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  1. Hopefully soon! Just trying to find a day that works for both of us. I am so excited to fly with a legend.
  2. Amen brother! We just added a new little girl to our family last week, she's an 8 year old sweetheart we got from a no-kill shelter down in Huntley, IL.
  3. Excellent work Matt, funny how much the Eduard kit looks like the bigger Tamiya kit built up without anything near it to give them scale. Love how this one turned out!
  4. Amazing model, as others have said masterfully painted and weathered.
  5. Judging from the photo, I think it's safe to say there's a Yak heading for your bench!
  6. Very impressive build, especially like the overall grimy and dingy look of your weathering. A top notch build, thank you for sharing it with us!
  7. Just placed my preorder for this kit, very much looking forward to seeing what's inside when it arrives!
  8. They were announcing the other new release tonight at 6:30pm PST, but apparently only announcing it on Instagram. I don't have Instagram, has anyone heard what the other release is?
  9. I've built all three, and prefer the -1A as there are so many variations in the camo schemes you can most certainly find you like best!
  10. They came back? Why? Happy birthday Dave!
  11. NICE!!! Glad to see 234 Squadron represented, I'll be building that one!
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