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  1. So I have been reading up on this today, The UK VAT change was nothing to do with Brexit, the EU had planned to change their VAT rules at the same time but because of Covid this has been delayed until July. So even Ebay sellers will be impacted by this if they sell their products into Europe after July, basically Ebay will have a system to show the extra amount and take it at payment source which I suppose if you're small at least keeps you out of the VAT scenario. My guess is that a lot of business will melt away in the next couple of years for small businesses, this leaves small pe
  2. Well I got my package from the US just found it in the greenhouse [ I was out ] a set of 100 model railway wheelsets no problem at all, the import charges were paid up front so the breakdown was this:- Item $83.00 Shipping $22.82 Import charges $26.26 Total $132.08 It took 12 days to get here which I think is very good. Graham
  3. The VAT issue here in the UK will also be introduced in the EU as of July this year, the media is strangely silent on all of this which backs up my theory that the real stories are missed by those that just copy each other and also by being inherently lazy. Graham
  4. My thought is I wouldn't touch it as the fuselage is too wrong. Immediately behind the sliding canopy the glazing and the fuselage has flat sides to it which is a legacy of its initial design because it was originally going to be waisted in behind the cockpit but the sections were redrawn for the mock up and the prototype. Trumpeter have just assumed it's an egg shape so the fuselage glazing and behind is curved here which is totally wrong. Graham
  5. Do you see what's happening? The businesses that 'actually' manufacture are able to deliver the businesses that are just a Laptop and a big shed are only as good the products they are able to buy in. Graham
  6. One thought, because I suffer from this it's not a dust allergy is it? Since I've been living in a rural farming area it's got a lot worse with the Farmers/vandals operating here at close quarters 247 there's a lot of dust kicked up around us. I've worked with lots of model makers over 30 years and I've not met anyone yet suffering from the glue fumes but it is nasty stuff. Graham
  7. The only boat I've done is a Thames sailing barge which was a Remploy kit, this was a company who used to mostly employed disabled people and the kit was awesome. I built it for my Dad who as an artist uses it for reference when painting them. I started about 1987 when I was at college but it took ten years on and off and was very complicated I had to use four different reference books to understand all the different rigging elements, it was quite an education. It's just over 2 feet long it really needs to go in a case. Graham.
  8. I'd love to know where they get their factory drawings from showing each rivet location. Drawings like that these days are held by the restoration companies if at all and are not freely available. Graham
  9. What you really need is retailers to stock those detail sets but I've found them very poor negotiators, whenever we've had our cage rattled by them you send an email and hear nothing. I always thought to run a business successfully you ought not to be shy and retiring. How you can go from stocking a few kits in a garage to a big warehouse when you can't communicate successfully is beyond me. Graham
  10. Well I've just broken my golden rule of not buying from the US, I've bought a bulk order of 100 model railway axles from Ebay and it worked out OK on three fronts, the initial price was good, I paid the import duty up front and the postage was no more than I pay Royal Mail the other way. It was using the global shipping service. But I haven't received it yet so i might end up with something to pay but there is no indication of that. Graham
  11. I've just sent two orders to Germany they got there in 4 days. Graham
  12. 1/48 is where this hobby is really, personally I think 1:32 is still niche. Graham
  13. In the UK we are spoilt for choice with museums there are obviously the big ones but also lots of small aircraft museums that are brilliant, you don't have to go far here to find a museum of any sort really, being into to stuff that has history is the one reason why I would never emigrate. Graham
  14. Well here is this years Royal Mail price list for International Tracked service from the UK [ and what a ball ache it is too to post a photo on here ] the US is zone 3 the most expensive, but for a set of decals it should be under a tenner. We always refund any postage overpayment to our customers, not that is ever recognized on here or any other good service we do. Graham
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