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2021 LSP Group Build Vote


2021 LSP Group Build Vote  

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  1. 1. Which 4 Group Builds would you like in 2021?

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Hi All,


Welcome to the vote for LSP's 2021 Group Build calendar. 4 builds will run once again, 6 months each with staggered starting times, the first kicking off in December. A couple of requests; please vote for 4 group builds maximum. Also if you do vote, please make every effort to participate in the builds you voted for. The poll will close at the end of September, giving everyone some time to prepare for December. The options are explained below in no particular order;


Target for Today - Ground support interdiction and CAS aircraft. Conventional fighters pressed into the ground attack role are included.

Asian Delights - any aircraft, any period from a country in Asia. 
Air Superiority - single seat fighter planes.
LSP Zoo. Aircraft named after animals eg; Mustang, Lynx, Hornet etc.
In Enemy Hands - aircraft in captured markings.
Animal House - Aircraft with animal inspired art. This could be nose art, tiger meet, shark mouths, squadron insignia etc
The Blue Box of Happiness - Revell LSP's....Revell kits not in their traditional blue box are included too.
Glory - Fighter aces or other highly decorated/successful pilots.
In the Navy - Naval aviation, could be ship or land based squadrons. 
All That Glitters - Colour schemes you would not consider camouflaged. Hi viz CAG aircraft, ceremonial or commemorative schemes, lozenge, formation ships etc.


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8 minutes ago, Lothar said:

Sorry if my question sounds stupid Brad, but just for my understanding: Would 35scale helicopters - Hueys for example - qualify in the CAS

role or are only 32nd scale aircraft accepted? :hmmm:



as I understand it, any aircraft that falls withint the LSP definition as per this site?

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