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  1. Here's the very incident :- https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/51235/page/1495/data.pdf
  2. I ordered some rivet sets which was slow but did turn up ok. Graham.
  3. One of the Squadrons in my barracks were EOD [ Explosive Ordnance Disposal] when I was in the Army and I heard that one of things they discovered in London was when one of the big gasometers [ Gas Storage Tanks ] were dismantled a bomb was discovered just lying inside it, they realised that after a bombing raid the holes in the top of these tanks were just plated over and not checked inside, so when they checked others some of them also had bombs lying in them. Graham
  4. GrahamF


    Already done.... Graham
  5. GrahamF


    I'll never understand this hobby, model railways which is really my 'thing' has always had it's odd fellows. But this one has me completely foxed. Graham
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    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153682485027 Sold twice the price we sell it for? Graham
  7. There's a brilliant documentary 'Blitz: The bombs that changed Britain' where they analyze a particular raid in great detail and each individual bomb is marked accurately and who was killed in its wake and what that did to families even today.The data was collected during the war to give the war dept some idea of the effectiveness of bombing raids. One particular harrowing one was the bombing of Clydebank where a whole family were wiped out from just one bomb falling into the stairway of their flat. Graham
  8. Not working for me either, a lot of the bombers if they couldn't find the target used to just dump the bombs anywhere on the way back, My late father in law told me he remembered a Messerschmitt 110 flying low firing at people walking down a street in Essex on their way back home. Graham
  9. Thanks Guys, I see in my corner we are a clutch of similar businesses. Should be good. Graham
  10. Thinking about this a bit more I've noticed mine get really bad sometimes where I have to keep re-booting to cure it, other times not so bad, I have a feeling it's windows updates because sometimes I have to put mine back to an earlier configuration to cure it. If I leave my PC unused for a few hours it gets really bad then. Graham
  11. So this is the single seater follow on to the 'new tool' previous two seater I assume. Graham
  12. I don't know what he's on about,just checked last years brochure and he was near Airfix and the entrance to the kit swaps plus the big Squires stand which everybody goes too. Graham
  13. This is normal for me, mind you I'm only living in the worlds 5th largest countries economy so can't expect too much. Where I live in Lincolnshire I'm sure the actual infrastructure i.e. the copper cables,telephone system etc were delivered by horse and cart and if you think about it that's correct because all we had here before the coming of the railways in about 1860 was just a few farm cottages. Graham
  14. Outer Hebrides? Is that the overseas hall 3? Where we usually are? I initially thought that was a duff location but we seem to get the footfall from the entrance and the restaurant so consider it not too bad, opposite 'Mark one publications' Graham
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