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  1. Thank you Jugg. Nothing beats an engineer dwng. Geoff
  2. All All right, I'm a PIA...but...for what appears to be a nicely built and finished model, the canopy is installed incorrectly and the floor is finished as natural wood. No..No..No..No. Sorry, it just makes me go Stoopid. Why propagate inaccuracies that outwardly defy reality? I'll shut up now. Geoff
  3. Greetings All, This looks like a really nice kit. Clearly it could supplant the Tamiya offering based on price alone. It really looks like a Mustang, right down to its stance. Wing and tail plane chords look very nice with good dihedral. I have reason to believe that the drawings of Mr. Charles Neely are involved in this. That is conjecture on my part but it is a strong conjecture. If in fact Mr. Neely's drawings were used, and if the manufacturer was capable of capturing the very elusive form of the forward nose in it's mold making process, this offering is a big winner at a good price. I'm unable to comment on shape overall without being able to overlay the fuselage on a Neely drawing. Issues: 1. Scoop, Batter Compartment Found on the lower section of the left side of the nose, just forward and And slightly above the LEX. This does not belong on a D5. The Battery was located in the flight compartment for the D5/10/15 build build cycles. Simple problem to remedy With a bit of sanding. 2. Fairing, Rudder Boost Linkage: Located on the right side of the Vertical Stabilizer. It could be my eyes, or an aberration in the photo, But it looks like they put it on the left. Look at the photos and check me. Easily removed if this is the case. Might be a bit of a bugger to rebuild On the other side. I'm not attempting to detract from this offering. It looks really really nice. Someone asked if this can be converted into a B. I say it most certainly can be converted. This is not to say that it wouldn't take considerable work to do so. In reality, the two airplanes are completely different. However, by combining the AFT section of the old Revell kit, and using the Revell B Wing, which is very nicely done, converting this to a reasonable facsimile of a B version is not out of reach. I have a thread here someplace which shows how to make the conversion. There is a height difference between the B and the D firewall of approximately 0.5625 inches. In scale that gives a Delta of approximately 0.0175. Hardly noticeable. Whatever you decide to do. There will be absolutely no doubt what this is when it's built up. Hope everyone is well... Geoff
  4. Peter To comment on your works beauty would be inadequate in any circle. This isn't something words can definitely. Rather, I'll comment on you...a man with a different kind of stuff..."the right stuff." Without you, this could never exist. I understand all to well what you went through. The tasks we're withering. This I know. Mr Churchill said it best, " We shall never surrender." You didn't. You should be rightfully proud. Not of the build, but of yourself. Your masterwork is the result of your heart. I think I speak for everyone here, your work is a redefinition of the genre. As Kevin said..."not bad." With respect and admiration... Geoff
  5. Thank you Sandokan. Yun should be able to see the pics now. geoff
  6. Chuck As always, Craftsmanship of the uber kind with a marvelous tutorial. Its so nice to see your willingness to share all that you do. You give reason to follow you and heed your advice. Well done... Best Geoff
  7. Peter Skill, tenacity, creativity and a bit of voodoo, have brought a work of art, the likes of which, will likely never be duplicated...unless you do it...pure magic. Best Geoff
  8. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Geoff
  9. This is an NAA promotional drawing. Dimension are correct. I can't attest to line accuracy. Geoff
  10. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=25731&page=1 Modifications to the 24th Airfix P-51 Geoff
  11. Peter I'll try to say something clever and complimentary...Lordy!! How was that? Geoff
  12. Thank you all...I think that just sucks... Geoff
  13. Mark, As always, detailed to the nines and every bit as beautiful. Love attention and execution. Geoff
  14. Steve Long time no see but your work still stuns me. Just gorgeous stuff. Geoff
  15. Public profession of stupidity isn't pleasant, but, where did the pics go? PB is being a problem? Sorry for the question but could someone please explain? Geoff
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