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  1. Hi Max, A great comparison of the three Tiger Moth kits. Thank you so much for compiling it! Let's hope they do this. Possibly it would be a good opportunity for Silver Wings to recoup some of their investments. On a related note, the Aviation Megastore in Holland sells the ICM kit with the decal sheet of the Silver Wings Tiger Moth. I have ordered one. Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Chris, I’m catching up on your thread. Very good work and an ingenious solution to the cooling fan gear! keep up the good work! Cheers, Peter
  3. Thanks, Chris! As mentioned in the previous post, the rear seam needed a bit of 2K filler to blend it in nicely, as the cabin cover is a bit too low in the corners. Here, the corners have been filled and smoothed: I have also test fitted the sliding canopy. It fits perfectly. The engine cowlings were also partially assembled. The lower cowling, consisting of two parts, was glued to the front cowling. To ensure everything was symmetrical and straight, the other cowl parts were taped in place while the glue hardened:
  4. Hi guys, Work continued on the interior. To the cabin floor were added, from front to rear: rudder pedals, heater boot (?), fuel tank selector valve, set in "closed", flap handle and trim wheel, scratch safety harness reels for the front seats, the rear bench seat and its safety belts: The kit should have a sheet of vinyl from which to cut the safety belts, but it was not there anymore. No great loss, as masking tape is a much better material for making the belts. A very useful cutting tool is the Infiny Easycutting mat shown on the pictu
  5. Nice progress, looks very good! Cheers, Peter
  6. Lovely Hornet, great colour scheme. Very well done! Cheers, Peter
  7. Wow, that's for the real Profi-modeller! Good job with an unforgiving medium. Indeed not very profi to omit the prominent ridges on the fuselage in the kit . Interesting to show the tow target with a Texan...it is large! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Peter
  8. Thanks, guys! Fun it is indeed! Today I prepared small stuff to go on the cabin floor. Glued small instrument panel illumination lights into the edge of the glare shield, and glued the whole assembly into the surrounding nose/windscreen edge part. After hardening of the glue, I could fill the area behind the instrument panel with pieces of lead sheet, cut to shape with scissors. They were fixed with double sided tape and secured with pieces of sprue, glued to the instrument panel and the forward edge of the nose/windscreen part. A lot of
  9. Thanks, Max! The last days were spent with painting many small parts, constantly checking references etc. The engine is painted, I had a nice blue-grey colour in my collection of paints which matched pictures and memory: Xtracolour X157, FS16176 "Grey F-15 Mod Eagle" (!) The kit parts were installed on the engine with the exception of the exhaust pipes: The engine is clicked on its firewall temporarily for handling. Here are other views: Things to add to the engine: exhaust pipes, wiring and additional scra
  10. Thanks Maru! I painted a lot of small parts today, including the engine. An update will follow on one of the next days. Cheers, Peter
  11. Hi Max, So, you decided to do drastic surgery to solve the dihedral issue! Kudos to your courage!!! I hope everything will be OK after hardening of the glue and not too much touching-up and other corrective action is needed afterwards. Cheers, Peter
  12. Thanks guys! Alain, indeed those stacked plates avoid cleaning up mould lines of cylinder fins. In hindsight, I think I should have run the backside of all those little plates over a piece of sanding paper, to get rid of the die-cut ridges to lose the springy-ness of the stack and making the cylinders just that mm narrower. But that would be too much work. I fitted the rocker covers and the pushrod tubes. The latter were just long enough: Note that the round hole in the middle of the ridge of the crank case has been removed. It was supposed f
  13. Thanks guys! Happy new year to everybody! Work continued, only interrupted by the festivities. The front seats have a four point harness. The shoulder belts have a reel, which is bolted onto the spar, just behind each front seat. The belts pass a frame on top of the seat back: Note that apparently the seats of PH-MBK have been recovered fairly recently in nice red leather. The seats have always been red, but whether originally it was leather, fabric, or a combination of both, I don't know. The side panels seem to be original, and apparently
  14. That's because the model is made by Roden! Very good work and progress, Oleg! Cheers, Peter
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