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  1. Hi Our latest figure is an US Navy modern fighter pilot, standing, checking airplane tops. As you can see, he stands well on the ground too. at our usual scales cheers Norbert
  2. Hello, hope everybody is well in theses days. We added a second french Armée de l'Air secretary to our offer, welcoming "her" pilot, in 2 versions, with or without hat : I think she will be better placed near an aircraft tug, with a ground crew, but it's up everybodies imagination Cheers Norbert
  3. Hello ! We adapted the US Navy pilot hands out of cockpit to the Tomcat wider fuselage , BTW, we changed also the MBU-23 by a MBU-14 mask. the open face version is designed to change the face without too much work (by us, it's still a CAD work). For late Tomcat : Cheers Norbert
  4. Hello ! Made the NOSA for the two seater Mirage 2000 : Cheers Norbert
  5. Hi here is our first version of Mirage 2000 pilot, sitting in cockpit, hands on sticks. He is provided without ejection seat. cheers Norbert
  6. well, it changes from a country to another, and sometimes also from an airplane type to another, in the same country...
  7. For those who have facebook, there is a mirage 2000 group build running, mostly with the new KH kits, where people discuss modifications and configurations. Mostly in french but about everybody understands english too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/271540610498251/?multi_permalinks=295013518150960%2C292920928360219%2C292922491693396%2C293787908273521%2C295028818149430&notif_id=1586501138528278&notif_t=group_activity it's a private group, so if you are interested, you have to ask for admission
  8. Yes, the seated pilots are already scanned for the 2000, real D crews, waiting for the kit as they will need adjustments Norbert
  9. Had a look on my model (a single seater). the fuselage is wider on the back, so the hands will probably not go down the fuselage. Will probably need to reposition them more flat, or move the complete arm Norbert
  10. Many thanks Pete. yes, the figures are in the march-april new products folder, and also in the modern USA folder, but at the end so far, around page 10 (in 1/32 scale). will move them with the other seated pilot when I find a little time norbert
  11. Hello We did also different versions of the same F-18 US Navy pilot : at our usual scales cheers norbert
  12. Hi we designed the mirage 2000 french air force ladder, that will be necessary for some of our future projects. We made the necessary to respect the frames sections to have it in scale, also in 1/72 here 1/32 & 1/72 et here in 1/48 scale on my good old heller 2000 N Heller cheers Norbert
  13. What to say ? extraordinary ! I can store it in my humble home if you need (I'm the first to try...) cheers
  14. Hi Jason Yes, we prepare more seated USN fighter pilots, started working on different head options for next poses work in progress so far, needs more adjustments and detailling cheers Norbert
  15. I heard tony shop received a large inventory
  16. Hi, hopping everybody is fine here ! Our latest product is a set of 2 US helmet bags, full Cheers Norbert
  17. Hi Kev, I thought it was worth to have everything in one place, last new item in the last page or eventualy just before. But will do next posting in a new thread Norbert
  18. Hi ! We change from the mirage 2000 thematic with the next figure : we have a guy (a famous liner pilot...) in US flight suit, tied at waist, preparing for his next demo at an airshow, or a warbird show. Well seems the weather was rather hot that day ! Many thanks Brian for the scan ! A+ Norbert
  19. Hello, hope you are all fine ! I continue with the french mirage 2000 with an additional pilot, checking plane intake or exhaust this time (the mechanics is already in the catalogue) BTW, I modified the french LA-100 helmet which is often seen hanging on top of the ladder, with a hard visor instead of the thermoformed one, a bit tricky to cut out. Cheers Norbert
  20. in large scale, the new mirage 2000 only, in smaller scale, also Mirage F-1
  21. Hi, hope you are all fine ! Yes, an other one...but with the french LA-100 helmet on the head this time ! Cheers Norbert
  22. Hi We have now 2 additionals modern french Armée de l'Air figures ready, a pilot and a mechanics, both thanks to the 3rd escadre, many thanks to them : at our usual scales, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and even 1/144 this time (1/32 & 1/144 on the picture) Both were colorized with a 4 views around for each, as reference for the painters : cheers Norbert
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