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  1. Koralik

    Spitfire Mk.IX Hasegawa 1:48

  2. Koralik

    Spitfire Mk.IX Hasegawa 1:48

    Spitfire Mk. IX Model straight from the box. Set: Hasegawa
  3. Koralik

    F-117A Nighthawk exhaust

    It will be quite a challenge, Last time I finished the F-117 and I improvised at the exhaust nozzles.
  4. Koralik

    F-86D Kitty Hawk

    Well done, Can you say something about the model itself? I'm thinking about buying but I don't know how the quality of this model.
  5. Koralik

    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32

    I am very happy that you like Night Hawk. More pics.
  6. Koralik

    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32

    I'm sorry my mistake.
  7. Koralik

    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32

    This time the model F-117, the model is very simple to fold and very difficult to paint. I tried to make this model many times I took it off the shelf and put it back. Reason? One question: How to make a black model wouldn't just be black? I build models straight from the box and so I always try to focus on painting. I often make models that are a bit too heavily damaged, dirty but in my opinion is the only way to give them a bit of life. F-117 Trumpeter 1:32 the model is very easy to fold and you will not have any problems. At the begining few photos 1:1 At the begining few photos 1: 1 F-117 Trumpeter 1:32
  8. Mi-8 of the Polish Ministry of the Interior. The model presents a helicopter in a fairly difficult camouflage. Difficult due to the high gloss finish, the model itself is probably well known to you. 1:1 1:35
  9. Koralik

    MiG-25RBT ICM 1:48

    Thanks, the plane is beautiful and very fast.
  10. Koralik

    MiG-25RBT ICM 1:48

    This time real good and easy model to build. MiG-25RBT from ICM 1:48 scale
  11. This time something that in my workshop doesn't appear often. A propeller-driven airplane is an exotic for me. this time, however, beautiful Wellington Mk.IC Made straight from the box.
  12. Koralik

    MH-60S Academy 1:35

    I am glad that the model makes a good impression. Thanks.
  13. Koralik

    MH-60S Academy 1:35

    The model that caused me a lot of problems. MH-60S Academy 1:35 scale. The disappearing lines and rivets, the fatal fitting of the elements, therefore, I did not have too much good feelings associated with this model. The end result is not satisfactory for me but the helicopter itself looks nice and interesting. Maybe someday I will try to assemble this model again. After a few tubes of putty