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  1. The other day this appeared, to my pleasant surprise. I'd pre-ordered it from Lucky Models after following the dev thread/group therapy over on ARC. No follow-up email or tracking info and after two months I began to wonder if it would ever arrive, but it did. Wow, well worth the wait. Ok it's not lsp but then I don't have room for a model as big as a coffee table, and the Flanker is the only jet I ever wanted. Over 30 sprues, insane details, obviously a labor of love and hands down the most impressive kit I've ever seen.
  2. I guess we all know why they didn't call it the Hawker Himrod... Sorry, couldn't resist. Not to further annoy our alliterative anglophone airframe assemblers, but I would like to see the Japanese markings for this kit, personally it would be much more interesting than silver dope + rondels.
  3. "Just what do you think you're doing Dave? I really think I'm entitled to an answer for that." Most passive-aggressive AI ever. Hope it comes with a soundtrack.
  4. I'm with K2 on this, I think it's a great idea that Aviattic does this scheme but it never did anything much for me. I believe the graphic was originally taken from the Max und Moritz children's book and the scheme somehow became a WnW D.VII fetish item. I got the Goering boxing just before WnW hit the fan and picked up their Fighting Fokkers #5 decal sheet from SB on sale--ah, those were the days! (If anyone wants a 1/32 war criminal just let me know). It has Bruno Loering's scheme of Hermann's plane, which is B&W stripes and very graphic. I'm not a big fan of lozenge on the
  5. Another vote for Mr Color leveling thinner, not valuable as such but for what it does. Next would be a truly convincing metallic, if I could find one I'm happy with. Envious of you Floquil hoarders.
  6. Most elegant = Spitfire. Mustang is most athletic/lethal. 262 most menacing. But the Spitfire is truly elegant. And it redeems the Brits' near-complete esthetic failure in WW1.
  7. Two more and you'll have a squadron. I've got 30+ lsps stashed but have to be realistic about display space and am planning to sell a quarter which are doubles/variants before making some hard choices. Later.
  8. I can't believe this is anything but the Taube tool maker boasting of their prowess and looking for work, or claiming that they can do the same. BTW that wing is indeed mighty impressive, the fabric is so thin it's translucent and perfectly consistent. I also can't believe that anyone would reissue the kit, it's just far too obscure a subject, tho props to WnW for having done it in the first place, with the English pushers it's one of their best offbeat early-flight contraptions.
  9. Out of curiosity and to put the odds of all these wishing well threads in perspective, just how many new tools of 32nd scale planes has Tamiya actually released in the last 20 years, not counting knock-ons like the F-51?
  10. Yours is a recurring complaint about WnW speculation, as opposed to all the other mass of speculation here, which pretty much only occurs about this subject. I recall a similar gripe post in an earlier thread where a septigenarian swore by his father that he could not stand WnW and had had enough, dangit! Curiously, he got more than a few upvotes for that rather unpleasant imagery. No one rants vehemently against most of the speculative threads here, but WnW really gets under some people's skin. I assume that this is due to a resentment of the rich man's kit company and a certain
  11. If the mods shut every thread that wandered OT there'd be precious little on here to respond to, and virtually no threads longer than 4, no make that 2, pages. Actually I learned a lot that was interesting about how most kit makers do spec work, so I didn't mind a bit.
  12. As Juggernut said, WnW was for SPJ's amusement and obviously his quirky interests drove the selections, particularly his love of German recon 2-seaters which truth be told mostly look alike. If their subject choices were more rational and market-driven (like coming out with a Dr.1 and a SPAD about a decade ago instead of all those head-scratchers), they'd have been far more viable long-term, but it is what it is, sadly. They also could have reissued the several sleepers which did very well, like the HB seaplanes, and I will never understand why they didn't make the Rum
  13. As LSP-K2 divined, I was being provocative, but also apparently it hit quite the nerve if my post has been compared to commercially exploiting the holocaust. Seriously? I'd only note that your reaction indicates that you view modeling as a competitive sport and not as a hobby, and that clearly this product somehow threatens your conception of your rank in that arena so dramatically that you could only compare it to the holocaust. It's like having a dog for companionship or being a dog trainer. I just want to have a dog as a dog.
  14. It's such a wonderfully awkward contraption and you handled it beautifully, great work!
  15. I've never judged but all things being equal, I'd choose the one with the peel-n-stick pit. For the simple reason that that guy obviously was the equal to the other in skill by definition, but he was smart enough to use a product that no modeler could ever hope to match in realism, and thus in the end his model is more realistic, tipping the scales. It's Indiana Jones logic, sure you can brandish a fancy scimitar and show off with it, but it is a lot easier and more effective just to shoot the guy and be done with it.
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