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HPH Ta-154 A-0, TQ-XE - FINISHED!!!

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This will be my contribution to this GB  :)

Ta 154 is very interesting plane and even there is no significant combat history related to it, I like a lot the design.


I'm expecting easy build and no issues except the front gear leg  :hmmm:

Part count is lower than usual with HPH kits. Surface is simple, only subtle weathering at the end.

I will run this as a side project along the rescue Cat build


The kit




I have started the wings yesterday.








Thanks for looking


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Guest Peterpools

Building just the PBY is a daunting project but tackling two HPH kits at the same time is a task requiring nerves of steel, patience of a saint and resin skills far beyond mine. My money is riding on you bringing both kits across the finish line. with flying colors.
Good luck with both builds and I surely will be following every step of the way.
Keep ‘em comin

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Great choice of subject Jan and good to see another WIP on here, I built this one when it first came out and converted it to the V3 prototype airframe, here is a link to my build log if its any help.




Regards. Andy

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Check the included nose weight (on my kit) it didn't fit and was insufficient for the task of keeping the model on its nose wheel, adding weight behind the engines (radiator faces) and shortening the nose gear leg helped. Also made it sit a little more realistic


Agree completly with your comments Chris this is how I added extra weight on mine and worked like a charm.




Regards. Andy

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