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  1. De'Ago 1/43rd Falcon came out around 950 quid or so all in. Thankfully I was a day0 subscriber on that and managed to get all the issues, but it sounds like it's very hit-or-miss these days. De'Ago's gone downhill loads over the last 5 years, I've previously had their F1 car as well and that was fine. However it seems now people are on hold, missing a bunch of issues etc. I was tempted by the X-Wing, but it's far too much money for what little detail it has in my opinion. Last thing I got, well tried to get, through them was the Beatles Vinyl, and out of the 6 packages sent (with 2 or 3 vinyls each) only 1 arrived, I was charged for all 6... they sent a replacement twice.. I gave up and charged-back the lot in the end. They're idiots
  2. Really nice work, I need to start adding tone to mine, need to pickup the MRP white me thinks. What ratio of main colour to white where you using?
  3. Managed to find a small amount of time to get some of the solid base colours down. I applied some 'light aircraft grey' to the underside, and then realised I wanted to try pre-shading a bit, never done that before.. so.. did some of that and then applied the main upper grey and green. First ever attempt at pre-shading (wow this step makes you feel bad) Then after application of the main grey And then after the green. Not a lot else to report, yet. I've got the 'sky' colour to apply on the fuselage band (I think there's a decal, but I want to spray it) and then I'll probably do some pre-shading on the bottom and re-apply that grey as it's a bit monotone currently... After that, I believe it's Gloss coat, decals, glosscoat, weathering right? Apologies the photos are a bit dark, I was masked up so they were just quick snaps before evacuating! Cheers
  4. I have to say, I'm glad this came back and will be following you every step of the way. I have recently acquired all 3 of the Trumpeter F14s, one of their F-18s and a Harrier for a really, really good price from China, and the Tamiya F14A. I've pined over those kits for years, the F14 being my all-time favourite bird, and I need some inspiration after being a bit heartbroken when finding out they weren't what I thought they'd be. (mostly after researching after-the-fact, doh!) Can't wait to see how you continue with this.
  5. While it's photoetch, it's still bloody stunning. Those knobs (lol) look excellent. Totally picking some of those up when I get to my modern birds. This whole thing is just inspirational, amazing work. Truly.
  6. Quake is not a game to be played with a controller.
  7. I don't even have words. What a stunning piece of craftmanship. We are not worthy
  8. Looks like it's been changed since my comment. Nevermind
  9. Slightly offtopic, but this is probably the best place to ask as it's recent. Your signature, appears to have some kind of hotlink prevention on it. I see this in some older threads so I assume it's a photobucket thing... is there something wrong my-end, or am I not "premium" on PB enough? or... is it literally just them stopping hotlinking? In older threads I notice you can't even click through to the image on PB, it's just... gone (seems rubbish) Sorry to steal your topic, but it's bugging me and your signature is the most recent example of this I've seen.
  10. That looks to be the one that was photo'd at a show recently, with the upside down cowl? That's gotta be stolen surely?
  11. Crikey, there's some detail going into that pit, beautiful! Glad I didn't know these products existed when I took the dive on my Mk IXc I'd still be stuck on the pit!
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome and encouraging words guys Yeah Telford was a mistake, at least my wallet thinks so.. but you only live once right? Heh, yeah the keyboard is a bit of a mashup, it's a bit of a zombie one using all the keycaps I had left over from customizing some other ones I've never really looked at it as an outsider... you're right it does look a little fisher price now that I see it lol. If anyone's into that, it's a Keycool 87 key "rainbow' backlit Mechanical keyboard from Massdrop, with Clone Cherry MX Blue Kailh switches, with a subset of White PBT caps and most of a set of Ducky Yellow ghost PBT caps (no printed letters). I was hoping to spray today but flippin' heck it's windy here in the UK! not sure I want to open a window...
