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  1. great start Sean it is great to see wip of this magnificent helicopter
  2. agree with Radu. but anyway strange for me not to do bf109 family while all other manufacturers do. it is simply treasure for business i think
  3. very neat and clean work great paint job
  4. thnx kev and den it looqks very convainsing
  5. thank you wolf very much for attention. your green looks exactly what i want. it is something like blueish green. for me is easier to get ak paints and i have their olivedrab and it sems great paint. and thair dull green color on their web looks like yours. by the way i miss your corsair wip.
  6. nice build of most beautiful helicopter.
  7. hello dear lsp members. i have mrp dark dull green. i have tried it on black base, light base and despite i'm trying to convince myself it is right color anyway i have big doubts. it looks simply ordinary dark green. if someone has ak real color dark dull green please show here small sample how it looks. what i see on their web it is much better but it's just picture and i cant find real color in the net. maybe you have both mrp and ak. it will be great to see them side by side. thank you in advance
  8. theese legs are one of the best i have seen. chipping is exquisite
  9. you can find needed sprues on ebay if are going to do just one corsair
  10. every detail looks great nice paint on wheels
  11. it is great to have another corsair build good luck and will follow with interest
  12. very nice build engine looks great with all details
  13. it is pity there is no lancaster out
  14. 1. Tamiya 2. Zm 3. Wnw despite i don't have any wnw or zm. But as i see they are very dedicated to this hobby. Bottom Trumpeter Revell Maybe eduard Theese company's doesn't think accuracy is important Despite some good models
  15. beautiful finish great looking model
  16. great work looking at this fantastic works i am thinking about wnw models
  17. very very nice mig model well done i like your attention to shape
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