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  1. I think in all honesty it's not about the kit but the journey, what does that saying go? It's better to travel hopefully than arrive. Graham
  2. I had no negative thoughts I must admit watching this.
  3. Having handled and sold an Accurate miniatures kit of the Avenger a few weeks ago for a friend, It is so good I would personally pass on the 1:32 Trumpy kit and do the 1:48th. Graham
  4. What it will be is somebody who thought it was a Barn like for storing straw or animals. We seem to be producing a whole generation of thickies now in the UK. But you're only allowed to think it. Graham
  5. Depends on the availability of much larger equipment, injection moulding machine and the ability to make bigger moulds, at 1:48th they're dinky. A machine capable of doing a 400mm x 400mm moulding for 1:32 would fill your garage. Graham
  6. That's also the trouble of bidding early, I still don't know why people do it, it just wakes people up to bid against you and the more time you give the higher it will surely go. if you left it to the last 7 or 8 seconds might be better. I've also noticed fake or fraudulent sellers trying to sell a piece of machinery that clearly is in a college etc and they invariably want payment up front and have no track record. I've also kicked ebay into touch for selling my kits as over the years they were constantly changing the rules in their favour and getting above themselves, I've just closed my sellers account yesterday. Graham
  7. Thinking again about this today, I have a hunch that it's not going to happen, I just can't see the green light being given this year for a jam packed venue with social mixing, especially as the organisers have to commit about now to hold the venue. With the way things are there would need to he a dramatic change. Graham
  8. Ignoring for a moment the 3D CAD images and the picture of lots of 3D printed fan blades has anyone seen anything of this kit? I notice they're now re-releasing this kit they haven't yet started to ship to the first customers? Graham
  9. This is one of my favourite images, I'm going to get my graphic artist to use the general outline as a basis for my artwork and get him to put in a different background, P.S. We don't ask for any money up front. Graham
  10. I think it's more to do with a matter of scale, In the UK our postal service works very well but the distances are so much less compared to the US. It must be a nightmare to try and get something like that to work in such a large country. I've never truly believed that privatisation is the golden bullet either, accountants get in the way. You end up with nothing which of course keeps them happy because lots of money is saved even if they no longer have a job. Graham
  11. He probably just got the etching Invoice, did the maths and pulled the ejection seat lever. Graham
  12. We now have the RAF 'H' Trolley available to order with or without the Tallboy to cater for those who have already purchased the bomb for their HK Lancaster. The Tallboy comes with the usual decals. Graham
  13. Yes we've just updated all the Postage for rest of the world. Graham
  14. That Danish one I took a million close up pictures of that aircraft at Duxford a few years back, think I can find them now?
  15. I've been mulling this one over this morning, looking at what I've already drawn up I'm in, I reckon I can get them done for Telford. The MK4/5 It won't be all resin some of the smaller parts will be injection moulded with the usual metal landing gear. I've a hunch that Telford is going to be very quiet this year so see you there. Graham
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