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1/32 scale MiG-21MF from Eduard ( future release pool)


1/32 Mig-21MF from Eduard  

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  1. 1. Do you want Eduard to release Mig-21MF in 1/32 scale

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Most of you guys know about the fabulous series of MiG-21s  produced by the Eduard company in 1/48 scale.  Most of you also know that the current Trumpeter offering is not exactly up to today's standards . 

How would you like if you have state of the art MiG-21 on your shelf ?  Let Eduard know. :)


Thank You.




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It is something to show the interest. Unofficial and solely for the purpose to influence the future release. Things were happening in the background previously, P-40,47 release, 108 etc.  If there is an interest, there will be response. Whoever will release a decent Mig-21 in our scale, will strike a big score. There is no loss with that type, similar to 109, Spitfire or Mustang.

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Just like with a modern day standard 1/32 F-86 Sabre and MIG-15, it is one of the true enigmas of the hobby that no-one has produced the iconic MIG-21 in 1/32 as an IM kit and yet, we have been subjected to all manner of somewhat esoteric subjects in the same scale and including subjects by some of the more prominent companies which must have generated very limited interest and sales to say the least.


"Bring it on EDUARD!" is what I say and whilst owning no less than 7 of their fabulous MIG-21 1/48 kits and with one more built!



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Have many of the 1/48 Eduard offerings and they're quite stunning. Everyone "in the know" seems to say Eduard will never do a 1/32 Fishbed, but I've long been hoping for a change of heart. It's the kind of subject many of us would buy in multiples.


Based on Eduard's existing kits, my vote would also be for an MF first, followed by a PF, with separate ventral fwd airbrakes please. 

(They have yet to do an F-13 and UM in the smaller scales, so those are doubly unlikely.)


A profimodeller version for an OOB experience would be most welcome, but I'd settle for just overtrees. 



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