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  1. That's looking very good, Brian! The silvering issues jou had do not show the pictures. I like the oily muck thrown out by the rotary you added and keep the rest of the airframe relatively clean. After all, most of the planes in WW1 didn't last long. Cheers, Peter
  2. Thanks Mike! Work started on the fuel and oil hoses on the engine, using the information from Thor: And using this picture I took during the pre flight of the Fuji I made some flights in: This is the result so far: The nose wheel leg was also glued to the firewall. The exhaust pipes and all the other lines and hoses will be added after the engine is glued to the firewall. Cheers, Peter
  3. Thanks guys! The edges of the control surfaces were sawn-in to make them visually separATE. Now Meindert mentioned it, I couldn't let it pass. There was a minor misalignment of the edges at the unnderside of the ailerons. The recessed lines were easily filled with Mr. Surfacer. Then a bit of shading was executed on the white area's with light grey, followed by a second coat of white: Faded Intermediate Blue will be sprayed next. To be continued. Cheers, Peter
  4. Great engine, Michael! Cheers, Peter
  5. Hi guys, In between my "normal" projects I like to build old kits. Just as they come OOB, faults and all, to see how they look like with current build techniques. The only extra things I usually do is to close off open wheelbays, jet pipes, air intakes and cockpits to prevent that dreaded see-through look. And ofcourse correct the often challenging fit of parts. I just build them nice and shiny and put them on a special shelf in my cabinet. Here are some box scale jet models from the early days of Revell. First is the Revell Convair
  6. Hi Meindert, Good to have you here and with a nice model you don't see too often. Have fun! Cheers, Peter
  7. Thanks Meindert! I have to see if the upper and lower kit lines of the control surfaces do match tu put a razor saw through it . Thanks for the reminder! Cheers, Peter
  8. Hi guys, In the mean time I was mainly busy with the Revell Corsair in the Navy Group build and finishing some non-LSP models. Before I can start the wiring of the engine, using Thor's awesome information, I had to paint the nose gear leg first. It has to be installed firmly onto the firewall so I can route the wiring around it. On many Fujis, the nose gear is painted white, which is common on small aircraft. However, they were also painted aluminium. PH-MBK currently has a white nose gear leg, but looking at the picture which is in the beginning of this thread
  9. Hi John, Nice progress! I like what you did with the parcel shelf and the luggage hold. The engine and the firewall are progrogressing nicely! Cheers, Peter
  10. Thanks guys! What raised surface detail there was, was sanded away and restored with stretched sprue and Micro Mark rivet decals: And another example: The surface was glossed first with Klear, before the rivet decals were applied with DACO Strong (red label). After a new shot of Revell 75 over the restored detail, the whole model was wet sanded with worn sandpaper to smooth the surface. Then the first coat of white was sprayed: Which is drying now. In the mean time the engine was finished:
  11. Looks very nice, Brad. I second Alain. Well done! Cheers, Peter
  12. Hi Michael, That has been a fiddly job! The result is well worth it, though. Cheers, Peter
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