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  1. I find it amusing that the original members that were swift to complain and decry have been slow in coming forward..after the designer posted his build … shame really considering they were so swift to mock it …..
  2. She is looking very good indeed . Really ought to get around to my collection at some point
  3. Looking forward to these
  4. Oh come on people waiting here …….
  5. Excellent.bit late to the party on this one but watching with massive interest. I’ve one sat in the stash along with uhemm[clearing throat ] two 1/32 aerodynamix versions and the bloody massive 1/24th scale job …I rather like the Buccaneers.. keep up the excellent work sir ….
  6. Already added myself to the GR3 list .
  7. Looks like a GR3 as well ,excellent
  8. added another 1/32 Buccaneer to my collection and my 1/24th version ..
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