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  1. Very nice build so far! You may want to add the hand-hold on the right wing top as pointed out here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/296183-148-ov-10a-bronco/&do=findComment&comment=2857038 Note that the cover is spring-loaded so it's normally flush with the wing surface. Also note that the oil filler cap you added to the right engine is also present in the same location (right side) of the left engine.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments! Taking a suggestion from the pallet thread in the "LSP Discussion" forum, I'm now shipping these in padded envelopes (bubble lined) and have slashed the S&H cost. International S&H reduced from $14.75 to $7.50 (Canadians can e-mail me for an additional $0.75 discount). U.S. rate reduced from $4.10 to $1.75. Combined shipping (of pallets only) is possible using these padded envelopes. I can fit up to 6 sets and S&H only goes up slightly.
  3. Thank you so much for doing this surprise review. I couldn't have asked for a nicer build to see these mounted on and this being the first build I've seen them on makes it even nicer. Bravo! Did you actually break any of the fins or just suggesting an insurance policy? If you did break one you did a wonderful job of fixing it. The resin I use does have a bit of flexibility so the fins will tend to bend before breaking. I'd love to include decals but can't afford financing a batch of sheets, plus that would raise the price of the set. And I have no experience in creating decal artwork.
  4. Done! I've got padded envelopes (bubble lined) in stock that should work for these. International S&H reduced from $14.75 to $7.50 (Canadians can e-mail me for an additional $0.75 discount). U.S. rate reduced from $4.10 to $1.75. Combined shipping (of pallets only) is possible using these padded envelopes. I can fit up to 6 sets and S&H only goes up slightly. I've considered shipping other items this way, but without adding a smaller protective box inside the padded envelope, the risk of breakage is too great. Add a box inside the padded envelope and the envelope thickness is greater than 3/4" which categorizes it as a package and the S&H goes back up to $14.75... Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Why does a few days always turn into a week or more? Too many interruptions Link is up on the website: https://zactomodels.com/ Thread started in the vendor's forum: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81403-132-phoenix-pallet-correction-for-trumpeter-f-14s/ Thanks for all of the comments and "reactions"
  6. Now available from https://zactomodels.com/ Designed to fit the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 kits. Though these parts look very similar to the kits parts, if you look carefully, there is a difference: Rather than replace the whole pallet, which would be expensive, I decided to just replace the most offensive part. While the detail Trumpeter provides on the rear portion isn't the most accurate , it does look good with paint and a wash and not that difficult for the modeler to improve if so desired.  Again, you have to really look close...
  7. It's pretty low on the list since Eduard already released a set. I'll consider both of these, though I glanced through my Tomcat references and don't really have good enough references for either. They are made to fit the Trumpeter kit. I did set a pair on the Tamiya kit and it looks like they might fit with a little work. To keep the price down I decided to just fix the horrible forward section. I will be starting a thread in the vendors forum in a few days.
  8. Thank you to those that offered their pallets! I'm actually almost finished but because I modified the kit parts (and only own one kit) I didn't have anything to take comparison pics of the before-after. Here's a teaser pic of some early progress: I'll post an updated comparison pic when I receive the stock parts and then start a thread in the vendors forum when these are ready for market.
  9. Is there a U.S. owner of the Trumpeter kit willing to "loan" me a set of forward pallets? Please send me a PM. TIA Update below... !
  10. I compiled a big list of online references and walkarounds here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/229830-walkarounds-and-references/ Keep in mind that this was 8 years ago and hasn't been updated. Some of the links are dead and there are likely many other new resources not listed here. That being said there should be lots of helpful info.
  11. A quick thank you to Brian for taking the time to review these. Sorry for my delay, but this last week was hectic. Brian did a much more thorough and in-depth review than I was expecting and I'm pleased that his bottom line was "HIGHLY recommended!". Coming from a modeler with Brians skill and experience this means a lot to me. Thank you Brian... And a big congrats on getting married!!! In the article Brian describes a flaw between the mounting lugs on one of the missiles as a "casting bump". That is actually a seam where the mold is cut that didn’t quite align properly when I casted that copy. That seam runs all the way from the tail end to a point about an inch past the front fin mounts. Aligning the seam when casting is difficult (sometimes seemingly random) and the misalignment visible on the cast parts can vary. I do ship parts with that misalignment if it isn’t “too” bad but reject parts if the seam is unacceptable on an area of the part with detail that would be too difficult for the modeler to fix. For the most part if there is a visible seam it can be easily sanded, as described in the article, but in some cases a little primer/filler may be required. This is the case with all of my missile sets. One seam on the pylon mounting surface. Fortunately the AMRAAM seam is almost completely hidden by the pylon it will be mounted on, so in most cases doesn’t need to be dealt with.
  12. Thanks for all the nice feedback guys I'm curious about how the F-15X missile truck will perform when carrying 22 of them? I'm not even sure where/how it can carry 22. In the pics there are 4 dual adapters below the FAST packs, that gives you 8, quad mounts on the inner wing, that gives you 16, dual mounts outboard that give you 20. Where will they mount the other 2? FAST packs? Silent Eagle concepts had 2 retractable launchers per side but they look like they'd interfere with the other mounts. Centerline? I figure they could mount 4 there using dual mounts, giving us 24! How many Eagles can a tanker feed at one time? Can they launch a volley while attached to the tanker or is that frowned upon?
  13. Since nobody has used the word "spectacular" yet: Spectacular build! I'm blown away by that paint. I'm with the others in asking if you would share how you did it.
  14. I think I'll skip that group build Yes, she's dusty...
  15. Outstanding stuff Pete! Thanks for sharing the steps.
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