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  1. Thanks, my 30 watt brain now understands. BTW, a great idea. Much appreciated, Jim
  2. I know I will sound like some kind of moron but I don’t get this thread?? Are you talking about masking a model before painting it? I’m confused due the the hockey mask at the beginning of the thread. Jim
  3. Please let me know exactly what model this jet is? The canopy looks like and F-5 and the engine air intakes remind ma of an A-4. Very cool ride! Jim
  4. Ali, Great news on your future sets. I saw that you will be doing an update on the Trumpeter P-51B.Can you let us know some specifics? Will it just be the Malcolm canopy? Cockpit update? Thanks, Jim
  5. Beautiful job on your Thunderbolt. Very realistic weathering. Congrats Jim
  6. Welcome to the LSP forum. Your products look terrific. Do you have any plans for 1/32 P-51 Mustang sets? Thanks, Jim
  7. I preferWW II due to the acceleration of aviation at that time period. There are some very iconic aircraft in this era which I feel are the most beautiful aircraft in history, like the Mustang Jim
  8. Welcome to the forum. Your products are excellent and delivery to the US is very fast. Much appreciated. Jim
  9. Thanks for posting. Very comprehensive reference site. Thanks, Jim
  10. Alex, thanks so much, can’t wait to get one or two, can someone say P-47. Jim
  11. I second it, that’s a great engine! I have an old 1/32 REVELL Corsair in my closet and would love to get this engine. Please let me/ us know you can supply it to LSP members. Regards, Jim
  12. Very informative thread. I almost ordered from Internet Hobbies and never followed through. I agree that we should have a complete list of suspicious internet hobby sites on LSP that should be avoided. Jim
  13. Angelo, Nice job on your Mustang. I agree that Revell Mustang is an excellent kit. Very nice weathering. Jim
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