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Revell Hawker Typhoon - Yea or Nay?


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I talked about a possible Tempest and/or Typhoon in 1/32 with some folks from Special Hobby at E-day 2014(?) and got the reply that they had plans to do Tempest, Typhoon and Fury.

But they couldn´t tell when...


Now we have the Tempest II and V, I guess the Thyphoon is next....


I saw the testshots of the Whirlwind too, and that is a reality today!


Boy, how time flies!


Stefan :beer:



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I've built two Revell Typhoons in my time and yes they are a bit clunky, but with the help of MDC parts they can be improved, I am a Typhoon/Tempest fan and had to build one to put into my display cabinet.

Probably not for the detail obsessives amongst us but if you want something that represents a Typhoon in your display cabinet it is the only game in town.

I also built an MDC Typhoon which was challenging but satisfying, however it is the "bubble" version.

I will still buy an SH Typhoon when and if one is released.





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1 hour ago, MikeMaben said:


How well does the old kit line up Thierry  ?


Globally, the general shapes are quite good, as well as the panel lines. From a shape/dimension perspective I did not find a lot of major discrepancies. It looks the curve on the top of the tail/rudder needs correction. And, as I already wrote, the location of the guns and their chute holes is wrong. They should be moved closer to the wing tip (more or less 3mm!).





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14 hours ago, Juggernut said:

Well, I guess there's no point in getting excited from something that was announced five years ago but hasn't materialized yet. 

The Whirlwind also took many years to be released after the initial announcement but it finally came!B)

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