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  1. Got around to cleaning and organizing my work area. The bench will be completely covered after I start something.
  2. I'll second the nose art/shark mouth group build. WWI group build so I have an excuse to build one of my WNW kits. Fighter bomber group build. Non-British forces in the RAF/FAA: pilots from countries like Poland, New Zealand, Canada, etc.
  3. I've used Mr Primer Surfacer with no issues. I always make sure to wash resin with concentrated dish soap and hot water and do a final rinse with diluted alcohol.
  4. Picked up Revell's C-54D. Anyone know any good references for the cockpit and interior colors? The instructions say interior green for the cockpit and the interior areas. The few pictures I can find of cockpits show a gray color. Not sure if they are original paint or repaints. The landing gear bays and other areas do appear to be interior green on most photos.
  5. This would appear to be a top opening G canopy?
  6. Was looking for some markings for the Tamiya P-38 and found an interesting one in Bat Out of Hell. I've noticed that two different companies make decals for it, however, they interpret the plane differently. Xtradecals have the plane as an F version with yellow spinners and tips: https://www.hyperscale.com/images/x48214reviewbg_4.jpg Eduard have the plane as a G with red spinners and wingtips: https://www.sbmpics.com/sbmimages5/edud48047c.jpg I'm guessing the color interpretation is based on B&W photos and up for debate, but does anyone know if the plane was an F or a G? Or were there more than one Bat Out of Hell? There's a thread on Hyperscale debating the colors and one post stating that there were both an F and a G version, but I'd like to get a second opinion as there are differences in construction between the F and G. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/viewtopic.php?p=2703255#p2703255 Edit: Eduard also released decals for the version with yellow in their Early Lightnings kit, but still list it as a G.
  7. I really wish someone would make decals of Seid's and McIntosh's Mosquito in 1/32.
  8. I would love for Tamiya to make any variant of P-38 in 1/32
  9. Amazing work! What paint colors did you use for the camo?
  10. My wallet isn't. Probably my favorite plane from WWII.
  11. I was wondering how the fit was of Aires 1/32 Harrier wheel wells was in Trumpeter's Harrier? Some of the stuff I've used from Aires I've had to do a lot of work to make it fit.
  12. I saw that, but the Aviaeology set is near impossible to find.
  13. Print Scale make them in 1/48, but sadly not 1/32.
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