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ICM - 1:32 CR. 42 LW , WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Attack Aircraft

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20 minutes ago, LSP_Ron said:

It's Italian,  I wonder why they are going with German?


ICM has a tendency to release several versions, starting with what they deem to be the least popular. We will no doubt see a true Italian example, but they're going to pump out the German one first for those who just can't wait for an Italian one.


it almost worked on me with the Gladiator. I wanted a Mk. II so bad, but they came out with the Mk.I first. I almost, almost bought one just to have it, because it looked that good. I remained patient and got the Mk.II when released. They did the same with their 1/48 A-26 series, and several others. Fortunately, they seem to release variants rather quickly, so we won't have to wait long!


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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