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  1. Thanks Dave, looking forward to getting a couple of those F-16 WAR HUDs.
  2. Any word on when these will be available Dave?
  3. Acetone works well bonding ABS if anyone has some of that around.
  4. Hope you are out enjoying your day, maybe even partying like a rockstar! Happy birthday, I really hope you have a wonderful day today.
  5. Yep, have a kit of the car in my avatar but until I can get a front valance for it (the kit doesn't come with it) I'll keep waiting!
  6. I think it turned out really well, especially that head on shot!
  7. Same here, ordered some parts from Eastern Europe on April 27th, shipped the 28th and they arrived at the USPS in Chicago on the 30th of April. Chicago is only two hours from me, but my parts are still sitting there since April 30th.
  8. Excellent choice! Okay, if you do build it AND are willing to part with the Jasta 6 markings, i know someone who would buy those from you if you're willing!
  9. I have been looking for that "Seven Swabians" sheet for ages, and at the prices they're selling for on Ebay I would say "Sell it!" And go buy yourself a nice car with the profits. But, if you decide to build it, and didn't plan on doing the "LUDE" scheme, I know someone who would HAPPILY buy the decals from that scheme from you!
  10. I also fixed MOST of the working features on my Tamiya builds save the movable propellers. Ailerons, flaps, cowl panels - all of them fixed on the A6M, Spitfire, and Mustang. DOn't remember any working features on the F4U.
  11. Agreed, your paint work and weathering is fantastic, bravo!
  12. Yes, I had one that came from the Netherlands that took two months to get to me here in the USA. It spent just over a month of that time sitting in Chicago. I have another one (also coming from the Netherlands) that has been sitting in Chicago since the end of April. I feel your pain!
  13. You poor man. I'll trade you all of my WNW kits for that beauty!
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