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  1. Can you just.. like.. chillout being so good? You're making perfection a touch unobtainable at this stage... /s In all seriousness, amazing work.
  2. Awesome! mine should arrive tomorrow
  3. Thanks THOR Yeah the painted markings I think make a huge difference personally. Yeah I'm super impressed with them, they're a dream to shoot as well, no fuss, no extra thinning and I could mask and spray over the colours super fast, no pickup on my masking at all, and only time between colours was enough for me to empty, rinse and add the next colour to the brush. They're brilliant, I'm properly loving these lacquers ( I was not paid for this comment, I've spent plenty of my own money on these from Premium Hobbies lol )
  4. Thank you. Typical lol, easy to do I should thing just MOOORE masking
  5. Finally managed to get some time to do a little more on this, this weekend. Now I could finally make use of the Maketar Masks I got delivered a few weeks back before 'the lockdown'. Having looked around the forums I much prefer the look of painted roundels and other stencil work compared to decals, so I was glad to see those pop up on offer. Anyway, picture is worth a thousands words. Started by getting the stencils placed, and then adding a mildly shaded (on reflection pointlessly shaded) base coat of white, the MRP colours seem dark so I wanted to give them the best chance to show nicely over the base camo colours. Then the MRP-124 Marking Blue and MRP-123 Marking Red over-top of that (you can see the used masks in the background here for the large top roundels. The colours are straight up gorgeous, really pleased with how they came out, I did very lightly touch them with a sander in the hope to distress them a little and over did it so these will need touch ups later, or I might hide it in the weathering stage. As you can see here: and here: Oops, should be able to fix that later... Also made use of the Maketar set's tail strip mask and painted it with MRP-113 Sky (without white undercoat, was surprised at how opaque it came out). And since I had it in the Airbrush I also did the nose and popped it on for a quick looky lou, really starting to look like a Spit here! Next I moved onto the bottom Roundels, again using the Maketar masks, not sure I got the positioning 100% perfect, and the protrusions made it particularly difficult to make the mask adhere to the shape, but they came out okay. Close-ups, you can see a little red made it under the white masks, should be fixable (or hideable): Now for the next shots from Today (everything prior was Saturday) I spent what felt like ALL day masking the roundels on the sides, and the yellow and red flashes on the wing leading edges, again with the use of the awesome Maketar masks. And that was it for the day... wow.. masking takes SO long to get (at least mostly) right.. This was the pile of tape and discarded masks after doing the wing tips and side roundels, (which annoyingly ended up being a little high, but the fact they're painted, makes me happy) I'm enjoying it still, it's not perfect.. but I'm learning.. really feels like it's getting somewhere now and making bigger strides, I'm working from home again this week so might get some more done. More masking, more letters.. *yay*.. Still got the props, engine exhausts, undercarraige, tail flash and lettering etc to do.. but then it's on to gloss coat, there's a couple decals to go on and then weathering!. One thing I did notice on the decal callouts, the black 1mm thick strip on the length of the wings (included as a decal, but I have a mask for it, so intend to paint it, then use the decal text for details) it's over the top of the roundel on one wing, and under on the other... which way should it be? Getting there, slowly. Thanks if you got this far, cheers Sub
  6. Ooof lucky, good of him.. However if there's a second one knocking about.... I could make my Dad's day with that... *wink wink, nudge nudge*
  7. Just out of curiosity, did the glass for yours yellow at all? My Dad went and dug his out and the cockpit glass has definitely discoloured:
  8. I see, I'll have to dig the kits out and take a look at some point, to my eye they should be angled upwards towards the outer edge... I'll have to check my big yellow book
  9. not sure if I've asked this before, but I haven't seen a direct comparison of the Trumpeter intakes, what exactly is so incorrect with them? I've seen the Zacto ones which looks like _alot_ of extra work, but I've never seen a side-by-side of them to really see just how wrong it is.. Sincerely, clueless
  10. I know, I was mostly kidding. I'll take all the Tomcats I can get tbh. I see the point about other stuff though. But inner voice is still very much wanting moar cats plz
  11. That's fair, I'll cross my fingers for you. We were lucky in having the opportunity, I know this. We've worked hard over the last 5 years but it's starting to pay off now, (well it was before the shares all bloody crashed) The next year or so for us will be the real turning point I think Anyway, good luck!!
  12. You only live once chief, if ya not happy... there's only you can make the change. I was very unhappy in my previous job, was making me ill. Made the jump on a whim and it was life changing. It's not worth being miserable, trust me!
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