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Have a look at my new website!!! https://zactomodels.com


A big thank you to the modelers whose pictures you'll see on my homepage.
A huge thank you to Marcel and Miro who took multiple pictures of their kits until the lighting and  pose of the images worked together so that I could merge them for the hero-pic. Thank you for tolerating my AMS!


My old website was cluttered, crowded, not mobile friendly and way beyond obsolete.
Not having a clue about building websites made this a real challenge.


The site still needs a lot of work. I was mostly focused on making the homepage and store before going live.
The "about us" page and "shipping details" are temporary and will be filled in when I get the time.

The "privacy policy" and "terms and conditions" are copy/pasted standard legal mumbo-jumbo that nobody reads or cares about.
I do plan to eventually add a customer build gallery and probably a few other pages for faqs, news, tutorials, etc. Just need more time...


Please let me know what you think, if you find any problems or have any suggestions.


Happy New Year!


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Oh nice, I wondered when this had gone up, as I followed a link to the site just now.. Excellent timing.

Minor thing I noticed while passing through (love the updated site btw, gives much more confidence in the legitimacy of the products now! :D) 
the also be viewed here: Instructions seems to not link to anywhere from the homepage yet.

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Thanks for all the nice feedback! :beer:


Thanks for the suggestions that were messaged or posted here.  :thumbsup:

I haven't had much time since launching to work on the website but have made few small changes thanks to those recommendations.

As previously mentioned, it's a work-in-progress and I've still got a lot of work to do on it.


This is the first website I've ever built (my old one was started by an old roommate for me and I just updated but never learned) and it was much harder than I'd anticipated.

I looked at my options and decided to learn WordPress using online tutorials and lots of searches for answers, just to make a basic site. What is frustrating is that so many seemingly simple things are much more involved or in some cases not possible without actually learning to code (and I don't have time for that).


On 1/3/2021 at 5:56 PM, Subodai said:

the also be viewed here: Instructions seems to not link to anywhere from the homepage yet.

I just now (temporarily) removed that line.

When time permits I will add a page that lists all of my products with links to pdf instructions for each product. I had hoped to do that before launch but didn't find the time.

Thanks for pointing it out to me.


Mark and Tim, PMs sent.


Thierry and Tom, thanks for the orders. Both shipped the following day.


Notifications of orders received and orders shipped (including tracking info) are now automatically sent. If any of you don't receive those please let me know so I can investigate and fix the problem.


Cheers :beer:



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