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  1. My first model completed in 2020. Recently I presented on the LSP F-14A forum, this time the younger brother of F-14B "Jolly Rogers" Set from Trumpeter 1:32 scale + decals that are not included in the set.
  2. I can only provide the number according to Akzo Nobel standard AN-177-231
  3. I use Akzo Nobel Autowave II paints, color - Light Gull Gray
  4. Thank you all, now I'm getting version B "Jolly Rogers"
  5. Decals are a separate purchase, sorry I didn't add this information my mistake.
  6. Model made to order. This is an F-14A with an interesting story, you'll probably know which one. Model Trumpeter scale 1:32 made straight from the box. Model Trumpeter w skali 1:32 wykonany prosto z pudełka. I think this is the last model this year and I hope that next year will be equally successful for me.
  7. This time "Iron" in grays. MiG-21MF Polish Air Force Made as always straight from the box from the Trumpeter set, which should have a new improved version long ago.
  8. Thanks so much for the comments! I am also glad that MiG-29 returned to the Polish sky.
  9. Generally, decals are very difficult to position.
  10. This time in my opinion ofcourse, one of the most beautiful combat aircraft in the world. I mean only aesthetic values especially during the flight. MiG-29A with the side number 111 of the Polish Air Force. Model is Trumpeter 1:32 scale made straight from the box. I must admit that the Trumpeter model is quite well made and doesn't cause problems. Decals are made to order ModelMaker, I add that the position and aplikation of the wheel requires a lot of patience. I hope you enjoy watching this model.
  11. And again the model in NMF finish. This time I'll take a break from finishing the NMF. model P-51D Trumpeter 1:24 Made straight from the box, the masks are hand made.
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