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1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Boyington's 17740

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On 5/7/2019 at 10:34 PM, Thunnus said:

I ran into a hiccup while working on the center wing assembly.  I lost one of the small exterior parts to the carpet monster.


Tape a chunk of your wife's nylon stockings over the end of your vacuum hose.  



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Lost part did not materialize after completion of the replacement. So let's keep going...


The glue mishap on the flap part created a weird dimple texture that need filling as well as sanding.


After the surface work, some careful re-riveting and I think we can move on.


The outer wing control surfaces have been added so these are done.


All control surfaces will be posed in the closed or neutral position so I am not bothering to paint any of the interior portions of these areas.


The wings slide into position and the fit is very good.  I'm still hoping to make the wings removable for transportation purposes.


Here's a closer look at the bottom of the wings.  I've glued my scratchbuilt replacement fairing into place.

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Finally pushed myself to get some wiring done on the Corsair wheel wells.  And it's not like it is elaborately complex and mind-blowing either so sorry if you expected more!  A very basic level of detail added.  I just need some time to think about the order of how this was going to come together.  After the wiring along the wheel well sides are done, I am going to paint the wells.


I'll then paint the other components and install them afterwards.  The final wiring connection between the central hydraulic junction (which I've pre-wired) and the gear door actuators (which I've pre-drilled holes for the wiring) will have to come after the gear doors are attached.  Unless I separate the actuators from the doors, which I am thinking about doing.

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Yeah, I was almost going to refer to those things as spiders!  Look what else turned up...




Missing part DOES show up after I've finished the replacement.  I'd swap it out but I did a pretty good job of gluing so I'm not sure I can get the replacement part off.  I can hear the carpet monster snickering away.

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