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  1. thank you !! the figure is a legend production this one with alpine head ... google picture yves
  2. in english il t a dit le monsieur !!!! yves
  3. hello !!!! today is a beautiful day for me ... the m factor brought two beautiful parcels of which one did the half of the earth to arrive to me that's what they contain a big thank you to the staff, yves
  4. Well here, after reading the 17 pages, I look like that .... yves
  5. Hello everyone !!! it's been a long time since I came to see you, so I'm back with a little summary of my work in recent days .... I started the patina with a sepia oil painting wiped with kleenex paper .... and as you can see, I have a big splinter of paint that happened when wiping sepia oil .... Some of them said that the plate might have been wood, so when I attacked the underside of the plane, I would try to rethink the wood that might have formed this plate (this is a very personal interpretation of what might be the truth ...) Finally, today, I actually started the aging of the plane I'm not good at reprensenting aluminum foil on an airplane and I prefer to represent dirt also, as usual, oil sepia, cotton stems and brushes with hard bristles were my friends for this afternoon weathering So here is my interpretation of the dirt on the karman and on the wings of the airplane will come later, the traces of exhausts (made with the oil painting), and the dust of the desert, it made with pigments as on the wheels go, place to photos !! does all this seem plausible? knowing that the last owner of this plane was not very careful with him ?? see you soon yves
  6. thank you all for your very nice comments... all the writing was done with a brush and without a guide as for the camera below, he had been replaced by the Americans with a simple aluminum sheet voila yves
  7. so this morning it was calligraphy workshop still according to the profiles and photos of the 109, I tried to reproduce the scriptures that were on the bestio !! That's what happens we will let it dry, and then a good coat of varnish to protect all that I also benefited while I was there, retouching the number 1 to paste there too close to the real plane and this is what gives it ... before: after [/url There you go ... yves
  8. i use old canon powershot with macro ans super macro yves
  9. Hello everyone .... big update for my post I finished everything about painting the 109 and here are the pictures all the paint is made to the gunze I also painted exhaust pipes I then painted the US yellow which is very different from the one that can be seen under the front cover and finally, last week I made, for the first time, stencils to paint the big element of the decoration of the plane here I am at this hour in the painting of the kit to your keyboards to tell me what you think yves
  10. Hello everyone ... update the subject, I started painting the 109 ... I spent a black primer, I then made a speckled white and then, to change the colors yellow, white, red and rlm 02 That's what happens... I will let it dry for two to three days, then masking parts to protect and finally, I will begin the final painting ... see you soon for more yves
  11. thank you all for your encouragement ... with regard to belts of safety, are from AIRES .. they are still pass glued yves
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