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  1. Gisbod

    Hobby Boss 1/18 Fw190 info

    I’m sure you’re right... I guess it it will all be scratched detail then.. Guy
  2. Gisbod

    Hobby Boss 1/18 Fw190 info

    Ps would I get away with 1/24 belts you reckon? I can find brass MG81 guns.. they look very similar to MG17s? Guy
  3. Hi, just seen one of these beasts.. I know it’s fairly basic but two questions... 1. Which is the best in terms of accuracy; the A-5 or the A-8? 2. Is there much in aftermarket? All I’ve found is metal legs and a masking set. anything that would suit this aircraft but not necessarily made for it.. brass guns, instruments or seat belt sets? Many thanks Guy
  4. I don’t often post, but this is an exceptional build! Hats off... Guy
  5. Gisbod

    Shenyang FT-6 Trainer (1/32 Trumpeter)

    That really is a beautiful model.. beautifully finished... Guy
  6. Gisbod

    Junkers Diorama

    Thanks all, That’s very encouraging! Looking forward to doing another now! Guy
  7. Gisbod

    Junkers Diorama

    Yep, just from walnut veneer strip and the nail heads are dots of PVA. thanks chaps Guy
  8. Gisbod

    Junkers Diorama

    Thanks, Yep, I found it surprisingly difficult to get everything to look natural and not just dumped on... I had a load more stuff to add but ended up thinking less was more... Guy
  9. Gisbod

    Junkers Diorama

    Thanks all, It took longer than I thought, but it was all enjoyable! Guy
  10. Gisbod

    Junkers Diorama

    Hi all, Just finished my Wingnut Junkers. My first attempt at a diorama, and was a surprisingly steep learning curve! But great fun too. Aviattic resin Crossley trailer, fuel cart & figure. Diodump factory wall and gates. Home made plaster cast base in a picture frame. I hope to be taking it to Telford this year & will be in an upcoming ‘Scale Aviation Modeller’ magazine. Thanks for looking in Guy
  11. Gisbod

    Best NMF kits?

    Thanks Ray... and thanks Gaz, that’s a very generous offer.. I’ll try and source a helmet, but if I can’t I may well get back to you! Guy
  12. Gisbod

    Best NMF kits?

    Thanks for all the helpful input. Just for info, I’ve got a Kitty Hawk Sabre F-86K on the way, followed by their T-28 Trojan As an aside, where can I get a 60’s style pilot’s helmet? I’ve seen a few poised with models, but I’m struggling finding one on the web? thanks Guy
  13. Gisbod

    Best NMF kits?

  14. Gisbod

    Best NMF kits?

    Stop press... Stumbled across an all metal finish of the Kitty Hawk T-28 Trojan... looks a super kit? Anyone have any experience of it? also there’s their Vought Kingfisher too.. Guy
  15. Gisbod

    Best NMF kits?

    I think the new Kitty Hawk Tiger F-5E has a natural metal option too (unless it’s painted silver?). Guy