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  1. I’ve got the aerodynamix kit too I have seen one built by the original maker and it looked fine ..but I’m no expert
  2. Reheat have been out of production for a good few years now .
  3. I have to say really like how this is coming on will be great to see it on its legs.. have sent you a pm
  4. Isn’t someone doing a new set might be italeri I saw somewhere .. 2511 NATO aircrew ground crew and accessories....sorry just found it .
  5. Looks awesome sir really nice indeed
  6. Lovely job on this .. I built one a good few years ago it was my first ever vac build and I loved every moment of it ..will have to crack on with my 1/32 buccaneer at some stage ..
  7. Have to say excellent.. the thing is a life pack.. able to as you say monitor life systems.. hr/bp 12 lead ecg..or ekg in America..also capable of delivering a shock if required.. awsome work
  8. Dean ...as in not a speculation of the closure .. surely if they were closing for good they wouldn’t publish what they have .. just saying.. would have appeared to have upset you wasn’t the intention.
  9. They are still trading but won’t be posting out until after April .. working from home etc
  10. I suggest you check the web site for the latest post ...
  11. excellent perhaps when all this madness is over and you get the time I’d like some please..
  12. Good to hear you are moving along .. do you still have any pylons available. terry
  13. Looking forward to the builds and watching. Mine is sat along side my aerodynamix one and the 1/24 scale one I’d be after a gulf war set of decals also .keep up the fine work sir .
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