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  1. It's already done but I'm going to release it with the Engine as well. Graham
  2. I'm not so sure, after announcing it the initial rush has produced 11 orders as of today. Now we are in the tailing off period. Graham
  3. I would say neither because both sets really 'look' hand sculpted, OK I've only got the cowling set for the Revell MK 24 at the moment but it was produced from the original data and CNC machined out, to have that manufactured look. I reckon the firewall frame no.5 is probably not that much out on the Revell/Matchbox kit. Graham
  4. I can't vouch for good colour matches, but I much prefer Mr Color, Gunze and Tamiya. I've noticed that the more 'chemically' smelling they are the better they spray, like cellulose ( which sprays like a dream) I've had problems with xtracolour which to me are very watery and a bit gritty but the colours are very good though. Also getting the right thinner is crucial don't do what ive done and assume just because it's water based acrylic that say Revell thinner will work with all of them, I got into a right mess the paint started to 'clump' in the gun.
  5. I still maintain the 'C' design team are in a little hut on a remote hillside with no internet, no trains and just a donkey stumbling over the foot hills once a week with supplies and spare jam jar bottom spectacles. Graham
  6. It's not the kit what it is is you've sucked out the mystery of it, I would leave it for now and then later on get a book and re read about the prototype and you'll find you will have the enthusiasm to finish it off. I have a similar theory about kit reviews, I've noticed that I've never sold more than the one kit I've given away for a review, I think the potential buyer knows so much about the kit from the review apart from maybe what it smells like, that there's no need to buy it and slide into the attic! So when you can clearly see what your model is going to like 4/5 finished it's boring. Graham
  7. It is truly superb and a great inspiration but as Airfix with their 1:48th he's made the assumption that the cowling side panels are the same as those without the chin scoop and consequently the scoop is too large ( Airfix a lot worse ) I got this licked by taking a close look at a Griffon Spit with the side cowlings off when I drew up the Seafang nose which apart from the upper cowling is of the same form and the scoop lines tuck right in behind the prop, if you put the side cowlings of a Seafire 47 on a MK 24 there would be a tapered gap at the front end. Graham
  8. While I wait for the flood waters to subside in my village I thought I would test the decals on my latest kit before they all go out tomorrow as I've been struggling to find a good decal paper, thankfully I've found it through a railway model manufacturing friend. Graham Iconicair RAF Bomb Trolley + 12000lb Cookie 005 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair RAF Bomb Trolley + 12000lb Cookie 004 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
  9. I actually went to IKEA last Novemeber to buy a Detolf display case to take to Telford but I realised it's a one install only item, the two packs full of glass are 'kin' heavy and long so not up to being moved about or being transported along bumby car parks! I agree its got to my eye one or more shelves missing but as regards size each shelf will fit say a 1:32 Spitfire diagonally. I thought about a perspex one but the ones I've seen all are very clunky for displaying jewellery and have great big ugly locks and hinges on them. Graham
  10. Our new kit the 'E' Type Bomb Trolley with the 12000lb 'Cookie' Blockbuster is now available to go with the HK/WNW Avro Lancaster Kit, it's a resin kit with all the master parts produced by 3D CAD and CNC machining, the research was all done at our local museum and extensive measuring of the Trolley and the 'Cookie' on site. The link to purchase is :- http://www.iconicair.com/12000lb/ Graham Iconicair Bomb Trolley and 12000lb Cookie 001 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
  11. The one with the troops and 'CD' Dak is a lovely pic. Graham
  12. Strangely the Brussels Broadcasting Company didn't show this flypast on the evening news?! Graham
  13. What this incident has done however is chip away a little bit of the negative stigma that model makers occasionally suffer in the UK [ no other country seems to have this problem ] that it's a square or boring hobby by people who are deficient socially in someway. With Sir Rod Stewart donating £10,000 to the club as he is a very talented Railway modeller himself who models the American scene it will in the end make more people think about the hobby and the wide range of people who enjoy it. Graham
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