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  1. Twelve years ago we made the choice to leave the big city (L.A.) and move to a small farm town in Idaho. While we do feel safer from the virus being relatively isolated, I am starting to worry about surviving financially and the future of Zactomodels. If anybody had plans to buy Zactomodels goodies, ordering soon would be appreciated. During the past few weeks sales have dropped to almost nothing. My wife works part time at a supermarket deli. They have cut her hours and are considering closing the deli until this passes. Unfortunately there aren't many job opportunities close by and even then, nobody is hiring during these troubled times. Chris Look after your loved ones and stay safe...
  2. I stepped away from the keyboard to wake Fergie (Miniature Schnauzer) and scratch her behind the ears. So sorry for your loss...
  3. Hi Rob (and others this may pertain to!), My sincere apologies for not replying. In your case Rob, I really thought I did (and wondered why you didn't e-mail requesting an invoice). To answer your question, yes the A-7 intake corrections are available, as are all other items on my website. Any items not available have either been removed from the website or are listed as currently not available. The past few months have been my busiest in my near 15 years of running Zactomodels. As Seiran mentioned, I'm a one-man-band and sometimes in the chaos things get missed. Yes, sometimes life gets in the way. I do try to reply to all e-mails but when things get hectic and the inbox gets flooded it can be difficult. I try to always reply to order/business related e-mails first and get to the others when I can, but sometimes they get buried and forgotten. If something you consider urgent hasn't received a reply, please re-send it. Family issues happen with everybody and family always comes first. Maintaining a 90 year old house and its contents can also be a challenge. The good news is that there's not much left that can break (knock on wood) that I haven't repaired. And then there's Mother Nature... While Preston Idaho doesn't get an overwhelming amount of snow, I have a two-car wide 120' driveway and I'm armed with nothing but a shovel. Not fun when you have a bad back. Add in having to shovel doggie trails in a big back yard and the result can be slowed down work and necessary recovery time. As mentioned, I've been busier than ever. I do my best to get the orders out as quickly as I can. Normally this would be the next or following day, but lately it's been 2, 3 even 4 or more days depending on the line. If the delay is longer than a few days I always try to contact the customer and let them know the status of their order. A huge "Thank you!" to all that have been supporting the business. It is much appreciated (and much needed!). Cheers, Chris
  4. Thanks guys! Now Available!!! www.Zactomodels.com
  5. I think the cowl shape may look more off than it is because the cowl flaps are open. I did a quick photo-shop with them closed: Again, I do think the shape is off, just maybe not as bad as it appears. I'm more concerned about the other shapes and details. WARNING: Cold Water alert! If you don't want to read about potential problems with the kit please skip the rest of this post. I'm not kicking HB, just the kit that I have seen in the pictures... First, they're calling it an A-26C but the box art shows an A-26B which was featured on a Bombshell Decals sheet (page 2 of pics, last pic): http://www.hyperscale.com/2012/reviews/decals/bombshell48bs013reviewbf_1.htm The canopy on the kit appears to be the early flat top rather than the bulged clamshell version. I assume they will include both in the box as the box-art plane had the clamshell canopy. It also has the ventral turret, so I assume they will include that in the kit as well. As for shapes: The upper nose glass looks much too bulbous. It's pretty streamlined on the real thing. High-rez pic here: https://media.defense.gov/2010/Jun/18/2000556599/-1/-1/0/090609-F-1234K-005.JPG The canopy side panes should extend further down as should the lower corners of the windscreen. If you draw a line along the lower side pane it should be just below the top of the wing intersection (or is the top of the wing too low?). The continuous curve shape of the windscreen intersection leads me to believe that the forward fuselage is too rounded or the windscreen itself is mis-shapen. The side panes should be flat and almost vertical. They appear to be curved and angling inward. The upper fuselage sides (between the windscreen and rear glass) should be flat with a relatively small radius on the top corner. This is pretty obvious when looking at the corner intersections of the glass areas. The kit appears to have curved sides with a pretty big radius along the top corner. Pic found here (lots of good pics!): https://hiveminer.com/Tags/douglas%2Cinvader/Recent The turret also appears to be too small in diameter. This is likely what they had to do to accommodate the fuselage shape that they made. Had they made it a larger diameter it would have appeared to dive down too much on the sides because of the larger fuselage corner radii. The shape of the turret also looks off. It should have a flatter curve. What they have looks more like the turret was replaced with a fuel tank as shown on the Bombshell sheet listed above (3rd pic in review). I'm going to stop here for now... Disclosure: I know almost nothing about the A-26 but I do like the plane. I built the Airfix kit when I was a kid. I more recently began gathering reference material for a 1/48 project that never got off the ground and in gathering those references became somewhat familiar with the plane.
