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ICM - 1:32 CR. 42 LW , WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Attack Aircraft

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On 11/2/2020 at 12:18 AM, Dennis7423 said:

Suppose we'll have to wait longer for a true Italian bird. I recently discovered that the Luftwaffe boxing of this kit only comes with the unspatted landing gear components, and does not currently include the sprue shown above with the larger bombs and full wheel spats. Knowing ICM, however, we won't have to wait long!


- Dennis S.

   Thornton, CO USA

Yes sometimes you can get both options with later kits a la Gladiator Mk1 and 11. Having got a few of their recent kits I’d say they are comparable to some of the best on offer at a reasonable price

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It will be interesting to see what the aftermarket come out with for this kit.  CR-42's served in a number of colour schemes so there should be plenty of choice.  This will definitely be added to my stash for a short while as we wait to see what emerges.


A couple of other things.  Using the ICM link above, I had a look at the instructions.  I hope some brave soul here will post an account of how they attached the top wing.  There's so many struts here that it looks very involved.  For the last (1/48 scale) CR-42 I built about 20 years ago, I glued in the cabane struts and outer struts, then glued the top wing on.  Only once it had dried did I wiggle the other struts into place.


Secondly, I read the weekly Hannants new releases email this morning.  It's full of items informing of delivery difficulties  with new stock, including a line about goods being returned to source, including ICM, thanks to delivery blockages across the Channel.  I expect this will take months to sort out. :angry2:





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planned releases for 2021, listed on Hannants


Fiat CR.42AS, WWII Italian Fighter-Bomber NEW - I quarter



Fiat CR.42CN, WWII Italian Night Fighter NEW - II quarter



Fiat CR.42 Falco with Italian Pilots in tropical uniform NEW - III quarter


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CR. 42AS, WWII Italian Fighter-Bomber
Scale 1/32
Model kit #32023


Here are some markings to our March new item. 

1. Fiat CR 42AS Falco 20. Squadriglia, 46. Gruppo, 15. Stormo Assalto in El Adem (Libya, North Africa) 1942
2. Fiat CR 42AS Falco 20. Squadriglia, 46. Gruppo, 15. Stormo Assalto in El Adem (Libya, North Africa) 1942
3. Fiat CR 42AS Falco 45, Gruppo Complementare, Scuola Caccia Assalto, Ravenna (Italy) 1942






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