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  1. Hi, Hope you all had a nice day In addition to the Tomcat pilots of the 81 à 89s time frame, here are the versions for the next years : 89 to 98 approximatively, new HGU-55 helmet, which is still equiped with the old style cast bayonet receiver 98 to 2004 approximatively, the HGU-55 has now the lightweight bayonet receiver Yes, it is not a big difference... cheers Norbert
  2. Hi all I usualy invoice euro 10.78 tracked small pack postal service (not collissimo), but have to admit you need a professional account to get it. But yes, last price increase was 10 %
  3. Hi The version of our US Navy standing pilot #2 is now ready, this time with visor up : on the right on the last picture cheers Norbert
  4. Hoping to have my model before christmas too. Concerning the printing layers, they seem barely perceptible. Instead of sanding, you may fill the lines as I do with the figures : http://reedoak.com/how-to-prepare-reedoak-3d-printed-figure-for-paint/ However, it needs a bit of practice, you may train on the printing blocks before Cheers Norbert
  5. Hello ! The version of the modern US Navy standing pilot #2, this time without leg garters, is now ready too. So the same figure, visor down, pulling gloves, open survival vest, but no ejection seat leg straps Cheers Norbert
  6. Hi we decided to offer the modern US navy wheel chocks we designed a long time ago, as I wanted some in 1/18 scale for myself, and they can also be usefull for some 1/35 helicopter models In addition, we took the opportunity to offer them in other scales, like 1/32. in 1/18 : in 1/35 : Cheers Norbert
  7. Hi We made a second standing modern US Navy fighter pilot, this time with open survival vest. The visor down version with leg garters is ready, but we will make also other versions without leg garters and visor up. So, that's the guy on the left on the picture : I will show the other versions when they come cheers Norbert
  8. Being a manufacturer myself, I understant his feeling. But what will you do with the detail parts CAD when you do not have the major components ? sadly, the option today is to buy the kit, make ourself from the worst kit parts the CAD work that already exist, and print it much finer, and/or rebuild in scratch. Naturaly, the best option would be to get the detail parts in acceptable resolution with the kit
  9. I think the FDM is a good solution for strong and big parts, even if it requires a lot of filling and sanding. A solution would be to have access to the CAD for the smaller parts in addition, in order to print them on a phrozen or elego printer at much higher resolution
  10. a 1/32 Jeep...hmmm, my neighbor has one, maybe I start to scan it... Then a tank truck...and if it all works, a plane that goes together, as small as possible, will say a P-51...
  11. for a WW2 biplane with an appealing look, a fairey Seafox would be great...
  12. Well done so far Pete. I know now why it's important to have the boots soles on my pilots !
  13. Hello, Our next figures are a US Navy pilot and RIO for the colourfull 81-89 era, with HGU-33 helmets and MBU-14 mask... they are equipped to fit a F-14, partialy an intruder (pilote only) or a corsair II if we do not look to close to the leg garters. We did 2 versions of each, visor up or down : and here is how they look in the Tamiya F-14 in 1/48 scale: Cheers Norbert
  14. Hello, hope everybody is fine ! We made a first russian seated pilot in 1/32 scale, and in smaller scales However, we find out there are some relatively big sizes difference between the different 1/32 trumpeter cockpits, so we went to a realistic pose. Some changes on the sticks positions may be necessary depending to the model Cheers Norbert
  15. Hi we got some other request for 1/18 figures... you know the US Navy pilot at left, second left is a french mirage 2000 pilot, then they are US Navy flight deck photographers cheers Norbert
  16. Hello ! after the standing photographer, we have the same, kneeling, depicted shooting some flight deck scene : cheers Norbert
  17. Congratulation for this huge build Pete, hard to find words to describe the insane work involved. Hope you have a nice place to showcase it ! Norbert
  18. Hello ! We got a new model that could make his way through the quarantines to us : US Navy flight deck photographer. Model is Kai Wolker, who was fortunate to go to each of the Nimitz class US carriers. More info here [url]https://www.magicscalemodeling.com/copie-de-kai-reckstadt[/url] cheers Norbert
  19. Hi Michael, many thanks for your order ! same gears are used on F-15 and A-10, with the exception of the helmet on A-10, and for the hand on sticks version, the stick is on side on the F-16 and between the legs on the F-15 and A-10. Will probably do some other version without survival vest, as often seen on pictures states side. Cheers Norbert
  20. Would be better to take directly the F-18 pilots Reedoak offers, as they have different harness, different survival vest, LPU on vest, etc...
  21. 55 versions are in the pipe, as we have on Navy pilots 68s versions and JHMCS versions Norbert
  22. HGU-48 ? wasn't it in the early days just after the HGU-2A/P and HGU-26 with HGU-33 like cutted shell? From what I know, the HGU-48 was then standardised as a HGU-55
  23. hello ! here is the last of our small serie of F-16 pilots with JHMCS helmet and warzone equipped survival vest, without life preserver : so, it is the third in the row cheers Norbert
  24. I understand, I thought the same about Tamiya before I bought my first Tamiya kit...
  25. Hi, I usualy do not work with distributors, and the experience I have with the 2 tests I made is that they are far to carry everything (we have more than 1200 ref). However, we do several shippments to the US each week, that are delivered with USPS. It takes a certain time, is relatively cheap, and I think I replaced only one shipment in 5 years that did not arrive at the end. Note there are 2 options : tracked letter and tracked parcel, which is insured. But at 95 %, we make tracked letter. Best regards Norbert
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