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  1. Thanks all for responding. Mike you sent the exact on I was referring to. Jim
  2. Members, I seem to remember reading in one of our forums a download for kit instruction manuals. Does anyone else remember or know of this resource? Thanks, Jim
  3. Kind of hard to say which one ( Has or Rev) is better from those completed models. Both are stunning. I guess I can’t go wrong with either choice. Much appreciated, Jim
  4. Thanks for the opinion. I appreciate your response. Jim
  5. Members, I know this question may be hard to answer but I am thinking of building a 1/32 FW 190. I’d like to know your options on which kit straight out of the box gives the best bang for the buck and gives me the detail with out going nuts on AM accessories. I’m willing to get AM tires and an IP. In the past I have built the Hasegawa 190 and the old REVELL kit. With all the newer releases I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance, Jim
  6. I cannot see any photos either. Jim
  7. Ali, Great job, it looks like it will be a great addition to any of the 1/32 B Mustangs. Jim
  8. Excellent job on both kits. Is there a reason why the rivet detail is more pronounced on the US Navy version? Archer resin rivets? Jim
  9. Members, I am a modeler who does not use an airbrush. I would like to get some opinions on a good spray matte coat. I use Future as a gloss coat to prepare the surface for decals and then another coat of Future to seal or protect the decals. My usual source of a spray dull coat or matte is no longer available. With that information in mind any suggestions on a reliable matte rattle or spray can that will give me a results that will not ruin the paint job or deals? Thanks, Jim
  10. Fencer, is there any update on your engine and WIP Corsair? Lots of interest in your beautiful engine. Regards, Jim
  11. I have a question regarding the Archer fasteners you used. Are they “Duz” fasteners? I’m assuming they are are similar to the Archer rivets. BTW, they look awesome. Jim
  12. How about some pictures of the kit. You have mentioned the great detail of the model, I’d love to see what it looks like before and after you finish the project. Regards, Jim
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