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  1. Rule of thumb with buying anything from the US is that by the time you've taken delivery the price has completely doubled. I made the mistake recently of ordering some Action Man figure display boxes which were relatively expensive to start with and after the shipping cost plus VAT and taxes doubled the cost. The only thing I did do was order more than I will ever need so I won't have to repeat the exercise! They were excellent quality btw. Graham
  2. I've watched this series, I must say I found a couple of the female leads acting quite 'wooden' and this kept putting me off. Graham
  3. Hi does anyone know of a good supply of clear decal paper for do it yourself decals? I'm currently having a problem. I normally use 'Experts Choice' but the batch I have was incorrectly labelled and the sheets are actually white. My printer prints in white so these are useless. I've tried various makes of clear decal paper but a lot of them go very stretchy once soaked in water. The best stuff was Supercal but that's no longer available in the UK. Thanks Graham
  4. I wish discussions like this wouldn't end up somehow infer that all small companies operate un-integrously as it's hard enough to get the message out there when you do provide a good service and communication, so often my customers tell me how pleased they are but it's not translated on here for instance. Some of us are professionals I've been an Industrial Model maker since 1988 and yes I did go to college for three years training for this after leaving the army. Graham
  5. A friend of mine (ex RAF) said jokingly they're not pilots anymore just cockpit managers! Graham
  6. I've never personally seen anything other than silver?
  7. Still I bet they will have Sprue Brothers and Hannants beating a path to their door all the same.
  8. My advice to them is to take their time the interest in post-war jets is surprisingly lack lustre. Graham
  9. If your canopy after the fitting of the rods is still a bit flexible, Dare I say you'll have to vac again in actual perspex?! I've done it, It's a lot more expensive and with the added benefit of being able to sand and polish. Graham
  10. That looks like a feat Iain! Did you move everything including the frames forward a scale 13.5 inches? I was at one point considering a conversion kit to make this but decided nobody would want it. Graham
  11. What does work well when vacuum forming if you're struggling with a good finish, is to vac over a vac. So vacuum form as usual then cut away the excess around the edge of your plug making sure your air holes are exposed again then vac over it again. Hey presto you've got an immaculate finish. To get it off and I promise you this works a treat is get an airline with a nozzle and place it roughly near the plug and the vac form surface and blast a bit of air between, this gets the most recalcitrant vac form off any mould. Graham
  12. Hi Peter, I've had some of this done before it's a bit tricky and the results are not that great, We had some done for the Drone prop blades cage for 'Isle of Dogs', the result was a bit gritty and they kept trying to push us in the direction of the resin loaded with metal powder for better results which was even worse. I used to make stuff for model railways and always CNC stuff out and white metal cast the results are stunning if a bit long winded. Graham
  13. Going back to the panel lines in Fusion, one thing you need to consider and this had given me enormous problems in the past. In Fusion and other CAD programs it has a function to prepare for SLA printing i.e. closing up gaps and solidifying your model, it has a habit of over riding your design so if your model has engraved channels/split lines over it these will be filled in. This will be even worse if you use an 'automatic' function in your CAD to drop in the panel lines as they tend to not be 100% correct. To build a model surface by surface to include all panel lines ( which are effectively tiny troughs ) to ensure absolute integrity and accuracy is a big ask. In the Form 2 that I was using the SLA program to prepare for printing is the same one as in Fusion licenced to Formlabs. Graham
  14. I doubt if has even heard of LSP! For him it's akin to looking for a pebble on a beach.
  15. No he's a successful businessman/Director and busy making money.
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