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  1. Looks stunning John. Re chipping I’ve had the same issues with MRP - acrylic but with a lacquer twist. Guy
  2. Thanks Still deciding what to build next... Guy
  3. Ps I added yellow to some of the interior parts of the Grey Matter engine bay
  4. MRP 248 GREEN Thats the one Brian, I faded a few panels here and there but it was basically out of the bottle. Lovely stuff! Guy
  5. Hi Craig, I seem to rush through builds at a great rate of knots. Not purposely, just the way I model. I get on a roll if I’m enjoying the kit - and I really enjoyed this one Yes, I can’t deny I’d had the same thought process... Much obliged, and thank you all for the kind words... Guy
  6. Hello all, Tamiya’s masterpiece Corsair. The best kit I’ve ever gotten my sticky mitts on. Grey Matter engine bay and various additions - see the build log for details. Thanks for looking in Guy
  7. Thank you again! Steady on Lothar! I thought the extras would take me forever, but I managed to knock everything up today on a final push. Although, it’s a very simplified version of the real thing. Next post will be in the Finished Models section Goodness knows where I go from here in terms of the next project, Mossie?! I’m praying for a new 1/32 Tamiya release soon, I’ve heard rumours of a 109... Many thanks for following along. Guy
  8. Looks great John, Are you still finding it a fun build? I’m worried the Corsair has spoilt my modelling future... Guy
  9. Thanks! It’s encouraging to get kind comments I’ve been giving the support equipment some more thought. The factory photos show a kind of frame that the aircraft sits in and a made to measure step ladder & platform that sits over the wing. I still haven’t sussed out the frame, but I’ve had a bash at the ladder. I’ve used brass rod bent to shape and super glued the steps. I’d rather it be a stronger bond, but I don’t have a soldering iron, it seems ok at the moment but it will be delicate to handle, the frame is simply plastic card and a thin wood veneer for the platform... Guy
  10. Thanks guys It’s pretty much fallen together now, I’ve installed the engine and bay and the other appendages and it looks like a Corsair now. I can’t tell you enough what an amazing kit this is - go and buy one today! Still to do - the wing and attachment, and the ground equipment; no idea how I’m going to tackle that. Guy
  11. Lovely Gaz, That’s a challenge to take on the Lozenge! Guy
  12. Thanks Brian, Kev and Mike, much appreciated. So it’s really coming along now as all the time consuming components are finally coming together. Here’s the tail section, I’ve replaced the control linkages with wire, nothing wrong with the originals, I just thought they look a tad sharper like this. I’ve drilled holes forward of the tail to accommodate the hoist pole. The final plan will be for the aircraft to be mounted on a frame as per factory pictures - I haven’t quite worked out how to do that yet. Guy
  13. Thanks Ferry, Yes, just need a more positive mindset! Just thought I’d post a close up of the ridiculously perfect surface detailing. This kit is the best I have ever made - bar none. It’s going to be tricky building anything else ever again! I’ve added some factory numbers to the wing roots as per production line photos: Guy
  14. Thanks again Brian, .... And thanks Dean, appreciate that, and you are of course right. But I’m afraid I’m one of those modellers that at the end of the process all I can see are my mistakes. It’s a shame because I enjoy the process but always end up feeling a bit frustrated - they inevitably end up in a box in the garage or the bin! Guy
  15. Thanks Craig, yes, I like that green - it’s an MRP colour, I know the interior colours varied a lot from early to late models - I’m not sure about the primer, but it looks about right to me. And thank you Brian & Gazza. Here’s the undercarriage painted - all aluminium: As I’ve said before, I like the vinyl tyres, particularly as I wanted them to look new, that said, there is a seam line that is a total pain in the a*** to remove, as it’s quite a soft vinyl so you can’t get any grip on it to cut, but did the best I could... Cheers Guy
  16. Hello Joseba, It’s a nice kit. I’ve just finished one. If it’s of any interest here’s the build thread: Hopefully, it may give you a few ideas, Regards Guy
  17. Thanks Ryan, I’ve been missing your build updates! So having given the wing join angle some thought, I took the plunge and went ahead. Here’s what I was starting with: Here was the scary bit, mid saw. I basically thought I could effectively saw the joint in half, leaving an overlapping flange (if that makes sense): Then I drilled a hole in the inner wing joint and the outer support and am using brass rod to give the joint some strength, then when I’m ready to attach the wing I should just be able to glue it all together - hopefully Thanks for looking in, Guy
  18. Don’t worry John, you’ll be sure to find it as soon as you’ve glued the replacement in place. Guy
  19. That’s way cool Brian! Although it looks a bit like a Frankenstein experiment Guy
  20. Yep, totally agree Brian! I love ‘em I’m on a roll now, and I’ve started with the green primed effect on the fuselage. Copied from numerous photographs of production lines and other builds I’ve seen. I really like it, it looks interesting to me and it’s actually a pleasure not weathering or chipping for a change! Wings will be blue. I’m planning on having one wing on/ one wing off, but nearly all the factory shots show the wing to be at 90 degrees rather than the fully folded position, which I can’t help feeling rather hides the model to a degree. The issue is having to cut the joint off and then being able to secure it properly in the new position, I’ll have a think on this. Guy
  21. Thanks Brian, I'm going to be using MRP paints and these are very translucent so I thought black would be too strong. Guy
  22. Afternoon all, It’s coming along a bit faster now as I’ve got all those fiddly bits out of the way. I’ve recently finished the undercarriage legs and these epitomise the kit; a huge amount of parts, incredibly detailed and with a flawless fit despite the complexity, but they did take a whole evening just to glue together! Here’s how they look with a primer coat on. They are going to be aluminium, as per the late model colour call outs. But the main event is that I’ve finally put paint to model. Here she is primed with a little pre shading. The bulk of the airframe will be primer green. Guy
  23. Looks lovely Brian, Very interesting! Guy
  24. Thanks John, yes, I think it will.. Guy
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