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1/18 Hawker Fury K2902 - 1 Squadron RAF Tangmere


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Well I followed this build.  And still I am amazed.  It appears to be flawless Peter.  Well done my friend.  I have to up my game, again.  And that's a good thing.  Efforts like this are not only a  tribute to your skills and patience, but they are inspirations to the rest of us mortals. 

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Peter that is absolutely fabulous, it makes me and I am sure many others feel like total armatures that knock around a few bits of plastic out of a box, with maybe a few odds and sods of aftermarket bits.

well done it is a fantastic model.

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13 hours ago, tomprobert said:

Peter, you are in a different class. In fact, a totally different league. 


Such an inspirational build and the end result is nothing short of stunning. 


Thanks for sharing the journey with us!



I couldn't say it any better Tom!


This build is Master Class of the highest order Sir Peter of Castle Tangmere!



Wolf (who will now resume simply gluing and painting plastic bits)

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