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  1. scott_t

    1/32 Trumpeter SU -27UB

    Awesome job ! Love the paint scheme
  2. scott_t

    1/32 Trumpeter F-14A VF-51

    Following this closely Ryan ! I have had the same kit lined up to start .....Zacto intakes, Aires wheel bays, Aires cockpit but have not pulled the trigger on it quite yet. Looking good ! Scott
  3. Thanks for responding to my question on the LANTIRN Pod qualification Brad. I figured it was a long shot but worth asking. I am contemplating a Night Owl F-4D ..... I found a set of decals on Ebay ....Warbird decals ....depends on their quality. Scott
  4. A question for the moderator.... What about a jet configured for 'night ops' with the addition of a LANTIRN Pod (AN/AAQ-13) ? Such as flown on an F-15E or F-16? Would that be In or Out ? Scott
  5. scott_t

    Proposal for a Night Fighters Group Build.

    F-4D Vietnam 497th TFS 'Night Owls'
  6. scott_t

    Some cheerful news for Phantom fans

    If it does not come with those markings.... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48063
  7. scott_t

    F-4E Peace for Galilee

    Hi Filippo, Avionix cockpit fits ......need some persuasion ...... and a lot of sanding .....the bottoms of the front and aft cockpit sections needed a lot of sanding .....the front cockpit floor ended up being pretty thin in the end. I also had to sand the nose gear floor pretty thin to give everything clearance to fit. Sides of the front and rear cockpits were actually not too bad ...... anded them back a bit and had to repeatedly check the fit and then more fit checks and adjustments for the sidewall consoles. Took a few hours of work but I am happy with the fit. -Scott
  8. scott_t

    F-4E Peace for Galilee

    Thank you Carl ......hope to get the main wings buttoned up and the weapons load started over the weekend !
  9. scott_t

    F-4E Peace for Galilee

    Got the lower wing attached and the nose .......fit of the lower wing looks great ....small gap on the underside to fill on each side where the left & right intakes meet the wing joint. That's it for now. Thanks for looking! -Scott
  10. scott_t

    F-4E Peace for Galilee

    Few more pics ...... seats are just temp dropped in
  11. You have to take into account the weight limit of the bomb rack installed in the pylon that you hang the MER/TER or munition from. If I remember correctly, the weight capacity of the MAU-12 bomb rack was 5,000 pounds ...... hang a MER, with six 500 pound bombs from it and you are looking at about 3,500 pounds, same as hanging three Mk-83 bombs from a MER.
  12. scott_t

    F-4E Peace for Galilee

    Thanks Mike ....... hope to get some bench time to work the remaining cockpit area and will probably start up on weapons and racks.
  13. scott_t

    F-4E Peace for Galilee

    Hi All, As an ex-USAF weapons loader, I just can't resist jumping in on this group build ...... load up the jet ! My subject is circa late 1970's ..... Israeli F-4E as seen in a photo in the AirDOC Israeli Phantoms book, Volume 1. Jet will be loaded as per the photo ..... 6 Mk-20 Rockeyes on a MER on the centerline station, each inboard pylon will have 3 CBU-58s on a TER. An AVG-23 Pave Spike pod in the left forward sparrow bay .....and 2 wing tanks. I made a start on this kit about a year ago before I got side-tracked by buying/selling/moving homes. Got as far as installing an Avionix cockpit, minus the front instrument panel and forward glare shield and the seats. I also installed a set of Rhino Model intakes and the base of an external refueling probe from Isracast. A few pics attached to get started.... Thanks for looking, Scott
  14. scott_t

    F-4S VF-301 Devil's Disciples

    I know what your'e saying Mark ...... the "Aires Adventure"
  15. scott_t

    F-4S VF-301 Devil's Disciples

    A small amount of progress ...... the wife has kept me hopping around helping her set up Xmas .....think that is finally done. Been working on the Aires cockpit set ....separating casting blocks from the parts .... I have 2 of these F-4J/F-4S sets and both of them are missing a chunk of resin from the rear cockpit back wall behind the seat. I guess those guys at Aires are consistent I little patch with a piece of plastic and putty .....should not be noticeable with paint Pieces fit well together .... Been working on the etched brass for the instrument panels ....punching out tiny disks with my punch & die set adding some knobs ......otherwise the instrument panels look too flat ....I took a pic and realized I have a couple of the new knobs laying sideways ...oops ! My eyes are NOT what they used to be. Will fix them over the next couple of days .....I used the smallest punch I have and the knobs look a little oversized ..... I can live with it. That's all for now Thanks for looking Scott