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  1. I've taken what I can with what I have (popped an image below for proof) I've PM'd you a shared link to an album for the rest as they're fairly large and I don't fancy uploading them to an image service. If this is something anyone else is interested please let me know and I'll get a copy of them over to you. The 'knuckle' on mine is seized so I can't get a shot of it flat, and it's quite heavy for what it is, we cut off the spring-steel arm years ago but it's a wicked door-stop
  2. I actually have one of those tailhooks if you'd like some more photos?
  3. The retracted bid of 500 makes this look an awful lot like someone was price boosting to me...
  4. Love Flying Legends, especially now it's just up the road for us. I'm surprised they still allow the Balbo, as much as it's just such a visual spectacle, I don't think it's the pilot's favourite part of the show, so many risks. Was there the year Big Beautiful Doll collided with the Skyraider during her exit manoeuvre in the Balbo, glad the pilots all made it but was very sad to see that P51 go down Still, thanks for the footage, very sad to not do airshows this year first year my wife and I haven't been to one since we met.
  5. Pity about the terrible sound dubbing
  6. I got a bunch of their switches and knobs for future projects.. hoooolleee, soooo small and incredible detail. Amazing stuff.
  7. He's gone to live with the elves.
  8. I've done those kind of moves in the digital world in sims and games, but seeing some of those in real life is simply staggering!
  9. lol definitely not there. yeah just copy your image to clipboard, head on over to imgur.com literally hit Ctrl+V on your keyboard, then you'll insta-upload it (depending on your connection speed) You then have the option to Copy link (if you hover the image now on your screen in imgur) That copies it to your clipboard, then come back to your thread here, click 'insert image from URL' hit paste in the box, you'll probably get a url like this https://imgur.com/DvGMb6U suffix that with .jpg (or .png if you uploaded a png, but if it's a photo, probably jpg) to get https://imgur.com/DvGMb6U.jpg Then you're golden, sadly this forum software doesn't support extensionless images like imgur, (which is fine, security is better than ease-of-use in this case) but suffixing with .jpg is fast enough, imgur is free and as far as I can tell, forever. Also has the nice side effect that the image link shown on the forum when clicked will open a modal larger version instead of an external link to some-other-site (I find that really annoying) so you never have to leave LSP to view the full size images YAY! Edit: I should also add, if you make an account with imgur (also free) you can keep albums and stuff so you can easily link people to those as needed. Edit2: For those of you with delicate sensibilities, or are easily offended, I'd VERY much avoid the front page, homepage and user submitted section of imgur, it can be a bit much at times. Just use it for uploading images for free, job done
  10. Hi quang, I covered most of what you mentioned in my first post.
  11. I'm just wondering what people's recommendations are for a good enamel paint for use with a paint brush are in the UK, I know you can get Tamiya shipped in since it's not directly available over here, but at expense and wait time... I recall using Humbrol and/or Airfix type stuff as a kid (found some tins of this in an old star wars set I opened up recently), but haven't revisited those for at least 20 years... Was never keen on the pop-top style tins of those, am looking more for screw top if possible, just for ease of use/resealing. I recall the whites yellowed like mad back then too, is that still the case? I mostly have a mix of Tamiya Acrylic, Lacquer and MRP paints currently, a couple Mr Hobby ones here and there and a bunch of Mig and AK enamel washes and effects. I did manage to pickup a full set of the Tamiya Panel Liners from Poland recently and get them shipped in too, wasn't terribly cheap but those panel liners are excellent from my initial tests. Just want some for painting details on stuff, instrument panels and the like, I find acrylics are either too thin and require a million coats, or are too thick and make a mess, where as from what I've seen people use in most Videos with enamels.. seems like the perfect thing for it? So probably just a set of primary colours and black and white and maybe a grey? Anyway open to options and opinions... Thankyee kindly
  12. I don't think most kits need to move after being finished, but please don't create less options for the average-joe modeller, having multi-posable, movable bits that can later be affixed gives far more range, diversity and dynamic options for modellers. And that's a great thing it shouldn't be the de-facto that you need to be a master-builder with plasticard, 3D printers and custom-poured resin to attain something that could be achieved by adding a few extra bits to the box for the injection moulds. Yes, there is still room for the advanced and high-skilled modeller, but please don't take options off the table for we mere mortals. I agree gimmicky movey bits can be silly, but aint nothing a bit of Extra-Thin can't sort
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