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Revell Hawker Typhoon - Yea or Nay?


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A quick question for the conosent.... cognisent... those in the know, if you don't mind.

I'm being offered the old (60s?) Revell kit, which from the online photos looks highly or at least very simplified.

The main gear bays for instance while boxed in, are featureless vertical cliffs.

I had a Scale Models mag back in the 70s describing a build, but I think it's succumbed to damp and paper rot.


Is it still a worthwhile purchase these days? ISTR that one was being mooted by a Czech manufacturer around the time of the Special Hobby Tempest's release.

Either SH or Fly, I'm not sure which now. But so much so I bought a second Barracuda nose correction set just to be prepared.

Alas, no further news has been forthcoming which may be a consequence if the pandemic, and/or a current lack of interest in central Europe with other preoccuptions to fry.

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Well, it depends...


The main shapes are OK but the details are so, so to say the least. In my kit box, I have Arthur Bentley plans, a MDC cockpit with a CMK seat, a resin engine with exhausts, a resin propeller, resin landing gear bays I had convert (as they correspond to the wrong perimeter of the kit ones), a resin cockpit door, resin LG doors, CMK wheels, MDC LG legs, CMK tail wheel and leg, a resin radiator front, MDC guns, pylons and bombs!


And this does not solve the skinny radiator hose (behind the radiator), the fact that all rivets should go and panel lines need to be rescribed, gun chute holes and gun locations in the wings leading edge need to be relocated, etc. etc.


So, globally, unless you absolutely want an early Typhoon right now, I would rather wait for the future Special Hobby release!





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Well that is good news as I’ve been waiting for a new 1/32 Tiffie for what seems like a life-time.  I hope they’ll do both but that the bubble top comes out first.  

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By the way, correcting the Revell Tiffie LG bays is not that difficult. Rather than replacing them fully (this needs cautious measuring of all the dimensions to replicate correctly the geometry), you can simply replace the offending areas! Simply cut them and rebuild correct ones with plastic card to end with putty. Then, it is just a matter of adding the structural details. Look at the WIP ones of my kit:



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2 hours ago, Juggernut said:

Can someone kindly point me to the thread where this release is discussed?  I’d like to read any particulars and my ability to use this sites search function borders on non-existent.

Not a thread at LSP, but here’s a link to another site’s forum that includes SH’s announcement from January 2017. SH32046 was (is?) to be a Mk.I “car door” Typhoon. The other 1/32 kits listed for release have already seen the light of day. 


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