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  1. I love all these 1/24 Hellcat builds.
  2. Love this, that's a lot of metal in there. Looking forward to more updates.
  3. WOW, this is looking like a great project. I'll be following with interest.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to see this get completed. Fantastic work my man.
  5. WOW!!!!! Where has THIS build been all my life????? Stunning!!!!!!!!
  6. WOW, that looks good. Can you show a shot of the stressed skin?
  7. Why the humility? I mean, I'm not looking for you to be overly boasty. You put that cap back on your head and BE PROUD. That's a terrific job you did. The panel shading is fantastic BTW and so is your weathering.
  8. I'm strapped in and along for the ride.
  9. Agree, the hydraulic lines really make it come alive.
  10. Nice, this is inspiring me to start mine.
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