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  1. I hate it when I get down to the last few things to do and have a mini disaster. I don't know what happened with the canopy but the tamiya tape fused itself to the surface. I've used the tape cutouts with the kit before and this never happened so I'm at a loss. I did future my canopy as I always do but it had been drying for at least a month before I applied the tape. I used regular tamiya tape to cover the areas not covered by the cutouts and it came off just fine. I tried using Goo Gone but that did little to help not to mention it started removing paint with all the scrubbing. Oh well, not that big of a deal as I have other canopies or I can attempt to salvage this one. The only bad thing is matching the paint since I mixed colors to get the shade I wanted. Either way I hope to get it close to the original paint. I've also applied a flat coat and did some more weathering. I was able to get the exhaust toned down but I'm still not crazy about it. Nothing to make me want to start over though... Toned down the exhaust. My camera skills leave a lot to be desired and these images seem washed out a bit. The weathering doesn't show up as it looks in person. So not a whole lot left to do but I'm off to Texas for a week so it will have to wait! Thanks for all the nice comments fellas! Bryan
  2. Thanks Grissom! That's actually the kit exhaust. The only thing I did was to slightly thin the very end of the pedals, otherwise it's all stock. Tamiya did a nice job, too bad they stopped making the thunderbirds version. It was nice to hear from Mike, now he just needs to build us something. Hey Marcel, I was totally kidding. Hope it came across otherwise. I always appreciate you input...
  3. Oh now you tell me! haha. I had a hard time figuring what to do since some pics I swore looked hard edge while others looked soft. I was having a hard time with my airbrush too which had never been a problem before. I'm going to do the Topgun F-16B which is hard edge for sure. I have the Steel Beach paper masks for that one which I will cut out on tamiya tape with my shiny new silhouette machine. I think I'm gonna use some clear smoke to diffuse and darken the exhaust then apply semi gloss flat. It's hard to tell in this pic but that what I did with this panel.
  4. Yeah, this is what I was looking at replicating. There are a lot that look this way but I still have some work to do. Doing some work on the landing gear bays... Thanks for stopping by... Bryan
  5. I had to cobble decals from 4 sets to match what I needed. Some of them were too light but a super thin coat of grey brought them all together. Still to light but better then before. This one is from Fightertown F/A-18 sheet. Yes I broke off the tail probe like I have done with every other F-16 I've built. I forgot to post photos of the exhaust. I think it's a bit too gold looking so I still have some work to do. Do you guys think the color is off? The kit comes with an extra pedal part and of coarse I glue the wrong one on (the one without decals). I had to pry it off and glue the correct one on but luckily it didn't mess anything up.
  6. Got some paint on. I was having some issues with my H&S infinity, it was difficult to get a tight line as I had before. I ordered a new needle and nozzle set with helped but I was still having issues. The biggest problem was I kept getting tip dry and the brush just wouldn't spray well. I've used this brush for about 10 years and it's always been great to use. I'm using MRP and MR Color paints which are always fantastic. I did see on a forum that some MRP can be a bit more finicky but who knows. I just kept at it and got it the best I could. I didn't like the MRP color for the dark areas that are FS 36081, it was more brown than dark grey. I tried to lighten it but it turned into a weird shade. MR. Color wasn't all that much better so I ended up mixing up some colors on my own. MRP lightened All colors on but they are too dark. Getting these colors right was more difficult than I thought it would be. A little weathering and masks make with my silhouette machine. I am so glad I got this thing! I was able to lighten up the paint by spraying a very thinned coat of light grey. I used darker paint to do the touch ups that are on the real AC.
  7. Thanks buddy, nice to see you back on the forums. Hope you are doing well...
  8. Fantastic build! I really like the way the different paint on the seat looks... Bryan
  9. Amazing! I really like the paint and weathering. Great work... Bryan
  10. Looks amazing! Incredible attention to detail. Bryan
  11. Here is some detail I added to the gear bays. I finished these a few years ago and I don't really detail the bays that much anymore, either that or I just buy aftermarket. For me, it's just not worth all the extra effort when they are rarely seen. I will be adding more details once I'm done with most of the painting. Here is the finished tail along with a few little details I used Mr. Metal Color Iron to paint the fan. I really like the way this line of paints looks for certain parts.
  12. Great thanks, I'll take a look. I haven't seen the CMK seat yet.
  13. Thanks Marcel, your build is what got me motivated to get going again but why did you have to set the bar so high! haha
  14. I added the wing plates and some PE Chaff/Flare dispensers from AMUR Reaver. I didn't do the best job the the dispensers as one of came out a bit crooked. It's not all that noticeable except the close up camera shot. The strengthening plates seem a bit thin to me so I glued them to .005 sheet. They might be a bit out of scale now but nothing too crazy. One thing that helps me with these big PE parts like this, it to trace it where I want it to go. That way there is no guessing where i want it to lay on the part and where the glue needs to go. Even though this is the A version, it had the extra buckets. The buckets are a bit finicky but they do look nice, especially if you want to show them empty. This jet only has two fingers on the leading edge wings which is an easy fix...
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