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Whats a good, brushable metallic paint please?


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In the past, any old silverish paint would do for the occasional dry brush.  Now i am starting Tamya’s Corsair, and i need something brush friendly for stuff like levers, valves, lines, etc.   i use alclad for panels but need something to use with a brush.  

thank you. 

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For small areas, Tamiya Lacquers. Mr. Metal Color, Gaia Metallics, and E7 Metallics.  Note that these are all lacquers so you may need their proprietary thinner/retarder if you plan on brushing any larger surfacers.  I have never tried hand brushing them on an entire plane, but I have seen it done by some crazy, talented Japanese modelers.

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On 12/19/2022 at 8:40 AM, Stevepd said:

Those Revell aqua little blue pots. Add a dash of warm water as it can be a little thick = bingo.



Especially silver (90), iron (91) and aluminium (99). The others (like brass or copper), in my experience, need one of the three others as an undercoat to look good.

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