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  1. I see this kit is now up for preorder at Sprue Bros in the US for US $649.99.
  2. LOVE that panel, so clean! Still has the stickers over the glass in some of those shots.
  3. One more question, would you happen to know what pitot head assembly was used on these early P-38's? I didn't realize there were numerous different styles used on WWII US aircraft. I have seen some with "flat" sides, and others with a round tube tapering into the shape of the mast.
  4. EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you so much for your help!
  5. I have spent many hours the past few weeks trying to find a drawing or reference to the pitot tube post on the P-38E Lightning. I did find a drawing of the AN-104-A antenna found on some Mediterranean based Lightnings, which I believe would have the same cross section but is a different length. I want to model this in CAD so that I can print it in 1/48 for my Tamiya P-38 Lightning kit, but since I am doing the work I will also do it in 1/32. The part I am after is the long pitot tube and post, just forward of the nose gear in this photo: Can anyone help with a drawing showing this along with dimensions, or give me a length of that pitot tube mount? Also, I believe the aircraft in the Aleutians used the SCR-522 radio, can anyone confirm this? I am hoping this is correct, as I have already done the CAD work for this radio. Thank you for your help!
  6. I see the Italeri Tornado GR.4 is one of the lightning deals for today at $123.49 if anyone's intersted! Tornado
  7. I was thinking the same thing, and would like to hear more about this...
  8. +1 First movie I've seen in a theater since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! -though I admit it was only a couple of years ago with the local theater was playing old classics again on the big screen!
  9. My deepest sympathies to you and your family Judy, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be. Like the others, I am so happy to hear that Eagle Edition is not going anywhere. You have built a solid reputation as a supplier of the highest quality products, and your continuation of it is a perfect tribute to Jerry's legacy. I wish you all the very best in these trying times!
  10. My deepest sympathies to Judy and his family, he rest in peace. Godspeed Jerry!
  11. Very impressive project, I will be watching for more on this one!
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