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  1. Hello ! we added to our collection of civilians a joung man with flight case. I would imagine him in front of a Learjet, or a Mercedes AMG GT, or at the entrance of an exhibition, for exemples... The flight case is a separate item, included in the set. cheers Norbert
  2. Hello ! Made a new version of the shooter previously done : I took opportunity I received on loan a one piece shell shooter helmet to do this catapult officer version. With the old style vest, 90s era to very early 2000s : Cheers Norbert
  3. May I add, the whole build has english captions cheers
  4. Maybe for a wreck / downed A/C... Norbert
  5. Hello ! As I saw that since Ukraine war, my sales of russian pilots increased notably, I thought I can do the opposite side. These gears with a russian harness for K-36 ejection seat and french helmet can be seen also on serbian and uzbeck pilotsn and mybe other countries. In all our usual scales cheers Norbert
  6. sadly, did not see a picture of a finished model
  7. Hello ! Trying to go back to some new figures, with an US Navy fighter pilot standing, from the late 90s to 2000s era, open survival vest, MBU-14 mask cheers Norbert
  8. I think we are several with a 1/18 harrier inthe stash, and with the question : is there something available or should I do something ? My side, I can convert a good part of the 1/32 range to 1/18 and a few figures are already converted
  9. I came accross this history some years ago, didn't hear from it before. Best is to read some article like the following here : https://www.caribbeanaircrew-ww2.com/ Hope it helps, I know the choice of figure is non standard, but it's an opportunity to do something different Norbert
  10. Hello ! For a change to modern figures, we did a RAF Caribbean pilot, smoking his pipe : Cheers Norbert
  11. Hello ! We made a second version of our US Navy female fighter pilot standing 2, with some small modifications : - right hand moved to match the boarding ladder side, gloves are now on. - left arm moved upward accordingly - visor down cheers Norbert
  12. Hello ! As a switch from US Navy thematic, here we have a new vitage civilian, 20s to50s era, with leather vest and a leather case. Could be for exemple a merchant (with a heavy weathered model behind) or a prewar ingeneer... Wish you all the best ! Norbert
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