  6. That title though... Sorry, couldn't resist. I've received several requests to make replacement parts for the nasty rubber bladder parts included in the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 Tomcat kit. The rubber parts are difficult to glue, difficult to paint and some have even had them weep oils that ruined their paint. As with rubber wheels, there is the fear that they will deteriorate and completely fail in time. While there are basically 3 positions for the wings, extended, swept and over-swept, I decided to only offer two, extended and swept. Those who want to do over-swept will have to do some filing and sanding. Here are the swept position parts: The bladders inflate using air pressure from the engines so there is some variability as to how much they inflate. I've found pics at cat-launch where they appear over-inflated while in others they have relaxed and the ribs in the under-structure show. I have made the (extended wing) bladders slightly relaxed to where the sub-structure barely shows. Those who want it to be more prominent can sand away material and those who want them more inflated can add material. Here are the extended wing parts: The stock kit has the wing glove sealing plate intersection with the forward section of the fuselage flush and have the rubber bladder notched to allow this. In reality the intersection should not be flush the full length, but flush at the front and raised at the rear. I made the bladders without the cut-out notch forcing the parts to fit properly. The parts in the previous pics are just sitting on the kit. Here you can see how they will look when everything is glued: Also note that the gap between the sealing pates and wing in the previous photos shows the parts just sitting on the kit with only a little tape holding things together. The gap will be tighter on a fully assembled kit (sorry, no pics to show this). The actual bladders are a Teflon coated canvas. They do get scuffed up and show wear. In some cases slight wrinkles show and in some pics it appears as though they have had large sections patched with slightly different colored canvas. Check your references for the plane you are building. I chose to make the bladders smooth and clean. You can add scuffing, wrinkles and patching if you choose or just (have fun and) replicate this and the weathering with paint. I will be pouring more production molds in the coming days and making some simple instruction sheets (the parts are drop-fit so there's not much to write about). I'm hoping to have these ready to release in the next week or two.
  7. I just posted in the F-14/F-4 thread in LSP discussion. My post did take (checked on my wife's PC and my phone), but the LSP discussion page shows an older post as the most recent (page didn't update) and hitting refresh doesn't make a difference. Also note that the Topics window on the main page isn't updating.
  8. A "potential" customer asked if I could take pics of them on the Tamiya kit so I decided to do that little bit of work to confirm the fit. All that was required was removing a sliver of material from the top of the Tamiya pallets (they start to curve up where it should be flat). I also removed just a little bit of material from the outboard edge of my casting as well as on the resin-to-pallet mating surface and voilĂ : (Note that the scribing on the Tamiya fitted part was just a test piece. I cleaned up and enhanced it for the finished pattern and castings as seen on the Trumpeter fitted parts.) The Tamiya part is not that bad in shape but does have raised panel lines that need to be re-scribed. Scribing just one of those little panel latches wasn't fun, and there are 12 of them on the pair! Not having to scribe those makes it worth replacing them IMHO...
  9. Nice catch. I hadn't noticed. The other 4 caps on this plane are all at about the 7:30 o'clock position. Only that center fuel cap was off.
  10. My Take: "I look at the photos of the real thing and then look at the parts you make. Then I realize they are both photos of the model." Insane workmanship...
  11. Very nice build so far! You may want to add the hand-hold on the right wing top as pointed out here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/296183-148-ov-10a-bronco/&do=findComment&comment=2857038 Note that the cover is spring-loaded so it's normally flush with the wing surface. Also note that the oil filler cap you added to the right engine is also present in the same location (right side) of the left engine.
  12. Thanks for the nice comments! Taking a suggestion from the pallet thread in the "LSP Discussion" forum, I'm now shipping these in padded envelopes (bubble lined) and have slashed the S&H cost. International S&H reduced from $14.75 to $7.50 (Canadians can e-mail me for an additional $0.75 discount). U.S. rate reduced from $4.10 to $1.75. Combined shipping (of pallets only) is possible using these padded envelopes. I can fit up to 6 sets and S&H only goes up slightly.
  13. Thank you so much for doing this surprise review. I couldn't have asked for a nicer build to see these mounted on and this being the first build I've seen them on makes it even nicer. Bravo! Did you actually break any of the fins or just suggesting an insurance policy? If you did break one you did a wonderful job of fixing it. The resin I use does have a bit of flexibility so the fins will tend to bend before breaking. I'd love to include decals but can't afford financing a batch of sheets, plus that would raise the price of the set. And I have no experience in creating decal artwork.
  14. Done! I've got padded envelopes (bubble lined) in stock that should work for these. International S&H reduced from $14.75 to $7.50 (Canadians can e-mail me for an additional $0.75 discount). U.S. rate reduced from $4.10 to $1.75. Combined shipping (of pallets only) is possible using these padded envelopes. I can fit up to 6 sets and S&H only goes up slightly. I've considered shipping other items this way, but without adding a smaller protective box inside the padded envelope, the risk of breakage is too great. Add a box inside the padded envelope and the envelope thickness is greater than 3/4" which categorizes it as a package and the S&H goes back up to $14.75... Thank you for the suggestion.
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