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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14 - FINISHED!

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Thanks gentlemen. Back on it this afternoon, I am now wrapped up with all the stupid scribing!  It took many an hour,and its far FAR from perfect, but it is done; or at least the majority of it is. I still will have some re-scribing to do after the next step...................which was a pretty big step for the build now that all that pesky re-scribing is done..................



Wings on! The fit was pretty good and didnt have to use much filler except an area where I think I got some gunk in the wing socket. I used some 15 min epoxy and got started - 








After the epoxy was slathered generously in among the wing spares, I wicked some thin CA down in the wing joints as I put pressure on each one. This created the most tight joint on the top, and any tiny gaps were only on the bottom in a couple spots. 

Since this was a momentous step in the build for me because it signals I'm within scenting distance of paint! 



I couldn't resist slipping on the props, flaps, ailerons, elevators and rudder(s) to get a much better overall picture of what I've got. 


I'm very happy with the look so far. Kinda hard to see, but have the beginnings of the Revi 16b going and all wired up. I just have the "glass" to install lastly:


























I'm off back now to the bench, as the Mr Surfacer 1500 I slathered on the lower wing joints should now be dry, and I intend to smooth things out more and re-scribe any necessary areas on the wing roots.

Then I'm just about ready to finish off the gun-sight glass, attach the canopy, and then I'm probably going to finalize how I'm attaching the sand filters, then attache the rear cooling scoops, and were headed to primer and paint!


:yahoo:   :yahoo:

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Thanks! I just got done adding the engine intakes MG 151 troughs, sprayed the two rear engine insides with black, front lips/screen with RLM 79,  and got a start on the support mounts for the two sand filters.

Pics tomorrow when I'll hopefully have something a bit more pic worthy. 

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Ok, finalizing things and rapidly heading for paint...............


I had to rebuild a tab on the horizontal stabilizer I broke off, as well as getting the Revi 16b gunsight finished, as well as a multitude of other little things. First up was the gunsight since I had to put that in before mounting the windscreen (Apparently I also need to finish sand and repaint some of the pit sidewall/rear bulkhead too). Uggg, the macro lens is NO ones friend:












Next up, I got the two rear engine cooling scoops mounted permanently as well as the small mounting support arms finalized for the sand filters. Nothing complex here, just some very simple styrene strip and punched out disks. The disks are a tad thick, so Ill finish sand these prior to paint too:


















Lastly I glued on the windscreen and got it smoothed in to the fuselage, sealed up the MLG doors and used some masking tape and liquid mask to mask off the nose well. Also got the tip lights masked off, Makatar masks installed and cockpit, engine and vents sealed.

I ran out of time to do the black base tonight, but it appears Im ready for paint:











Cheers till your older! 



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