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  1. Thanks Not much to report. Just got the engine and mount together. I have closed up the fuse now but been busy at work. Paint to follow... Guy
  2. Matt, You've absolutely nailed the dark blue. Fabulous build and paint job all round - you’ve put mine to shame! Guy
  3. Thank you Its really straightforward - I think the secret is to take your time and break it into chunks - then it’s actually quite therapeutic.. Guy
  4. Thanks for the input guys, Condor it is then I guess! I’ve got the main internal components together. Quite fiddly on the resin! It takes quite a bit of thought as to the fit. Thanks Guy
  5. Hello All, This landed on my workbench the other day with the Eduard Brassin engine and Fuselage Gun bay sets. Not quite sure of the colour scheme yet, I may do a Legion Condor one as per the boxing, or I may be tempted by something different. I was hoping to find a pre war one like some of the earlier version 109’s with a civilian registration but I can’t seem to find anything other than the early War standard camouflage versions. Any suggestions? First thoughts on the kit are positive. She has very nicely engraved surfaces with all the riveting included. The Brassin sets are awesome and come in a number of bags filled with a large part count of resin pieces (the photo below is only a small selection), but having started to put them together, they really do complicate the build and are not as simple as they first seem. That said, if you put the work in, the detail will be a big improvement on the kit parts. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting some paint on! Thanks for looking in... Guy
  6. Hi all, Just thought I’d post my latest effort - the rather lovely Wingnut’s Post War DH9a ‘Ninak’. The kit was totally flawless! Only to be flawed by me Thanks for looking in, Guy
  7. Ah thanks Matt, it was a fun build Guy
  8. Ah thanks Thanks Chris. You’re on the final furlong now... If you mean a modelling vacation, then no, I’ve already started the Wingnut’s Post War DH9a - and I’m apparently being sent the HK Models Lancaster, which is quite daunting. I really want to build the Wingnut’s one so I’m not quite sure where I’m going to get the energy! Will the HK Lanc be a big step down from the Wingnut’s one? I’ve not made any HK kits before? Guy
  9. All done Build thread here: Very hard to photograph being so large... Surprising how different the colours look with a differing background... And, again, don’t usually do black & white for aircraft, but it kind of suits the aircraft... Thanks for following along, Guy
  10. Just fantastic Kent... Hats off to you Guy
  11. Looking good Chris! I found the same.. jumping all over the place with the instructions. Guy
  12. Thanks, I’ve been pressing on and to be honest I’m just about done now. A myriad of small jobs - aerial wires, clear parts on the airframe, exhaust staining etc etc takes longer than you imagine... Couple of errors. Firstly, I messed up by attaching the starboard wing too early - before I’d done the exhaust staining... regretted that. Secondly, the engine cowlings are numerous and tricky. They all fit nicely, albeit if everything inside is perfectly aligned, I’m not sure mine was so I had a bit of manipulating to get them on. In retrospect, I would have attached the engine and the cowling panels during the build and used the couple I was leaving off as masks for the painting. I hate gluing lots of panels after painting. That would be my top tip for future builders. It’s been quite a complex build. Not that there’s anything wrong - just a big, complicated model that requires some thought along the build process. That said, it’s great fun and there are going to be a lot of beautiful builds of this in the future by all the super talented modellers out there. I can’t wait to see them! I hope to take some photos tomorrow for the completed builds section. Many thanks for looking in and adding your comments and welcome advice Wingnuts Postwar DH9 up next... Guy
  13. Yep, Should be a high gloss, but I’m going for a satin finish - just think it won’t look right. It’s currently gloss and decals done, pin wash next.. Guy
  14. Thanks, but too late! I’ve glossed now and it’s lost the nice effect, but I need a pin wash too so I think I didn’t have too much choice.. looking super glossy at the mo, I’ll cut it back for the final finish. Hey Matt, thanks, nothing special, Mr Color Off White, about 25% thinned and a couple of light coats, trying to keep it not too opaque. Decals next up I guess, then a pin wash, then light weathering before a semi gloss finish.. Guy
  15. Thanks all Yep, I really like it too - the light sanding between coats has produced this lovely, uneven burnished effect (because of the irregular surface of the stressed skin) which seems to add another dimension... But, I’ve now got to give her a gloss coat for the washes and mini stencil data decals - and I’m sure this is going to spoil the effect (and it’s meant to have a gloss finish anyway), but I don’t know how else I can tackle it.. Guy
  16. Thanks, perhaps you could contact Airfix and get them to send cash - that would be great I wasn’t a Hellcat fan either, I just got the kit as a sample - but it’s totally grown on me, I’ve really enjoyed it. I didn’t fancy the dark blue finish either but it looks great on this size model. The stressed skin really gives the uniform finish some interest! I got the masks today from Top Notch and have just finished painting the markings. They are great and really easy to use as there’s only one colour to mask. Guy In progress!
  17. Nice work Chris The fit tolerance is zero isn’t it? Everywhere. I dry fitted the engine - it just popped into place, then I had a total struggle getting it off.. should be fine though with a light sand. Guy
  18. Thanks Matt, I wanted to do something a bit different, but that one grew on me. I’ve found a nice pic of the squadron aircraft - but now I’m left with a dilemma - all the aircraft numbers are wonky! I’m not sure my OCD will let me replicate that on the model They really are shiny aren’t they? (although it looks like it’s raining/ wet). Guy
  19. Morning, afternoon, evening, I’m racing ahead now and I’ve added the top coat of MRP Sea Blue. It’s turned out pretty much how I envisaged it, so I can’t complain. It’s a darker shade towards the ‘correct’ colour of a Midnight Blue, but I still can see the pre shading, although it may not be that apparent in the photos. I’ve also started on the markings - I’ve ordered a set of Top Notch masks that represent one of the in box colour options: ‘32’ from VF-12, USS Randolph, May 1945. Hopefully they won’t be too long as I’m waiting on them now.
  20. I’d love to say I was that clever Adam! But no. To be honest, there’s quite a bit of negativity towards the stressed skin effect , but having handled it close up over the last few weeks - I really like it, I think it’s very well done, and I don’t really see the uniformity of it, the fuselage in particular is very random and convincing to my eye? I think it’s great! Yep, you can see all my mistakes in full technicolour Matt! Talking of which, I have given it the first couple of (thin) coats (about 50% thinners in fact) of the Mr Color Blue and I’m actually very pleased so far.. all the pre painting showing through nicely. My plan next is to overcoat it with MRP Sea Blue, which is the correct, darker midnight blue, hopefully still leaving the pre shade subtly showing through. The Mr Color Blue looks great, but I think it’s too light to be accurate. I haven’t seen any pictures of the real aircraft faded like the Corsairs? They all seem uniformly dark blue. Which is fine, but I reckon that would look a bit boring on a scale model. The MRP paints are very translucent, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a balance between the two...
  21. Thanks! I’ve pushed on and I’ve pre shaded and highlighted- it may be a waste of time as the top coat will be so dark, but I’ll build it up in thin layers and see how I go! The engine is only placed on and the wing is just resting - to see what she’ll look like... Guy
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