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  1. EDIT: Paul already got the info! Just spotted this on Twitter. If anybody here ( @Jennings Heilig ) has the ability to contact Paul, please let him know about this. https://twitter.com/KittyfromVA/status/1061127865415163904 In case the pic doesn't show: MissKitty2‏ @KittyfromVA "At the church of nararene in Oroville. She is all alone with her dog. She has a bed and will be here for the entire night." "Helen Fisher is needing help locate her son Paul Fisher to inform him that she is at the Oro Naz. She does not have a phone, Please share!"
  2. I was at the show and had hoped to crash the meet'n'greet but got distracted by official business. Bummer! I was looking forward to finally meeting so many of you. Looking at the faces in the pictures I realize that I wandered right by several of you! Next time...
  3. Thanks for the nice feedback guys! Regarding my MiG-29 goodies: I just adjusted the pricing (lowered!!! ) on the BIG Combo with all Archer or all Aphid load-outs. I apparently screwed up and forgot to include the discount when I created the web page so was asking full price.
  4. Beautiful stuff Oliver. Mad paint skillz! Z-a-c-t-o-m-a-n (real name Chris, not Zach). I don't know if the packages are marked, I'd doubt it. I have MV custom make the lenses for my AIM-9X missiles, otherwise I wouldn't have known this. Depending on where you buy them, you might ask when they received the stock. If it's less than a year then they are likely the new ones.
  5. MV is now using UV resistant epoxy for their lenses that is not supposed to yellow over time. They started this at least a year ago.
  6. If you're trying to tempt me into doing intakes it won't work! I have too much on my plate already...Thanks for posting the awesome pic though! I wish I could charge less but I've got bills to pay... Trust me when I tell you that, sadly, I'm working my butt off and not making much of a profit. Fortunately you don't have to buy the full set. You are free to pick the parts that you feel make the biggest improvements.
  7. Wow, that's a big order! I'll warn you that I'm currently about a week behind and trying hard to catch up. I'm fighting a nasty cold so that isn't helping... About a month ago I ordered and received a different plastic that I am going to experiment with for the A-7 (and Su-27) canopy. I've just been too busy to play with it yet and currently have too much on my plate. In time I'll give it a try. Fingers crossed. As mentioned above, I am currently about a week behind on orders. Thank you to those that have ordered and sorry about the delay .
  8. Don't forget the stuff outside the cockpit that is much more visible! http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=74139
  9. Wow, Columbus was so long ago and my brain has been stuffed with so much other junk since then. Were you the short French-Canadian taking pictures of my wife every time I turned my back?
  10. Thanks for all the nice comments (and orders!). I'm hoping to see some builds in the near future. The MiG-29 is such a cool air-frame with so many paint and weathering possibilities. We deserve to see more built! And the paint is looking good! You should consider your current build a practice run and go for a second one with the upgrades!
  11. Great scheme you chose. Great paint. Great weathering. Great job!
  12. In addition, I still offer really nicely detailed pylons (also mastered by Alexander Rogal) that will fit the kit. Awesome missiles mastered by Alexander. And wheels to replace the nasty rubber things Trump provides (Alexander did the hubs and I did the tires). I am offering all the parts separately and also a MiG-29A combo which includes all of the above at a 10% discount. You can choose between the mixed loadout shown, an Alamo/Archer loadout or Alamo/Aphid loadout. Available at http://www.zactomodels.com/
  13. Nosecone: This new set corrects the profile, corrects the cross section which is supposed to be round and lengthens the nosecone. It includes a mounting bulkhead that spreads the kit fuselage to better accommodate the round nosecone. Advanced warning!!! There will be some sanding and putty work necessary to make it fit. But then the stock nosecone on my copy of the kit doesn't exactly fit well. It also includes a new pitot tube toe rplace the tree trunk Trumpeter provides.
  14. Chaff/flare dispensers (MiG-29A): I adapted the parts I made for the Revll kit to fit the Trump kit. This was more involved than it sounds... Trumps parts are a very weak attempt considering how visible these are (and their parts don't fit well!).
  15. Finally some new releases from Zactomodels! For the new Trumpeter MiG-29A and UB kits: Exhausts - These were made by modifying and adapting the exhausts Alexander Rogal made for the MiG-29M/K kit (also used for the Zactomodels Revell correction set). They are now full depth. I slightly revised the shape of the outer exhaust petals to have a more accurate shape. This is closer to the original part that Alexander made which I had to modify to fit, but didn't quite nail the shape. Top is the new shape. Lower is the previous version that had too much curve on the petals. Subtle, but more accurate.
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