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HPH PBY-5A / OA-10A s.n.44-33876 / 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron

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Finally back again at the bench after 4 months.

in past 2 weeks I was able to work on engines.

I really like details provided in the kit, however I went extra mile to make the front part which will be visible as detailed as possible



main parts glued together


exhausts painted



decent wash applied



final results, quite happy wit the outcome





thanks for looking


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8 hours ago, kkarlsen said:

Great work Jan!

Could you elaborate a little on how you did the ignition cables?



+1!  I too would like to know a bit more about that, as that is a sticking point on my two HpH R2800s, as I can't seem to work out with ease, how to get all the needed wires in the ignition ring realistically. 

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Having had to abandon my Cat for the time being, I love the work thats gone into this so far! 


Those engines are absolutely outstanding, kits in their own right. 


Keep up this great work  

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