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  1. interesting topic. no doubt this particular fighter helped propagate the "RLM 83" myth
  2. What does "Pauke Pauke" mean? In context it seems a way of saying enemy near if I am understanding its use in "Duel Under the Stars" correctly.
  3. I have this kit. It's so cool. Love your progress
  4. Hi all, working on a project in which I would like to create my own squadron letter masks. If I provide images of the shapes with the desired overall dimensions, is there anyone out there who will create the adhesive masks? TIA
  5. This is too good. You are very talented, Bernd
  6. Nice work and analysis so far. I commend you for pushing your technical limits. The conversion kit is very nice with the exception of the spinner which is markedly incorrect in size and shape. I was thinking about modifying a P-51 spinner (shortening it, drilling a central recessed hole, etc)... Also considering using a spitfire prop as a base as well. The D-9 spinner actually doesn’t come that close and using one would introduce the extra work of modding a three blade spinner to a four blade TB
  7. Here’s an update of the upper camouflage. I will be touching it up later
  8. Are the builders themselves now becoming “the aging vets?” I’m 32. I’ve spent 20 years admiring the work of you giants. Can’t imagine there are as many builders in my generation but hope I’m wrong. Just wondering if demand overall is slumping as a result of decreased generational demand in addition to all case-by-case factors discussed earlier in this thread. I first began to wonder this when Tamiya released their Bf 109G-6 in 1/48 instead of 1/32.
  9. You really made the overlying white look convincingly hand painted! Well done.
  10. Let me know if you have questions. You might inspire me to pull mine off the shelf of doom.
  11. You kind of have to make it up re cowl fitting. I have done this and can take you through it. (I have also fitted the HD prop to this assembly). Thunnus is correct that the EP front cowl is a bit undersized relative to the rest of the kit. Thinning the inside will help but the cowl flaps won’t fit perfectly because they have a larger circumference to match their incorrectly sized kit counterpart. If you don’t elect to place individual scratch built cowl flaps, I can share how I mated the kit flaps to the EP cowl. With respect to the Aires resin, much of the front end of the engine will have to be removed so as to not protrude into the propeller assembly when articulated with the radiator. Getting the depth of the radiator in the cowling right, and then ensuring that the assembly is at the proper fore aft distance can be achieved by making sure a few things occur: 1. Obtaining the proper depth of radiator in the cowl: When the propeller and its blades sit flush on the radiator hub, the blades should *just barely* clear the fore edge of the cowl. 2. Setting the fore-aft distance of the cowl: A. The aft “open bowl” end of the radiator assembly edge should be nearly touching the fore square end of the exhaust stacks. B. You can use the gun cowl as a single piece attached to the engine cowl to get an overall sense of distancing for placement relative to the windscreen. HTH TB
  12. Welcome. I’ve had a Dora on the shelf of doom for 13 years with this resin engine. I’ll be following with interest.
  13. Thanks Tom. I have identified a few challenges with the fuselage code letters: I'm not sure what the original codes were, as they do not seem to be recognizable patterns (last image below) In the image below with the pilot pictured, there only seem to be splotches of a color lighter than RAF OG with the S superimposed. In the last photo, there is clearly some sort of broad shade painted under the 'S'. The Montex masks are about 33% undersized in the horizontal plane, so some clever manipulation/augmentation of the masks will be necessary. Getting the placement of the original, underpinned codes right relative to the newer SK will require that the SK be painted first and strategically masked off thereafter. There is no evidence for what the 'N' was painted over so artistic license will be required. Regards TB
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