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  1. 10-4. I will get started on that! Thanks very much! Walter
  2. Right on thanks guys. The vacuformed process seam pretty straight forward. Tim that Stuka is sick! OMG the detail of the guns, WOW!!!! My biggest concern is the Master. I have a set of clear windshield I want to copy. Would the hot clear plastic damage the master? Do I have to make a wood master of the windshields?
  3. Fellows, Any of you guys has experience vacuforming parts? I sure could use some hints and tips. I got and incredibly good deal on a brand new Micromark Vacuform machine and I would like to make some canopy/windshield copies. Please PM me if you do! Regards, Walter
  4. Right on guys, thanks! I cleaned them up with alcohol and they are no longer sticky. I am going to try the "Future" trick and see what happens. There is no easy way to separate the tires from the wheel to put aluminium foil so I am sure the sticky process will start again. I decided I am not going to super detail the model as I first thought, I am going to hang it from the ceiling just as it is and wheels up! Funny that even the pilot started to get sticky! He is going to have to sit on aluminium foil for sure! Harold thanks a million for the offer to
  5. I will try that! I wonder if there is anything you can spray on the rubber to stop the process.
  6. Gentlemen, I have noticed that a lot of the 1/32 and larger scale models tent to come with rubber tires. In fact, I just happen to purchase a large 1/18 F-104 model. Boy is she big and gorgeous! But, the rubber tires are all sticky and soft. I guess they are self destroying. Is there a process to stop the deterioration of rubber tires? Thanks, Walter
  7. Harold, if i am not too late, I would love a conversion set for the F4U-5N. I tried PM but not getting through. Karl, outstanding job!!! Walter
  8. I could not decide which kit to get, either the Tamiya or the ZM 1/32 P-51. So I got them both! I agree 100% with you all, two different styles but they are both wonderful. I have not build a Military model in over 20 yrs, but I wanted to do one of the P-51's my father flew for the Guatemalan Air force. The Tamiya is definitely a better kit to build all closed up, but I am going to take advantage of the ZM engineering and build a naked Mustang. I do plan to build them at the same time and I have no doubt that I am going to enjoy the process. Both kits are incredible as far as detail.
  9. Thanks guys, got the instructions now. Walter
  10. Gentlemen, I found in my brothers stash an Eagle Strike 32045 decal but has no instruction sheet. Any of you guys have the instruction sheet? I would love a scan of it. Yes, I am trying to finish my brothers 1/32 P-51, I believe he started it some 8 years ago and was one of his last projects before his last take off, now I will love to finish it in his honor. I have the Petie 2nd decal that came with the Dragon kit plus the Petie 3rd on the Eagle Strike set. Just dont know if I am going to do Petie 2nd or 3rd or Cripes A Mighty! All I know so far is that is going to have a blue n
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