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  1. Thank you Pete..all that good stuff back at ya. Geoff
  2. Sweet..sweet..sweet. As always, stellar pristine work. The pit couldn't be better...keep her going Regards Geoff
  3. Avoiding elephant traps...think forward..avoid linear thinking..watch out for piles of sticks Geoff
  4. Richard I looked at your thread the other day but didn't have time to comment. I like what you're doing here..very neat and handy work. Will be following. I look forward to seeing your techniques and how you execute your ideas. Best Geoff
  5. Derek You have a keen eye so your comment is much appreciated. Thank you. It does kinda look like a Chipmunk Geoff
  6. Thank you Richard. Happy you looked in. Geoff
  7. Greetings All Time for another adventure in the joys of modeling...cutting,sanding,grinding,drawing,gluing and creating something that looks nothing like an aeroplane while occassionally hurting yourself...we soldier on. I did get a bit of good news from John Wilkes (Tigger).The fuselage molds arrived safely in the UK and he pronounced them good to go as they are. Theyre still a few weeks away but Ive plenty of things to keep me busy doing (as Peter noted) dull stuff. Actually I rather like developing things this way.I must be dull So work on the wing is st
  8. Chuck The pristine nature of your work and your ability to make the details jump is remarkable. Your stuff shows us all how it should be done. Good show..more please. Best Geoff
  9. This is an enjoyable read, helpful in its ideas and tips, and very well executed. Looking forward to more... Best Geoff
  10. Pete I dont know how you do what you do but youre sure good at it. Best Geoff
  11. Peter This just makes me go stupid. Mind you..it's a short trip but never the less..Im just not able to respond coherently. In my opinion..there is no better..none. Best Geoff
  12. Chuck We all know what to expect from you.. quality top to bottom..well thought out planning and dead nuts execution. Adding Peter's products to the mix puts the detail in the details. Masterfully crafted ole boy...more please..much much more Best Geoff
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