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  1. I understand, I thought the same about Tamiya before I bought my first Tamiya kit...
  2. Hi, I usualy do not work with distributors, and the experience I have with the 2 tests I made is that they are far to carry everything (we have more than 1200 ref). However, we do several shippments to the US each week, that are delivered with USPS. It takes a certain time, is relatively cheap, and I think I replaced only one shipment in 5 years that did not arrive at the end. Note there are 2 options : tracked letter and tracked parcel, which is insured. But at 95 %, we make tracked letter. Best regards Norbert
  3. Hello ! USAF pilot calling PC, displayed here in a F-16, but same gears are used in F-15. Survival vest and holster for deployment. Will need to make the PC now, have to find slowly the outfits. cheers Norbert
  4. And it came prety good out. US navy pilot standing. 32 hours printing. You can compare the size with the 1/32 figure standing next to him... Cheers Norbert
  5. he was not the only one, but Pete insisted to give a try at it for the 1/18 HB Harrier
  6. Hello ! We did a first 1/18 print on a new printer, here is how it comes out after...25 hours printing in hi-res. cheers Norbert
  7. Hello ! here is reedoak first USAF modern fighter pilot : F-16 pilot, sitting, with survival vest, JHMCS helmet, pistol in holster, and without life preserver. typical for combat flights over dry aeras. have a nice day ! Norbert
  8. Hi In addition to the previous pilot hands on sticks, we converted our US Navy modern fighter pilot sitting 6 (RIO) to the JHMCS helmet. cheers Norbert
  9. hello ! We did a variant of our US navy pilot sitting 5 with a JHMCS helmet instaed of the standard HGU68 helmet Here the RIO carries the standard HGU-68 helmet and in the model : cheers Norbert
  10. BTW, Reedoak has a bunch of pilots and ground crews for mirage 2000 too, in addition to the above mentionned ladder and helmet
  11. Quinta makes a coloured 3D decal set for the C version, -5 an D in the pipe to my knowledge
  12. hello ! After the pilot, wa have a RIO...that personnaly I finaly prefer to the pilot, even in pilots place... (US Navy post 2000) cheers Norbert
  13. Hello ! We did another sitted mordern US Navy fighter pilot (post 2000), but hands on sticks this time. A bit more difficult to do, as the hands must be at the right place. Some had a sight at my "F-18 cockpit" in my mans cave... cheers Norbert
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