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  1. Thanks, I’ll take that on board. I have to admit to being a bit of a generic modeller and not going too deep into the finer points of realism! Yes, all airbrushed, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat... Thanks for the nice comments, Guy
  2. Thanks! And thanks Wolf - that actually means a lot as I pore over your builds for inspiration! Guy
  3. Hi all, Just finished this, lovely kit - but the Meng additions are average - Instructions/ Decals. The wings were bent, but easily reformed. Work in Progress here: https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=11486.0 Guy
  4. Thanks, Good old monofilament Mozart, after a layer of paint it looks just like steel! Very pleased with that. There’s a set of the PE flat wire for this kit, but I just can’t get on with that. I tried it on a Tamiya Swordfish and found there’s always one or another wire flexed.. Guy
  5. Thanks guys, it’s worth getting the kit if you’re sitting on the fence., Guy
  6. Thanks chaps, Hi Lothar, Nothing special, but unusually I finished construction and rigged it before painting. I think this worked really well as the rigging looks like steel rod to me now. Obviously only works for an overall silver finish! The base was Alclad gloss black, I tried Alclad High Speed silver as I thought this was meant to represent painted silver, but it looked just like chrome! So I gave it a coat of White Aluminium and this looked much better. Insignia all painted with masks. Finished off with a cost of Alclad Light Sheen. Hope that helps, Guy
  7. Hello All, Just finished the new ICM Gladiator. I liked it very much. Simple build (like an Airfix 1/72 starter kit really), but none the worse for that. Just good fun. Thanks, Guy
  8. Thanks all It’s a a pretty cool kit! Guy
  9. Thanks Not much to report. Just got the engine and mount together. I have closed up the fuse now but been busy at work. Paint to follow... Guy
  10. Matt, You've absolutely nailed the dark blue. Fabulous build and paint job all round - you’ve put mine to shame! Guy
  11. Thank you Its really straightforward - I think the secret is to take your time and break it into chunks - then it’s actually quite therapeutic.. Guy
  12. Thanks for the input guys, Condor it is then I guess! I’ve got the main internal components together. Quite fiddly on the resin! It takes quite a bit of thought as to the fit. Thanks Guy
  13. Hello All, This landed on my workbench the other day with the Eduard Brassin engine and Fuselage Gun bay sets. Not quite sure of the colour scheme yet, I may do a Legion Condor one as per the boxing, or I may be tempted by something different. I was hoping to find a pre war one like some of the earlier version 109’s with a civilian registration but I can’t seem to find anything other than the early War standard camouflage versions. Any suggestions? First thoughts on the kit are positive. She has very nicely engraved surfaces with all the riveting included. The Brassin sets are awesome and come in a number of bags filled with a large part count of resin pieces (the photo below is only a small selection), but having started to put them together, they really do complicate the build and are not as simple as they first seem. That said, if you put the work in, the detail will be a big improvement on the kit parts. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting some paint on! Thanks for looking in... Guy
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