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  1. Hey Jennings! As much as I would love to support this sheet, I would have to pass on it. I have used many of your decal sheets (and have many more in the stash as they are AWESOME) but I would not choose any of the subjects on this sheet.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, very interested in some of these for myself!
  3. I like that gear, sorry if I missed where you got them from?
  4. VERY impressive work, never saw anyone turn a 1/32 cowl before. I'll be watching this one!
  5. NICE!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with, no mater what I am down for these.
  6. Are any of those schemes from the Aleutian campaign? I would love to model one from that theater.
  7. A CAD render of the engine, but I don't what engine it is. An inline 6, something German? Looks a little bit like the engine in the Stahltaube.
  8. Yeah, no thank you! I'll take shoveling mountains of snow over those critters any day.
  9. I'll be ordering two of these sheets the moment they are available!
  10. Karim- I followed the link and like the others had no problem at all following along. I am happy to see that the accompanying photos to this build are not lost, it would be a real shame for all of us to lose the WIP photos on this build! I am staggered by the quality of your work as well as the photography, and doubly so as a lot of the work is done from a hotel room! Brilliant work Karim, looking forward to the next installment!
  11. +1 Dave is a great guy, and will get you what you need. Thank you Karim for the detailed explanation on using your Silhouette for cutting the decal material, makes perfect sense to me! I have gone back a couple of times now to re-read through your thread, mind boggling stuff here. The fact you are building this "on the road" makes it even better, if that is even possible! Stunning work.
  12. Hello Kirk! Good to see you here building this one, a subject which I hope to do myself very soon! I have wanted to build this aircraft since first seeing photos of it in this scheme. I am looking forward to seeing how that KASL exhaust fits the kit, as I just got one of those myself. Signed on!
  13. Now THIS is fantastic stuff! I have seen amazing builds of WWI subjects here, but yours (both this one and the D.VII) stand above all IMHO. It's builds like this which inspire to try these WNW kits. I have several now, just have not yet built one. Your painting skills, especially on areas often overlooked like exhausts, really make them stand out. A question if you will on how you did the decals on the Silhouette plotter? Did you scan the decal sheet, then import it into the Silhouette program and trace around it? I like what you have accomplished, and want to try something similar with mine. Thank you Karim for sharing your work with us, it is truly inspirational!
  14. Preordered two of the new Fokker D.VII's so I can avoid paying scalpers prices on Ebay a month from now!
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