hours. The effect looks like this: KH 1:48
  14. Koralik

    P-51B Tamiya 1:48

    This time the model is not typical in my collection. Occasionally I am submitting models from WWII times. P-51B Tamiya 1:48 The model is very easy to assemble like the Tamiya model.