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  1. Hi Mike, scroll down on the page, below the timeline you see a green rectangle. Hitting it should start the download. If it doesn’t work, I will download it for you. Or maybe this direct link will help: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/3/2/0/194320-83-instructions.pdf Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Mike, For the instructions of the Olympia Scalemates is your friend here: https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/revell-8623-uss-olympia--194320 Can't help you regarding the PE. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi Ray, No problem, you are doing a lot to keep our nice little place on the 'web as it is. Great article and thanks for the compliment! Cheers, Peter
  4. Nice work on the cockpit! Cheers, Peter
  5. Thanks Ray! Yes, you can publish it on the website, that’s great. Cheers, Peter
  6. Hi guys, Here are the pictures of the finished old Revell Mirage IIIE with the commemorative markings included in the new Revell/Italeri Mirage IIIE: It was a pleasure joining this group build and building this old Revell kit. Until the next time, Cheers, Peter
  7. Thanks guys! Work continued with the installation of the landing gear and the addition of the two remaining air scoops near the big wild boar.: An additional decal (provided) will be placed over the lower one to blend it in with the blue artwork. The pylons for the 1700 Ltr. tanks of the new Revell/Italeri kit had to be adapted to the shape of this old model's wings by inserting some plastic strips, cut to shape. Also, the mounting tabs had to be lengthened: I forgot to take a picture before spraying, so the modifications are hard to see on this picture. Here they are installed on the wing: The lower air scoop also got its decal. However, some touching up was needed. The black edge was added with a sharpie after the picture was taken. The Master turned metal pitot tube was glued to the nose and blended in. A bit of touching up with the airbrush was needed: Then the final bits were added and the black area was give a coat of satin varnish with the airbrush. And that means... that the Mirage is finshed in time !!! Pictures in the next post.
  8. Hi Meindert, The corrected old Revell Gripen is brilliant! Cheers, Peter
  9. Thanks! The lifted paint patch on left side of the nose was touched-in, polished and glossed. The masking of the canopy was removed, only to find that the Gunze Mr. Masking Sol Neo had reacted with the Klear, resulting in matt patches. Luckily, the Klear was easily polished away with polishing paste. I have no picture, I was too eager to get the canopy sorted. Now the model was ready for decals. The decals of the new Revell kit behaved impeccably with Daco Red, extra strong. Right side: Left side: Lower side: A few trapped air bubbles had to be punched with a small needle and were treated with Daco. It's drying now. Then, de decals can be glossed to protect them and to get rid of their matt finish. The wild boar on the tail consists of two halves. The division is straight, whereas the kit is slightly curved at that location, so a bit of minor touching up will be required there. Surprisingly, I had the black-silver division on the nose correct, I do not need to touch-up the two-coloured registration number. In the background, it can be seen that the undercarriage has already been started. The nose gear needed more treatment. If the pegs are used, the strut halves do not line up, so they were removed. However, I had to make sure the base of the strut kept aligned. Clamps came to the rescue: To be continued... Cheers, Peter
  10. Thanks Brian! Cheers, Peter
  11. That was a lot of masking work, but it has been worthwhile! Cheers, Peter
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