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  1. Here is mine ..... Tamiya F-4E ......Israeli -Scott
  2. Hi Jeff, Yes, they have the pistons moulded in each cylinder head and the piston rods from one side interface with the corresponding rods from the other side. Kind of cool but they will never be seen again once assembled. ZM provides a metal weight that is located in one of the fuselage fuel tanks located behind the cockpit to provide the weight to keep the nose down. -Scott
  3. Hey Jimbo, I have been interested in this aircraft since I went over to the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center and saw the one they are working on restoring. I think I'll venture back out there and grab some pics for reference and inspiration ! -Scott
  4. Hi Ray, I have the Daniel Zamarbide book on his Uhu build and will rely a lot on that for color guidelines, as well as the ZM instructions. From what I can see, the overall block is a black/silver mix with some components as black so I'll start with that. -Scott
  5. Just to show I am making some progress ...... I have both engines assembled ......some components can be removed for paint and I left off a couple of lines on each for painting them separately (call out for red and blue on those. No that I am looking at these .....I should of rotated them and got pictures from the other end ....will do that later and post them. Thanks for looking ! -Scott
  6. Been working a few hours on Engine #1 ..... a lot of parts, some cleanup required.... fit so far is good. I actually am enjoying working on a kit where I don't know much about the actual aircraft ......takes some of the worry out of the details and makes it a more care-free build (so far). Have a few more parts on this to go ....some components will remain off until painting is completed on them ....and have another engine to work on. Thanks for looking ! -Scott
  7. wow ! this is absolutely gorgeous !
  8. Hi, I just picked up the ZM Uhu (He 219) just before Christmas. I also got the HGW seatbelts and the Barracuda Wheels. I have the Eduard cockpit set on the way and will use at least some of those parts. I also have a set of Eaglecals decals coming for an all back scheme on the underside. I may change my mind on the markings as I go along. My first German aircraft and as such, I don't have any RLM colors on hand, so ...... have some MRP paints ordered for the RLM 02 and exterior colors. I think I'll start with assembling the engines this week. Starting the action with the obligatory 'box shot' and extras. Thanks for looking ! Scott
  9. Following this closely Ryan ! I have had the same kit lined up to start .....Zacto intakes, Aires wheel bays, Aires cockpit but have not pulled the trigger on it quite yet. Looking good ! Scott
  10. Thanks for responding to my question on the LANTIRN Pod qualification Brad. I figured it was a long shot but worth asking. I am contemplating a Night Owl F-4D ..... I found a set of decals on Ebay ....Warbird decals ....depends on their quality. Scott
  11. A question for the moderator.... What about a jet configured for 'night ops' with the addition of a LANTIRN Pod (AN/AAQ-13) ? Such as flown on an F-15E or F-16? Would that be In or Out ? Scott
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