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  1. It's funny, in your first few pictures looked like you just shot them in black and white, I was what's the big deal, they're just B&W photos. It wasn't until I saw the pic with your thumb in it that the effect really shows well. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  2. Not sure how this one slipped past my radar, but its looking good.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of Zeros or most Japanese aircraft but this build has me considering adding one. Looking great so far.
  4. This will be a very interesting build.
  5. HUH, salt fading. I've seen salt used to simulate paint chipping to bare metal but your technique is very effective too. Do you crush the salt up a little? Any time I've tried it the "chips" seem to be too large...of course I've only tried it on 48th scale planes.
  6. Holy Moly, how did I miss THIS. Absolutely stunning.
  7. DAMIT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED to get me one of these here big Tamiya F4Us....it's going to be my congratulations gift to myself when I find a job.
  8. Oooh, this is going to worth following.
  9. Just got to the end of this build, that is some fantastic work you've done there.
  10. How about one of those medical "pill cameras" that you swallow so the doctors can see inside you? You could mount it on a stick that protrudes out of the fuse. and slide it back and forth to see the different details :-) I was at a museum in DC I believe....or maybe it was Mystic Sea Port...they had a model of a sailing ship with a small camera that you could slide in and out to see all the details of the below the main deck on a monitor next to the display case. I'm kidding (sort of) of course, I'm sure it would prohibitively expensive...but it would be a cool feature. Looking forward to more progress.
  11. This coming along very nicely. I've got the bug to build one now but I have to find employment first.
  12. WOW, you're not kidding, those tiny little stencils really bring things to life. FANTASTIC!!!
  13. No, thank you...that is thanks to you I'm selling off my stash and am going to take up knitting, or that thing where you wrap strings around your fingers...cat's cradle is it? All kidding aside, that is some excellent work.
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