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  1. Thank You ! Plan on getting some work in on it this weekend ….we'll see where it ends up.
  2. small steps …. laid down an initial brush coat of tire black (Model Air) on the consoles and instrument panel areas. they look rough under photos versus the ole eyeball ! Will work on these picking out some panels in straight black, NATO black, some dark greys, etc. Then switches after that and probably use some instrument decals ……. anyways …..that's all for the moment -Scott
  3. I just got a delivery today with the 1/32 F-16 set. First look is WOW !!! Nothing in the documentation saying what Block the set is meant for. I'll have to compare to photos over the weekend and see what version it matches up to. -Scott
  4. Got 15 minutes of spare time and managed to get a base coat of grey over the black base. The coverage is not as solid as it looks in the pics. I'll lighten the base with some white and hit some areas for some highlights ….. then start working on the cockpit side consoles and instrument panel. -Scott
  5. Mike, I was really back and forth between the 2 seater B model and the single seat A model …..when the decals arrived for the Spanish Aggressor that helped make my decision.
  6. Well …...not a lot of progress, but some …..pit parts pre-primer and post-primer that's all for now -Scott
  7. OK.... small progress …..added the rudder pedals to the front instrument console and added some detail ….will anyone ever see it ? probably not ! More later ! -Scott
  8. Hi, I have been kicking around what to build. I had it narrowed down to a Spanish F/A-18B (EF-18BM) or a Navy F/A-18 in an aggressor scheme when these decals showed up in my mailbox. I forgot I had these coming …..so I think it's a cool look so I'm going with it. Academy F/A-18C boxing Series Españolas decals Other items ….. Rhino Intakes, Aires Wheel bays, G-Factor landing gear, Avionix cockpit, A model tail fins from Avionix, ResKit exhausts, some Eduard photo-etch, Flying Leatherneck's HUD, Pylons, and tail stiffeners. I ordered paints for
  9. Just received my HUDs today …..one of each version. Super detailed and VERY delicate. Hope my ex-weapons loader paws don't crunch them !!!!!!
  10. The 'Not A Pound For Air-To-Ground' Group Build
  11. Big day for deliveries here .... MiG AMMO weathering pencil set (very fast delivery from Spain to the U.S.) Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000 C Eduard LOOK instrument panel for the 2000 C Big ED 2000 C set SAC landing gear for the KH Mirage The wife only saw the box from MiG ..... lucky day !!!!!!! -Scott
  12. Zactomodels makes replacement wing bladders in resin …..swept wing and forward wing …..they are really nice
  13. Decided to make some additions to my library ….. Can use them on some planned projects -Scott
  14. Being an ex-weapons loader, I love seeing bombs loaded on aircraft …. How about 'Mud Movers' ? Any aircraft, any era, as long as it has some air-to-ground weaponry.
  15. I'm leaning towards a 2-seater hornet …..I'm also leaning towards actually finishing a group build. lot of options for me …..need to pick just one F-18, F-14, F-15, F-16 decisions....decisions
  16. Very eye catching paint scheme ! Love the weathering !
  17. Got my set of pylons today ….. WOW ! The detail is fantastic Dave !!! Makes me want to hang a weapon on it, sway it down, pop the ejector feet down and cart it up !!! I think my Marine Hornet just jumped up to the top of my build pile. I have Dave's pylons, HUD, strengthening plates for the tail, and decals ……. Will be looking for the pylons for the later models ….. Thanks Dave ! Great Stuff ! Scott
  18. Really looks terrific Marcel !!!!! Thanks for pointing out where you sourced the vents from. Just went and ordered two sets for a couple of big cat builds I am collecting stuff for. Scott
  19. Quick update …… attached the seamless intakes (Rhino Models) and had to fair them in a bit with super glue as the filler. The brown paint you see is a primer color from MiG AMMO which I sprayed on and did some sanding over the raised panel areas that I had to knock down to a level state. Yes, that is a F-4G nose converted with the GT Resins set for the G. Just temp installed as I wanted to see how it looked. With a nose assembly attached it makes for a big model. Thanks for looking - Scott
  20. just a few pics …... first one is some of the items I am going to incorporate into the build. I have other things, such as some Eduard phot-etch, pitot tubes, some weapons that are still TBD.... Started by marking raised panels that I am knocking down. I use dyno tape to help protect the areas around the panel prior to sanding and then re-scribe after. and then I managed to hack some plastic out to make room for the seamless intakes ….. I also reworked a few panel lines in the rear end to match up to CAD dr
  21. I am in with an F-4E from the 50th TFW, 496th TFS from Hahn AB, Germany from 1979. The picture is what I would like to come close to. This will be the Tamiya kit with an Avionix cockpit, Wingman Models slatted wing conversion with the TISEO, and AirDOC decals. Interesting is the gray and blue sealant used on a few panels under the forward cockpit and it looks like someone touched up some paint up front with what looks like olive drab. Work will start with the kit fuselage …..sanding down the raised panels that should not be raised, rescribing once those p
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