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Airfix's next 1/24 scale model? A conversation.

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Now folks, this thread is NOT intended to tease, although I guess it just might for some!

But, a modelling friend and myself were pontificating (on the phone) on what WWII American fighter should come next on Airfix's list of production.

Should it be ......US Navy or USAAF?

What 'popular' subject(s) could possibly equal or even better the sales of the Mosquito, Typhoon, and the recent Hellcat

We shoved around some pretty important aircraft of the period and eventually came up with one type from each service.

There were only two in the end that we agreed could really generate excellent sales and  good continuous interest in the years ahead.

These were the US Navy's Vought F-4U Corsair and the USAAF's Lockheed P-38 Lightning.

We considered that given the right tooling, several main versions could be accomplished on both subjects to warrant priority over any others at this time.

They would maximise sales over many years and we believed that there could be enough strong interest to put them into the forefront of interest worldwide.

No other aircraft were in this final draw, perhaps you might differ in your opinion?

It will be interesting to see what they've decided on next year, if their planned two year span between models comes to fruition!

I'll be buying it either way I'm sure!!!  :)


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24th is not my normal scale of preference. But that said I hope Airfix comes up with a new subject that sells well. However, if they come out with a bomber version of the Mosquito, just stop me up in vinegar and call me Pickled Herring. 

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My thinking is that Airfix would be covering mostly those better known types not well covered by other manufacturers.  There's not many good Typhoons or Hellcats out there and there weren't many Mossies out there when that kit was released.  I'm a bit surprised they didn't do a bomber Mossie too, Mr P. Herring. :D


If we're only examining American possibilites, then a P-40 has to be in the mix.  It's not well covered in large scale except by old and rare kits just like the P-38, but you could equally add the P-39 to that list, although KittyHawk did it in 1/32 as did Special Hobby.  Tamiya has the P-51 and F4U well covered, so I don't see why Airfix would try to compete with those.  Equally, the P-47 is covered in both 1/32 and 1/24, though I'm sure Airfix could do better.  That then leaves an F-4f only covered by Trumpeter in 1/32, so could be a possibility.  Or how about a P-80??


Their oldest kits, the Spitfire I and V and the BF-109E are in bad need of updating.  The molds are old and detail is poor and sparse out of the box.  However, the shape of both is pretty good, so one of these could be a candidate.  Their Hurricane is much better and holds up well today, as does the FW-190A.  It's 50 years since I built their Stuka, so can't remember that too well to comment, and I haven't built their Mustang so also can't comment on that.  Mid war Spitfires are well covered by Tamiya, so there's a gap as no Griffon engine Spitfire exists as far as I'm aware.  It would have to be a high back MkXIV for me, though.  And how about an FW-190D, TA-152C or even ME-163??


Japanese planes don't seem to be well covered in larger scales, except the Zero.  I fancy a good KI-61 Hien.  But there's others too.  Italian planes in LSP are almost non-existent, but I'm sure an MC-202 Folgore would be a seller.  Russian types are starting to get a name in the LSP market too, so there's possibilities there as well.


However, you'd have to think that an earlier Hellcat would be next, followed by something else if there's any money left in the kitty after Covid 19 stuffs up all our economies.


Or they could do a Monty Python on us, and do Something Completely Different.  Just not sport....  :rolleyes:





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I'd prefer to see British subjects (yes to a DH Mosquito B.IV please) but given the question, if it had to be American I'd like to see a P-38J. If they went over to the dark side I'd like to see them do a 1/24 Me 262 A1 as then they would have made a kit of all of the most beautiful aircraft of WWII (and I could do a giant size in flight diorama of THAT Roy Cross 'Dogfight Double' box art....)

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Both good ideas Roy. Lots of choices for schemes amongst those aircraft and tons of options on weathering.:thumbsup:


Honestly, I think Airfix are missing a trick by not bringing out either the dH Vampire or Folland Gnat in 1/24th scale. I know LSP is predominantly biased towards props but either of these little jets could provide plenty of choice on schemes plus, for the Gnat the perfect option would be the Red Arrows. They've recently released both airframes in 1/72nd scale so much of the research might have been done already and neither aircraft is particularly large.

It'll never happen of course.:D



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I'd say the most likely candidate would be the Sea Fury, as it sort of appeals to not just Brits and they have done the research already, there's no way they will re do any previous kits in that scale as it still is a bit of a niche market and they usually try to capture everyone. I kept toying with the idea of doing a Tempest [ I have the CAD already ] conversion kit but it's a lot of resin.



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