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  1. I will be picking up another as well to build as the LIC version with no rollers
  2. I used VMS Hull Tex
  3. Closer to primer and paint ....added hull texture as the molded on texture did not appear to be very significant .....
  4. I have both the Kitsworld and the Eduard sets. Kitsworld is not very 3D at all. Eduard is a better option in my opinion and I'll use it on one of my builds.
  5. If you are underwhelmed by the Eduard SPACE set, you would really be disappointed by the Kitsworld release. I now have both and I now really hoping Quinta delivers.
  6. Placed an order for two sets yesterday .....one of which will be used on my F-4C Bolo build. -Scott
  7. Progress continues .....
  8. I had no luck finding the Ultimate Portfolio book ...out of print and out of stock from what I have found so far. Would love to see Danny Corman put together an "Uncovering the SAAB 37 Viggen" book !
  9. Kevin, I found both on Amazon for about $20 each ....considering what I will spend on 2 kits ....not bad Scott
  10. I see Hataka makes a paint set that includes the splinter camo colors (HTKCS101).
  11. Does anyone have suggestions on reference material for the Viggen? Thanks, Scott
  12. Well I took the plunge as well for the re-release. Reserved 2 :-) It took about 8 hours for them to respond. Very much looking forward to this !! -Scott
  13. From the March 2021 Info Eduard: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2021/info-eduard-2021-03eng-2.pdf Eduard is releasing a BOZ-107 pod in 32nd and the PDF states an April release. Hopefully they will start upscaling their Tornado-related releases in 48th up to 32nd. They have also released a product similar to the Kit World 3D cockpit, called Eduard SPACE. I just ordered the Tornado Gr.4 set from Sprue Brothers. I also have the Kit World offering on the way from Hannants. Will be good to compare them against each other. Th
  14. For those of you who enjoy an exercise in patience ...... try building one of these roller assemblies :-) 59 parts + 5 chain lengths. It took me 4 days of off and on work to finish one .....I have another one to assemble. No paint yet.
  15. Roller arms for the Nochri-Kal mine roller. Each of these consists of 8 pieces plus an 11 link length of chain that you need to cut from a long chain supplied in the kit.
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