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  1. the model is simply fantastic. I think we are not going to see something similar in near future. details are of unbelievable quality. design team has done enormous job. this model is mast have for every largescale modeler. it is true art. only weak point are clear parts. not bed but not perfect too but real plane I am sure had so many scraps and damages so the model anyway will look fantastic especially with heavy weathered look.
  2. I received mine today. Model is packed very tight and clear parts are on top of sprues. Mine has small crack for rear turret.
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/XbwGJ9j2XDtfWsbE8Border lancaster just lended to my bad Pictures will upload later
  4. Happy new year to all members. I just have seen this news from largescalemodeler on my fb.
  5. will be great to have correct 109.
  6. waiting for this fantastic model
  7. tamiya has wrong panel lines at the bottom. it is clearly seen on many pictures. left side is not same as right. otherwise really great model.
  8. Hello i am sure here are f16 experts. can you help with top bottom panel lines? any good drawings or pictures?
  9. great news indeed. and very clever step for business too as they will sell a lot of them
  10. best ever work simply fantastic i have this model and your work will be inspiration for me
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