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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14 - FINISHED!


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Thanks Hakan!


Worked on mocking up where the rear sand intake filter was going to set:











More work and pictures to come, I spent tonight assembling the wings, and working on the landing gear.

Man, with the longer wing tips on, this plane is BIG.




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Got the wings glued together, and per the A-2 Trop designation it used new weapon aiming systems, enlarged DB603M engines, and longer/ reinforced wings, I used the extented longer wingtips. I slipped the wings on to see where I was, and then busted out the G-Factor gear.


I initially though I wasn't going to use them, as I thought I could just use the OOB fork and gear with my own oleo strut, but I definitely did NOT like the look of the smaller A-0 wheel and fork, and wanted to use the larger front tire of the B series Do-335. I really wanted to turn the front nose wheel to add some interest, but I quickly discovered that trying to bend or otherwise turn the G-Factor gear was not worth the risk. 


It was then, that I figured out that the G-Factor gear was for the B-2/6 and had the larger single sided fork for the larger front tire, so I decided to go with that. 

The stance looks pretty good here right out of the package, and in my eye will only get better once the larger MLG wheels are put on with the slightly smaller nose wheel. Fit of the wings is pretty good. The fit of the G-Factor gear is quite loose and the angles of all the gear here is really off as all 3 gear are just loosely setting in position:









Next up, I took the wings back off, so I could get the landing light straightened out. It was not much of anything OOB, so I boxed in all three sides with plastic card, so all seems were hidden, then added a PE sheet for the back for two rounded lights (I didnt like the look of the normal square ones) and added two thing-a-ma-bobs from the watch bits I got off E-bay.

The light fixture is canted a bit, so as to stay level with the ground, as apposed to level with the dihedral of the wings. Later I will add a center post and some glass for the lights using my UV gel "Bondic" pen:








The beginnings of a  first a spritz of MRP chrome:











Again, seemingly MUCH better looking IRL than I can get in pics.    More tonight, as Im working toward getting the MLG wheel wells buttoned up and decent without spending TOO much time on them, or going TOO crazy with them. 

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Coming together nicely Brian; love the landing light rework, great detail!


Regarding the following:


“ The fit of the G-Factor gear is quite loose”


I’ve been curious about the G-Factor parts fit; they look to be cast from the kit parts (I assume from wax copies). Shrinkage is always an issue; your comment above had me digging out the gear for my B-25 build: the mounting lug of the G-Factor B-25 main gear is ~ .008” smaller than the kit gear, so definitely some sloppiness, but nothing that a few shims from thin strip styrene won’t take care of. Interestingly enough the nose gear leg seems spot on. I’d bet you have similar results here. But the brass (or is it bronze?) gear is the way to go. 





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Thanks Jimbo. Yeah, the fit is bit loose, and like you, had a similar issue with the gear for my B-25.


The fit here is loose, but fortunately the back of the well in all 3 cases acts like a stop for the gear. I think some careful placement and some JB Weld aught to take care of it.


You are right, the brass gear is the way to go for larger models in my book. In the case of the HKM Do-335, you might not even need brass gear, but I really did not like the the double fork/smaller nose wheel combo. The G-Factor Do-335 gear I'm using is actually for the B model Do-335.


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Thanks boys. Its nice to be able to sit and stand as needed and not think twice about it. Odd actually, as there was a point some months back where the pain was so intense I wondered if my life would ever return to normal.


The fit of this model is stellar and its a nice change to be able to forge ahead as needed and just as I like......never done that  before so its fun.


Thanks to a generous LSP member I now have a solution coming for my want to get additional cooling to the rear engine for the harsh, hot and intense combat conditions it would be enduring.


I'm going to install two small scoops  forward of the rear engine, high on each side of the fuselage, with the air exiting out of channel that meets the main radiator tunnel out the back.

These will also get trop type screens.



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