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  1. GrahamF

    Attaching files in messenger

    OK Thanks Kev,
  2. Has anyone any idea how to attach files in messenger? The menu for attaching anything is a piece of Cr*p! I just get a box saying 'search' [ But how?] I think it assumes that you are trying to attach a file off the internet for some oddball reason. Thanks Graham
  3. GrahamF

    1/32 P-51B, P-40B instead of P-51H?

    Couldn't you just convert a Zero kit for those two?! Graham
  4. GrahamF

    1/32 P-51B, P-40B instead of P-51H?

    While a good concept guess how much it would cost to get one fuselage side mould made? More than the cost of your house maybe?!
  5. I wonder if a 'scratch aid' is the way to go? To CNC a fuselage and wings would be easy for us to do but would leave everything else to the modeller. Any Takers? There is a company that do this for large scale garden railways where they just supply the bare bones brass etchings for a locomotive but don't go the whole hog. I've always liked the idea of this. Graham
  6. I've always been interested in the final development of any design, because it's been created by the Same people who built the earlier ( more famous ) version and for me the H would be like the Spiteful the final end to a long story. I would be interested to see how HPH handle Boeing as regards the trade mark copyright etc.
  7. GrahamF

    HK Lancaster

    I fear you're not alone, I reckon this kit will sell in the hundreds rather than the thousands envisaged?
  8. GrahamF

    Is there a better phone view?

    I used to get this although my problem was that I had a Windows phone and that is no longer supported generally, I've just upgraded to an Android and it's a lot better now. Graham
  9. GrahamF


    I've done this one a couple of times, it's a good shape but the one thing I didn't like is the big mould line through the fuselage, apparently they planned to do a bubble top version and the mould was going to have two optional inserts, that never happened but we are left with this joint line amongst the rivet and panel lines which shows up quite badly. Graham
  10. GrahamF

    Flying Legends - Duxford

    Believe it or not I drove right past Duxford this morning at about 9am going home after seeing my younger son in London this weekend and I had not much on today and the weather was perfect. The reason I didn't go in? They've changed it to advanced booking only! In the past me and my friend Ian [ who helps me man the Iconicair stand at Telford ] used to go about two or three times a year but after a few absolute howlers where the wind was very high or torrential rain we used to hang onto very carefully the weather reports and then not go or choose which day to go Saturday or the Sunday. But this new idea has scotched us a bit and we also felt as brilliant as it was we seem to be seeing a similar line up every time. To book in advance on the off chance of good weather has been a bit of a gamble not worth taking. In our opinion it's the best air show anywhere. On one occasion the CAA decided they didn't like the aircraft's paperwork and grounded them all which almost resulted in a complete cancellation, to get round this Duxford invited all the historic aircraft from Europe over and it was quite something, It was the first time we had seen two of the new build FW190's flying and other exotic aircaft. We will go back in a few years and hopefully the Beaufighter will be finished and some other aircraft we haven't seen will show up. It's like the Cirque du Solei you have to see it once in your life and you will never forget it.
  11. GrahamF

    HK Lancaster.

    No! because 'busy' and 'fool' comes to mind, that wouldn't cover the cost of materials and I'd have to get a night job to subsidise the materials, also I've spent 27 years making Architectural models and in the end I lost the unequal battle to afford the train fare to get to work and had to give it up, So I have got the T-shirt on working for nothing. Graham
  12. GrahamF

    HK Lancaster.

    I'd rather sell 10 at £40 than 1 at £78. Graham
  13. GrahamF

    HK Lancaster.

    Nice, The David Brown is all in my PC! Just need to get a couple of jobs finished, East Keal down the road has been useful on that score.... Graham
  14. GrahamF

    HK Lancaster.

    Here are the Decal artworks: Graham Iconicair 1-32 Dambuster Lancaster Decals by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
  15. GrahamF

    HK Lancaster.

    Yes because I've already done the E type Trolley for them.