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  1. Nice to see a Lysander being build. Very good work! Cheers, Peter
  2. We are all patient. I'm looking forward to the pics. Cheers, Peter
  3. Good to read, Max! I will have a good look at Kev's other site. Cheers, Peter
  4. Thanks, Alain! In the mean time, the inner sides of wing and fin at the flight controls was painted grey (to avoid translucency) and white with a hairy stick. The airbrush won't reach those area's when the Fuji will be painted. Also, the horizontal stabilizers were assembled: Like the other controls, the elevators are located by a metal spring to be poseable. I had to made sure the elevator with the trim tab was located at port side. Fortunately, the instructions are clear about this. Originally, the elevator parts are connected.
  5. Indeed, a very interesting conversion project, Rick! Cheers, Peter
  6. Nice to see a T-33 being build to such a high standard. It's a natural for this group build. I'm afraid I can't answer your question, Kent. Cheers, Peter
  7. Very good progress, Max! Cheers, Peter
  8. Hi Max, I'm catching up. Superb progress and very useful references too! Good work with the masks made with the Silhouette cutter. Hmm, it looks like a wothwhile investment Cheers, Peter
  9. Still IMC most of the time I'm afraid, Jack! Well, more time at the bench, then. Anyway, I'm filling and sanding now, not worth a picture. To show the thought that went into the making of this kit, here is a picture of the partly build-up interior as it would be OOB: Floor, carpets, skid plates, seats and parcel shelf are all moulded in different colours to enable finishing without paint. The same holds for the controls and instrument panel (not shown). The result is convincing enough for sombody who is not very experienced and would have t
  10. Terrific work, Alain! I also have an original Matchbox Tiggie in the stash. Now I know where to detail and to correct it. Cheers, Peter
  11. What Max said! Cheers, Peter
  12. Interesting progress, Max! You show that even with an outstanding kit, still some detective work is needed Cheers, Peter
  13. Hi guys, Not much has happened the last weeks. I've also been flying a couple of days, fortunately when the weather was excellent. Anyway, I sanded and re-puttied the fuselage. In the mean time I finished the assembly of the wings by putting on the top halves and the wingtips. I had to avoid glueing the ailerons and flaps to the upper halves, so it had to be done in stages. There are no locating pins, so I started by aligning and glueing the leading edges: After hardening, the inner edges at the moving surfaces were joined,
  14. Looking very good, Max! I have the same conversion set in the stash and even started on the Revell Hunter many years ago. Somehow, I got distracted and it ended on the shelf Paul Fisher did an excellent job as usual. Btw. I hope he is allright. Cheers, Peter
  15. Oh, yes, that IS a monster. A great build is going on at Britmodeller Cheers, Peter
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