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1/32 Copper State Nieuport XXIII

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Hey there everyone.  I know I've been mostly absent on here over the last few years, but after a few moves, my model space is finally in a good place, and I'm back to building.  After a couple small-scale projects to get the mojo going again, I'm back to the LSPs.  This is the Copper State Nieuport XXIII, which is just an excellent kit.  Truly on par with Wingnuts for detail, ease of building, instructions, and accuracy.

Let me know what you guys think, I hope you enjoy the build.
























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Works continues on the Nieuport.  The cockpit is assembled and installed on the bottom wing.  The CSM kit has a rather unorthodox assembly sequence where the tail section is assembled to the cockpit and lower wing, then the cockpit side panels are added on.  This is to make it easier for the differences in the XVII, XXI, and XXIII without molding new fuselage halves.  I've dry-fit it a few times, looks like it will need a couple small tweaks to make it all close harmoniously.  Let me know what you think.












Running all of these control lines was quite the headache, only for them to be almost invisible under the seat.










The cockpit side panels have been pre-weathered and painted. Probably still more weathering to come to define the details.



And finally the box-section rear fuselage ready to be eventually married to the cockpit structure.






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2 hours ago, Nighthawk Calling 1 said:

Great build attention to detail and painting is just stunning.


Thank you!  Finally had to break down and get a set of magnifiers, and it's been a massive help.  Guess after 30, your eyes aren't what they used ot be.


2 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Lovely work, Matt!




Thanks Kev!  Glad you like it.


2 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Wow, most excellent start Matt!


Thanks very much Brian!  It's been a great kit, CSM really does good work.


2 hours ago, Rob Owens said:

It is a real shame that the gorgeous interior will be unviewable!


Thanks Rob!  Technically I could leave the side panels off, or leave off the inspection hatches on each side.  Would create some interesting masking challenges, but I will mull it over.  Luckily, the Nieuport does have a decent sized cockpit opening on top, so it should be at least somewhat visible when all is said and done.  But like so many things, at least we'll all know it's there.





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Work continues on the Neiuport, now turning to the engine.  The CSM Le Rhone is a fine representation, just needs careful painting and weathering.  Although most of it won't be seen inside the cowling, still good to do everything.  Also was a good testbed for the new 64MP lens on my Galaxy S21+.  Painted with Gunze Super Metallic, MRP, Ammo, and AK stuff. 








Let me know what you think.




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