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  1. Hi coming next is a russian pilot in summer flight suit, to match with our previously released ground crew. Note that the flight suit has a sand and a blue version, so you have the choice of color. Geared for ground attack, without G-suit Cheers Norbert
  2. Hi, We made a russian ground crew in tropical dress, for the Syrian theater, but there are also russians in other tropical countries. The figure is here in 1/48 scale, but you can get it in 1/32, 1/35 and 1/72 as usual. 3D render the figure out of the variants, it's our 10th russian related to airfields cheers Norbert
  3. Many thanks for the kind words. As I said previously, here is a picture of the lady in 1/32 scale, versus 1/48 and 1/72 scale. More details come out at this scale, obviously. A+ Norbert
  4. taking dust since 2013... 1/35 mi-6 maybe one day... cheers Norbert
  5. Hi As we moved, we did not make much new products since january But we added recently a modern french female pilot, walking : Here is the 1/72 scale model, but the figure is also available in 1/48 and 1/32 scales, like all of our figures Will show the 1/32 model as soon I remove all sprues scanned at the BA 705 french fighter school in Tours, many thanks to everybody who make this possible cheers Norbert
  6. what about Banfield Hansa brandenburg KDW flying boat against Baracca Nieuport 11, or a FBA flying boat ? even if it takes some years...
  7. If you could get me a walkaround of the pilot helmet, would be great
  8. Many thanks Thierry ! No worries, we made 2 poses of belgian mirage pilot sunday PM, and did them a second time as I noticed the G-suit was in a wrong position. Better late as too late....
  9. It's a dream to visit the nats one day, but coming with my figures is realy not worth the investment. Shipping costs from France to US is only around euro 10.00
  10. Hi Roselies model show in one week now, we'll be there !
  11. But we are looking for a guy, 1m75, 70 kg, tom cruise like (or not) for a scan of belgian pilot at Roselies model show in 2 weeks...
  12. I had some contact for some, but unfortunately nothing happened...but who knows ?
  13. Super-etendard : first flight in 1974, so probably not in service before 1976 : other boots, other G-suit, other helmet, other mask, so the answer is no. But for an etendard IV, or an early french crusader, will need to add two pockets on the G-suit and replace visor mechanism by straps
  14. Hello Our second french Mirage pilot is now done, shown stepping out of the cockpit. Like the first one, he has the 1969-1972 era equipment: Note that the ladder needs to be placed a bit forward, itis too much back as it is Cheers Norbert
  15. The difficulty is to find the vest with the right pouches, if somebody can help...
  16. Hello And what if I tell you I met Miss Santa in the night of december the 24th ? cheers Norbert
  17. I heard they should have a parachute, anybody has more informations ?
  18. can somebody confirm the french topowl helmet is the same as the USMC one ?
  19. Now to find a heavy walkaround of the pilot helmet...
  20. Hi Added the HGU-4/P standard issue sunglasses version to the tomcat pilots, just a little detail... cheers Norbert
  21. Hi now we go close to 50 years back : here is a mirage III pilot from the 69s to the 72s era, maybe 66s to 74s. I made a colourized render this time, as they are hard to find on the net and here with my last century Heller kit A+ Norbert
  22. So, back to the french air force and its beautifull mirage 2000 and Panther helicopters... Next figure is a SEA army fuel service truck crewman pulling fuel hose. Hose is not provided, but of course you get the fuel nozzle in hand. cheers Norbert
  23. Roselies : 2nd - 3rd of february next year
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