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  1. No ones getting worked up,it's just a discussion and nobody is insulting anyone's grandmother. Graham
  2. No I think this is all the same ilk as those "I am a worker in an African Government job and need a bank account to deposit some funds in" type of scam, if you keep doing enough of it sooner or later some mug/idiot will buy it. It's like the endless spam emails, that never stop. When has anyone ever said, "You know I answered a spam email and my life changed for the better"? They keep sending them so it must somehow work? Graham
  3. I think it's more like this one http://www.germanaircraftwwii.org/2015/02/me-262-schwalbe-i.html?m=1 Graham
  4. Not if you've got a choice of red or green.
  5. I'm quite used to this subject with studying old Train photos, I'd say definitely red. Graham
  6. I'm not really a big fan of WW1 aircraft but I'm surprised that the BE2C hasn't been done because as a teenager we had a TV series about the RFC and quite realsitic it was too called 'Wings' and the BE2C was quite a big player in the series and I think I'm right in saying that this series awakened a lot of people to the RFC and WW1. Graham
  7. Hi Mark, I've been modelmaking professionally since 1988 and one of the first things you learn is about time taken to do tasks above anything else as it's a traditional skill pitched against a modern world and short time frame. I also recently spent a year solidly 3D printing for Wes Andersons 'Isle of Dogs' film using two Formlabs 2 machines wheras normally I am familiar with CNC machining and hand skills, one of the things I noticed with 3D printing is although it seems a 'hands off' way of doing things there seemed to me to be a lot of finishing to do on each part to get it to be acceptable, which was OK for the film as money was no object and the maximium amount of duplication was at most 20 or so. That piece your doing would take me 10 minutes to cast and the rubber mould to make would take about 1 or 2 hours max which would be good for 40 up to maybe 50. The equipment to do this costs less than the 3D printer. For example today I've made 5 Trolley accumulator kits and three 'E' Type Bomb Trolley kits. That first Trolley kit was prototyped by CNC six years ago [ took about a week to design and machine] and all I've had to do is remould it in rubber which is all set up as the parts are mounted on sprues in their perspex boxes for moulding again. You wouldn't be handling two processes because the prototyping part would probably be just a days printing for the first master and the cleaning up. Also don't forget the cost of the electricity, the expensive resin and other consumables [ periodic print tray replacement?] Graham
  8. Not too late to cancel your order I presume? You just need to make one good master then cast them.... Graham
  9. RAF Coningsby is a stones throw from me but I slept right through it [ probably due to some Kentish Ale I spotted in the supermarket and drank ] we do hear them usually if they are scrambled to intercept the Russians over the North sea because they literally fly over my house. can't believe some people complained! probably thought they were playing aeroplanes. Graham
  10. Yes and I had to keep my wallet firmly closed when I saw that. Graham
  11. The guy you might recognize he was 'Rimmer' the hologram in Red Dwarf .Chris Barrie Graham
  12. Great bit of film , thanks for sharing, I would reckon that film hasn't faded colour wise at all. I was watching a program the other day with that actual pilot at the end describing what they did at Mount Farm. Graham
  13. I stayed until the kids left home [ didn't want to screw them up ] luckily I had them young. the only snag with that is I may have screwed any opportunity of meeting somebody else. Graham
  14. I've just been to the NEC Birmingham for the National Model Railway Exhibition yesterday which I would say is about 2/3 the size of Telford. I would say that the market is very much hotter than aircraft modelling and the smaller traders doing niche stuff doing well as well. A lot more younger members and families there and scrums around the sellers. The added bonus for this hobby is that we have a lot of preserved railways and that generates interest,especially amongst the young. They had a full size electric railcar from 1903 in the centre of the hall. Also 'Squires' were there too the tool people who have a big stand at Telford but here it was twice the size and doing model railway kits and accessories. Graham
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