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  1. Thank you for sharing another stunning build and for expanding my vocabulary.
  2. Indeed it is. For a better pic, close-ups, alternate markings and some cool animation, this page is worth having a look at: https://peterfor.com/projects/Vg3Go8
  3. I miss the bars and clubs packed with cute college girls. Oh wait, that was 30+ years ago... I was locked in my basement casting parts long before this started so not much has changed for me. I do miss going out for those occasional dinner and a movie nights with the wife, but then I've taken up cooking and have had some wonderful dinners with her here at home.
  4. In trying to keep it non-political, I found a good article about this as it relates to US businesses: https://esellercafe.com/how-a-new-vat-rule-from-brexit-now-impacts-every-us-seller-shipping-to-uk-customers/ My current plan for UK purchases: Under £135: a Zactomodels eBay store. eBay charges customer the VAT during purchase and eBay does the dirty work of paying VAT to HMRC. Over £135: The customer pays VAT upon receipt in the UK. A minimum purchase over £135 will be required on my website (once I get the coding worked out). Or customers can email me a list and I'll se
  5. As mentioned, I don't know eBay. I'm not trying to skirt their rules or fees and wouldn't want to fake anything like shipping cost. If I were I wouldn't be asking about it on a public forum. I had hoped that maybe they allowed custom invoicing, like PayPal, to where a customer could request and receive an invoice and eBay would get their full cut on the sale. That or an ability to add additional unlisted items to the purchase of a listed item, again with eBay getting their full cut. I've avoided selling on eBay for 2 reasons: 1. Through the years I've heard and read lots
  6. Sadly, I just did this. Now I've got the UK, one of my favorites, on a short list with several unsavory and third world countries. I am considering something similar and have questions to those who know eBay (I've never sold anything there...). If I were to start an eBay store and just list a few items, could I send an eBay invoice (I assume you can do invoices there?) to a wanna-be UK customer for any item in my catalog, even if it's not listed on eBay? Chris
  7. Frustration bump. I only found out about this on Monday, Jan. 11th when Stamps.com emailed me a notification about it. I did a search and found this thread before creating a new one. What a mess!!! I just spent about 2 hours registering with HMRC, before giving up (they don't make it easy!). I got all the way to the payment "schemes" section before my brain shut down. I didn't even get to this part: Non UK residents must provide one piece of primary evidence which consists of a copy of government issued photo identification which can incl
  8. I found myself so distracted by the rivet work (in a great way!), that I had to take a second look to appreciate what a nice build this is otherwise. Bravo! Chris
  9. We need an Su-57 to sit next to that 1/32 F-22 kit.
  10. Thanks for all the nice feedback! Thanks for the suggestions that were messaged or posted here. I haven't had much time since launching to work on the website but have made few small changes thanks to those recommendations. As previously mentioned, it's a work-in-progress and I've still got a lot of work to do on it. This is the first website I've ever built (my old one was started by an old roommate for me and I just updated but never learned) and it was much harder than I'd anticipated. I looked at my options and decided to learn WordPress using onli
  11. Have a look at my new website!!! https://zactomodels.com A big thank you to the modelers whose pictures you'll see on my homepage. A huge thank you to Marcel and Miro who took multiple pictures of their kits until the lighting and pose of the images worked together so that I could merge them for the hero-pic. Thank you for tolerating my AMS! My old website was cluttered, crowded, not mobile friendly and way beyond obsolete. Not having a clue about building websites made this a real challenge. The site still needs a lot of work. I was mostly focused on m
  12. Hi Rob (and others this may pertain to!), My sincere apologies for not replying. In your case Rob, I really thought I did (and wondered why you didn't e-mail requesting an invoice). To answer your question, yes the A-7 intake corrections are available, as are all other items on my website. Any items not available have either been removed from the website or are listed as currently not available. The past few months have been my busiest in my near 15 years of running Zactomodels. As Seiran mentioned, I'm a one-man-band and sometimes in the chaos things get missed. Yes, sometimes
  13. Thanks guys! Now Available!!! www.Zactomodels.com
  14. I think the cowl shape may look more off than it is because the cowl flaps are open. I did a quick photo-shop with them closed: Again, I do think the shape is off, just maybe not as bad as it appears. I'm more concerned about the other shapes and details. WARNING: Cold Water alert! If you don't want to read about potential problems with the kit please skip the rest of this post. I'm not kicking HB, just the kit that I have seen in the pictures... First, they're calling it an A-26C but the box art shows an A-26B which was featured on a Bombshel
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