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  1. I spent thirty years as a professional model maker and our material of choice is clear perspex, we made everything out of it, I still do. They were all buildings with walls and glazing and had to be pin sharp with no glue marks at all for presentation and exhibition. The 'glue' we use is Dichloromethane/ Trichloromethane a solvent and the beauty of it is with capillery action it runs along the two mating surfaces and then gases off and disappears everywhere else it's as thin as water. If you wandered into any professional model workshop you will find them doing exactly the same thing all over the world and have done for decades, how do you think those perspex cockpit canopies on real aircraft were glued together? they actually went a stage further and melted shavings of perspex into the solvent to thicken it up for bigger joints. [ that's a bit nasty though fume wise] This solvent I now obtain from Squires and I believe you can get it in some hardware shops as a floor polish stripper. IMG_7239 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr The small bottle on the right is the commercially available 'modelshop' product. IMG_7242 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr So here I'm gluing two thin sheets of 0.8mm think perspex end on. IMG_7245 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr This is the typical sort of brush to load a drop of the solvent on a tear drops worth literally. IMG_7243 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr So seconds later no mess and glued together. If you spray clear acrylic car paint lacquer on the back of an etching you can use this technique to glue the frame to clear parts, that's how we glued etched window frames [ that have also been sprayed a colour onto clear perspex, say for a shop front or windows. Graham
  2. Well they've known water but not in the way you think.... Graham
  3. There are delays but they seem random, I've sent a large package to France [ from UK ] and normally it's about 5 days but at the moment it's still not arrived [ it is tracked ] it's at two weeks, I'm not worried as we've never had a failure in 10 years and the two that didn't get delivered came all the way back and we just resent them. I've recently had an ink jet resetter device from China [ didn't work...] and that took nearly three weeks. Graham
  4. Ah good it doesn't clash with my magnum opus, I'll keep the machines running. I think it's a great idea and very marketable too, my local museum that houses 'Just Jane' I can see that kit selling quite well if they did her. Any prospective buyer isn't faced with a whole kit to do and doubting their own modelling skills to do it justice but would be a good momento because as they say a lot today it could be displayed as a 'statement piece'. Grham
  5. Maybe if we all boycott this thread, it might encourage them to cough up the truth. I've lost interest now. No more from me. Graham
  6. I wouldn't want to put money on that, I can just see us getting to the 1st August with no announcement. Graham
  7. Too dull, I doubt anyone not British would buy one of them. Graham
  8. I've got it! Had a look at the Tangmere museum list of aircraft and there's one aircraft everybody has missed. You'd be bonkers to go there and not do this one, plus you could do the RedBull version to add a bit of interest. Graham
  9. On and off I've given this some thought, rather than build a complete Martin Baker MB5 kit which would sell a couple of dozen kits and involve a lot of work for no result, what about just supplying the fuselage sides and wings as a scratch aid? they would be to my usual quality with panels lines etc but would basically consist of about 6 parts for about £60. That way I don't waste my time and the casting would be pretty straightforward. Any thoughts? Graham
  10. Yes I agree, we've actually been through all the British possiblities now, so i think the 'clues' are just red herrings, how long they're going to keep this up before it gets embarrassing is anyone's guess. I'd be embarrassed by now. Graham
  11. Coming from Chatham in Kent, I'd Love that! Graham
  12. Ah I was right, It's gone quiet.... Graham
  13. It's inflatable isn't it? should squash down nicely into a Royal Mail 'Large letter' box. Graham
  14. Sorry if this has been mentioned before [ I couldn't find it ] I've got the 'H' version all drawn up, but backed out doing it, but even I would buy this one. Graham
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