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  1. Is it still possible to preorder this kit and expect to receive it?
  2. has anyone proposed a correction for the kit dihedral?
  3. Here is another image of the same a/c. I'm not sure of my source. Seems to show the presence of a wing root fairing in some way, but no protruding cannon for sure.
  4. I do insignia first. Tamiya fine white primer thinned heavily from the small square jar. Then mask and apply rest
  5. I figured. The airflow has to be proportional around the nozzle tip itself. I went ahead and bought a needle/nozzle/aircap set. thanks all
  6. Ah got it! So likely a G-2/G-4 in pipeline. Thanks
  7. I am missing the significance of the D-runner after looking at it. Can you explain?
  8. Thank you sir. My interpretation of the serial numbers indicates the same air cap works for 0.15 and 0.2 mm combos while a separate air cap is required for the 0.4 mm nozzle.
  9. I currently have a 0.15 mm needle but am finding I need something larger to paint Tamiya’s fine primer out of the bottle. I am planning to obtain the 0.4 mm needle and nozzle. My question is: do I also need to buy a new aircap specific to the 0.4 mm needle/nozzle or can I just buy the needle and nozzle separately, using the aircap that came with the 0.15 mm? Based on my understanding of how an airbrush works, my answer to my own question would be yes. TIA, TB
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