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  1. WOOHOO IT'S A BIRTHDAY FOR MARU!!! Hope you had a very special day filled with joy and happiness my friend. I'll hoist one in your honor!
  2. Funny this topic came up today! I received a Tamiya A6M2 today from a seller in Asia and I was initially surprised it wasn't shrinkwrapped. At least now I know it is a normal thing.
  3. I think they've watched too many of those "F-15 Unrestricted Climb" videos on YouTube LOL. Nice takeoff though!
  4. No, wasn't me. I just noticed the painting credit, must be another modeler who goes by Daywalker.
  5. Maybe an early P-38 since they have the Allison engine already?
  6. I'd buy two sets, even though I don't have a 1/32 Wildcat in my stash. I would buy the kits if you did the decals as I know your decals are worth every penny.
  7. Any way to see the photos for those of us without facebook?
  8. Thank you Mike, I thought that might be the case but wanted to ask first before getting one.
  9. Looking to add either a Trumpeter F6F-3 or -5 to my build list, but mostly the -3N or -5N are available. Can anyone tell me if a standard -3 or -5 can be built from these kits? Thanks!
  10. I don't know how you even managed to get that aircraft off the runway in the first place with cajones that big in the cockpit.
  11. Have to say, beautifully done! I can't imagine the stress in a situation like that, your skill and professionalism made a potentially disastrous situation into a best possible outcome scenario. Well done! I would fly with you anytime.
  12. WOW, CONGRATULATIONS!!! To be honored like must be an incredible feeling, they sure don't hand those out to just anything. I saw MANY gorgeous aircraft up there, and to win an award you must have an absolutely pristine aircraft. Well done! I never got up close to your Travel Air, but saw it in the distance and was just about ready to head that direction when those F-15's and F/A-18's "arrived" Thursday. Sorry I never got over there to take a look! We ended up bringing one of our 172's, nothing NEARLY as nice as what you brought!
  13. We flew in and back out yesterday, aside from things being a bit soggy all is well. I spoke with a few of the volunteers, they told me they had to cancel the Wednesday night airshow and reschedule it. They were herding as many people into the museum and a few other hard structures for shelter but everyone was okay. Not sure what time that Stearman went on it's nose, but as we were taxiing to our parking spot the emergency crews were heading to the runway - a little before 8am. We were one of the last aircraft in VFR before they stopped VFR arrivals for a while. They were able to open it back up a while later. This was my first time flying in (always drove up in past years) and was a bit nervous about it all, especially "landing on the dot". But, it went very well and I can't say enough good things about how well all of the folks working there do the impossible. What an exciting day!
  14. Not sure which aircraft we're bringing up, but planning on flying in Thursday. I'll look for you there!
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