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1/32 CH-53 On UK EBay


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1 hour ago, Scotsman said:

If this has been previously announced then please forgive my ignorance - but this just appeared in my Ebay new releases search 


1/32 CH-53E


And if anyone does know about it - any chance of a Pave Low at some stage - just asking for a friend  :rolleyes:

I’d be all over a Pave Low..

would love one as well-


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3 hours ago, Markjames1968 said:

I emailed him a couple of times  he has no photographs to show as he has never printed one out nor  assembled one,  its a cheesy crap filament print as is all his wares… blown up from smaller obj files and the like i get the feeling …. avoid…

Agree. I would certainly like to see the quality of the printed parts before I would be handing over any cash. Unless it's resin printed you'd be in for a lot of work.

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