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  1. John, nice job on a very old kit. I also love to “revive” the older kits. I have a question. It looks like in one of the photos the engine looks just like the Hasegawa P-51. Is it, or it’s that the kit engine? Either way, the engine looks good. Regards, Jim
  2. Here is my list; F-111 Advark, SEA version or one with the Euro I camouflage. A-37 Dragonfly, nice side by side cockpit with lots of stores. P-51B/C Mustang P-47 Razorback by Revelle or Hasegawa. Jim
  3. Nice Mustang! Very well built. Is it 1/24 scale? Jim
  4. Hello all, Happy Easter , Passover! At this time we need a little joy in this crazy world. Jim
  5. So… what did you pick up and bring home? I would be like a kid in a candy store. Jim
  6. I used them once and ordered some resin parts for a FW 190-D. The item listed as IN STOCK. I waited about 10 days with no communication from them. I sent and email and was told they made a mistake and the item was not in stock. I asked for a refund and they refunded my credit card. Never went back after them experience. Jim
  7. Aline from “The Right Stuff”. “There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no “old”bold pilots” Jim
  8. Beautiful display of your modeling skills, I am soooo jealous! It looks like it belongs on the flight deck ready to launch. Jim
  9. Thanks guys, I really like to work on the old Hasegawa kits and try to bring them up to today’s standards. Re- scribing and improving the cockpits and landing gear stuff. It keeps my mind from going oatmeal. Jim
  10. Welcome to the forum Thomas. Your work is excellent. Hope to see more of your talents in the future. Regards, Jim
  11. Nice choices on the markings. Are you making your own decals for the builds? Jim
  12. I love Mustangs, you are my hero for building three at a time. Either you are a mad genius or absolutely crazy to try this. Nice work thus far, looking forward to you completing the builds. Any idea on the markings for each pony? Jim
  13. Just placed and order. I hope this helps. Your work in excellent. Regards, Jim
  14. The F-35 reminds me of the early 60’s when US defense secretary of defense Robert Mc Mara ( I know I spelled his name incorrectly) wanted to have commonality in US aircraft. Remember the F-111 for the Navy? All the extra changes for the F-4 for the USAF. From all the reports I have seen about the F-35’’s ACM data, when it when up against US F-16’s it LOST! Then , you add all of the extra costs for a USAF, US Navy and USMC VTOL platform in my opinion is a huge dog and drain on the taxpayer. Just my opinion. Jim
  15. Great build thus far, looking forward to seeing the rest of the WIP. A quick question? The model looks very detailed. Could you tell me how much the kits cost in US dollars? Thanks, Jim
  16. There is a guy on eBay that sells 3D resin F-86 cockpits, ejection seat and instrument panel. I used all of them in my 1/32 Hasegawa F-86-40. Fits very well into that kit. Just go to eBay and search 1/32 F-86 and it will come up. Jim
  17. Really like the early 60’s paint finish before going to TAC camouflage. Excellent work. Jim
  18. Dave, option one makes more sense to me. All in one shopping for a particular aircraft. Thanks, Jim
  19. I also tried that method to “save time” and experienced the same. Humbrol, Testors, and Model Master enamels. I just take a glob or two with is on my paint stirrer and place in into a paint palette add thinner (small amounts) and go from there. Jim
  20. Chuck Yeager is smiling at your terrific representation of his historic ride. Jim
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