  13. Hello all, lurked for a little while and joined recently for inspiration and a push to keep my recently refound love for this hobby. It's been quite a few years since I've put paint to plastic so I'm hoping this isn't just another Hobby phase. We shall see... I attended the big model show in Telford and got 'the itch' bought a bunch of different paints to test and play with, as well as some btis and pieces that postage costs had made prohibitive to try... I've always pined over a whole bunch of 1/32nd Jets, in particular F-14s .. most Jets with twin tails seem to just do it for me.. But I've never had the cash or time to really get into it. Queue a nice bonus at work and decided to sploosh a bit on some kits, found a cheap seller in China on eBay and managed to get a nice little haul... However I don't trust myself and wanted to ease into it.. so picked up this thing quite cheap and have been quietly mulling away at it since Christmas. It's a pretty much OOB build, this is all just me getting used to the tools and paints and all the shiny new things that are available that were definitely NOT as easy to get hold of before. I don't think this will be anything like top notch show worthy and I'm not a rivet counter so accuracy on this kit isn't really that much of a thing for me, I just want to be happy with the end result. it's literally just dipping my toes in the water, seeing if I get the bite.. And giving me something to do that doesn't always involved using a computer or screen all the time (even if I am currently limited to my office desk). Anywho enough wafflin' have some photos! Getting down to business with the internals, attemping some basic stuff with weathering (never done that before, especially not with oils) Turned out okay Pit part-painted and test fitting, I used the kit provided decal for the dials, it wasn't super accurate in some places (mostly the dials on the right) but it gave me a chance to try microset and microsol for the first time.. WOW that stuff is magic. Pit now assembled, gloss coated, oil washed, and flat coated Micro Krystal clear added to some dials for depth, I'm aware it's too much now.. but hey ho.. Also realised I had bought the worlds most expensive PVA glue... lesson learned... Marrying up the wings after painting the wheel well and inner surfaces with the green called out in the instructions More parts setting up, also a view of the not-so-great paint on the inner fuselage, post oil-wash and such. FIrst time really having a proper go at deleting a seam and getting a nice finish, was pretty happy with the result. Definitely justifies how much I blew on sanders!! Fuselage setting up, yep, no pit.. I actually found it easier to get a nice bond without the pit fitted, got the plastic properly welded then slotted the pit in from underneath to give the fuselage the proper width to marry up with the wing roots, worked perfectly! A dry-fit of the main fuselage bottom engine cover and wings (glued and seams removed on all) Never done glazing masking before, so this was just after they were Krystal cleared in after cutting the masks and before filling the gaps First layer of paint on the glass frames to match the interior colour, after filling and smoothing out the gap in front of the main screen (seems to be the done thing, might not be the accurate colour though :S ) put FAR too much paint in the airbrush so used it as a way to check my seams.. all seems fine. Tried to rescribe a few lines with my dandy new Tamiya scribing tool... didn't go well... wibbly wobbly lol Realised I'd filled most of the rivet holes in the nose so had a bosh at trying to sand that back a bit and re-drill them (far too big and deep it would seem after later priming) Fuselage and wings now setting up Test fit of the bottom nose cowel.. thing after having sprayed the interior of it black (before realising it has a blanking piece inside that I missed DOH!). Also did a small amount of pre-painting to the inside of the radiators before fitting them. Radiators assembled and fitted required a little persuation on one of them for it to lay 'flat' but looks fine. Front cowel thing is now also attached And you'll have to forgive me, I missed a few steps between, but, this is now after being primed with Mr Surfacer 1500.. which is _amazing_ stuff. I've never used anything that gives such a silky smooth finish (after a super light pass with 600 grit). It did however, probably give me a little cancer as I grossly underestimated how much I would need, how long it would take and how much it would gas me out... Immediately ordered a Respirator and had a good root through for the power supply for my extractor (not been in use since we moved house a few years ago). And this is where I am still, I have since refilled, sanded and reprimed the way-overdone holes and used a Trumpeter rivet tool to re-do the rivets in the top covers but don't have a photo of that yet. I was waiting on the right colour paints, which after seeing someone elses Mosquito build, I picked up some of MRPs colours, but finding the right time to spray lacquer (the Mr Surfacer probably took a few years off my life) I just haven't had the time yet. Thanks if you got this far! (and sorry for the monolithic post) This is my first 'OP' here so if I've screwed up, missed something, or done a massive Faux Pa let me know. Cheers Mark
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