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  1. norbert

    Do 17

    A do-17 would be great, but I think a Me-410 will come before (in plastic). I visited Duxford workshop last monday, there is enough from the DO-17 wreck to get a usefull scan
  2. Hi Ben, the ofset plates, by 100 pieces, 0.15 thickness, too much ? https://www.s2istore.com/analogique/325-plaque-top-f100-epaisseur-015.html#/250-format-370x450_100
  3. I contacted HAD models in order to know how they progresses on the resin APA-5D russian starter truck. They said the design is done, ready for 3D print
  4. Finaly, the APA-5D may come in 1/32 by HAD models : see following link : https://www.hadmodels.com/ural-4320-apa5d-full-resin-kit--in-scale-132 cheers
  5. Soviet starters were in the name APA-X, current truck is APA-5D starter truck, based on Ural 4320 chassis. If I remember correctly, previous was APA-5, based on Ural-375D chassis. Chassis and conversion kits for 375 exist in 1/35 scale. if you're lucky, you may find the OOP APA-5D conversion from HAD models in Hungary. I too hope that such a truck will come out in 1/32 scale, but you all know, there is even no IM WW2 jeep in 1/32
  6. Hi I will come for the first year, with some friends of Lyon Bron model club, that are more regular visitors and contest players. I do not come as a vendor, do not want to be squeezed in a booth, but will bring a 3D scanner in case of opportunity, we never know
  7. Tomcat, would be a good reason to convert my deck-crews to this scale
  8. Hi coming next is a russian pilot in summer flight suit, to match with our previously released ground crew. Note that the flight suit has a sand and a blue version, so you have the choice of color. Geared for ground attack, without G-suit Cheers Norbert
  9. Hi, We made a russian ground crew in tropical dress, for the Syrian theater, but there are also russians in other tropical countries. The figure is here in 1/48 scale, but you can get it in 1/32, 1/35 and 1/72 as usual. 3D render the figure out of the variants, it's our 10th russian related to airfields cheers Norbert
  10. Many thanks for the kind words. As I said previously, here is a picture of the lady in 1/32 scale, versus 1/48 and 1/72 scale. More details come out at this scale, obviously. A+ Norbert
  11. taking dust since 2013... 1/35 mi-6 maybe one day... cheers Norbert
  12. Hi As we moved, we did not make much new products since january But we added recently a modern french female pilot, walking : Here is the 1/72 scale model, but the figure is also available in 1/48 and 1/32 scales, like all of our figures Will show the 1/32 model as soon I remove all sprues scanned at the BA 705 french fighter school in Tours, many thanks to everybody who make this possible cheers Norbert
  13. what about Banfield Hansa brandenburg KDW flying boat against Baracca Nieuport 11, or a FBA flying boat ? even if it takes some years...
  14. If you could get me a walkaround of the pilot helmet, would be great
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