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  1. Former President Bush is smiling up in heaven about this landing. That was the bird he flew. Jim
  2. Excellent work my friend. The detail is amazing and the weathering is spot on congratulations on a terrific build Regards, Jim
  3. I also miss and remember all of the hobby stores I had in my geography. As far as 3-5 years ago when I was still working as a Pharma rep I always visited the hobby sites in each part of my territory. I always made a point of buying something each time I went into a store, especially the “old” Humbrol paints. I still have many of those colors you can’t get anymore. Sadly, as time went by I’d go to a location and it was closing or closed. It always felt good to buy something in person and go back in my car and inspect what I bought. Now it’s all internet in my area, no more local retail hobby st
  4. Looks like some really good stuff. Good luck Jim
  5. Sir, Your modeling skills are excellent. Well done Jim
  6. I’ve always used this technique, first, primer, then the color of the (wheel/ rim). Then I burnish it down on the wheel nice and tight. Then, with a new sharp #11 blade I slowly trace the edge of the wheel/ rim. Paint the tire what ever color you have decided and remove the tape. It should look good. Jim
  7. Congratulations Pete, on turning your life around. Well done keep up the good work, and now.....gotta buy new duds. Jim
  8. Nice job on your Trumpy Mustang. I have build a few of them and your is outstanding. Did you use the Cam 1 ew decals for your buil or mask and paint. Excellent workmanship. Jim
  9. Thanks for the complements. I really enjoyed taking what Time gave me (fantastic craftsmanship) then scribing the panel lines and finishing the build. I’m open for business if anyone else needs me.Love Mustangs. Regards, Jim
  10. As far as the lid of the box is concerned I take my hobby knife and cut the top off and tape the sides shut. Works just like a Hasegawa box. And I agree, the newer REVELL is a vast improvement over the original molds from the 70’s. Jim Jim
  11. Tim, thanks for posting this for me. As your preamble states, you did all the heavy lifting on this build,I just nudged it over the finish line. I’m going to look into the link you sent me for future posting on our site. I’ve never done that before and it’s kind of intimidating. I was fun to work on your model and finish it off. True teamwork. Jim
  12. Thanks Thierry, I decided to use the adapt the white metal main gear that comes with the model. I cut off the old style attachment “T” at the upper end of the main gear struts filed that end down to make a round stub and then formed a female plug in the lower half of the wing. This way I can glue the upper and lower wings together and not have to worry about breaking the struts while working on the model. I can just attach them at the end. Regards, Jim
  13. Fellow modelers, I have an old tool Hasegawa FW 190D-9 and I’m considering improving the wheel wells and main gear struts. Are the wheel wells and struts the same for a FW 190 A or F as the D Dora? I’d rather not purchase them and find out that don’t fit. There seems to be AM wheel well replacements but it doesn’t state it would fit the D-9 Dora. Same as the main gear AM improvements. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jim
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