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  1. Can confirm I also have recently got back into trying miniature painting during Teams calls, if nothing else to stop me idling off with the keyboard because it's substantially noisier than painting.
  2. It's going to drive business to the bigger companies like thierry says. it's just not worth the extra hassle, or cost to go anywhere else It's very sad for the hobby because I cannot imagine it's doing anything good for our smaller independent retailers
  3. Yep, looks like 11 quid of it was 'for the privilege'. Royal Mail's 8 quid hostage fee is starting to look almost like a bargain.... almost...
  4. So my ~ 150 Euro order from AK-Interactive has gathered a 39 quid customs charge along with it. Being delivered by DHL, who had a bit of a flap about it coming with a DANGEROUS GOODS IN EXCEPTED QUANTITIES UN 1263 warning, (for a 30ml bottle of enamel paint, I might add), when they called me this morning to confirm what was in it... Guess I won't be ordering direct all that much anymore That's quite a sting.
  5. Crikey when you see that, you can really appreciate just how much work has gone into this model.
  6. Ahh! it was an inside job then!
  7. I wouldn't count those chickens until they arrive safely and hatch, but that is nicely done!
  8. Lovely build that, makes me look forward to giving mine a bash when I get around to it
  9. Mine arrived today after some postage delays apparently. They look stunning. Thank you so much
  10. I thought you could create private ebay listings? Edit: you can, is this not exactly what you need? https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/selling/listings/listing-tips/private-listings?id=4161 hmm.. perhaps not.. just hides buyer info.. I'm sure there was a way to do this via ebay maybe this https://community.ebay.co.uk/t5/Archive-Selling-on-eBay/How-can-I-sell-an-item-to-one-individual/td-p/3653207 ?
  11. Ooft, they're gorgeous. Chris, if you get really stuck with the code, or need any pointers. Feel free to drop me a PM, I'd be happy to help where I can. Hopefully to save you some time!
  12. Oh nice, I wondered when this had gone up, as I followed a link to the site just now.. Excellent timing. Minor thing I noticed while passing through (love the updated site btw, gives much more confidence in the legitimacy of the products now! :D) the also be viewed here: Instructions seems to not link to anywhere from the homepage yet.
  13. Ooft gorgeous example. Makes me want to dig mine out and get on with it too. Lovely work!
  14. I grab my dspiae stuff from HM Hobbies, that items listed here They're a partner of Meng, so sometimes you'll see items branded as Meng, other times as Dspiae, just grab whichever is cheapest as there appears to be little difference between the two in reality.
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