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  1. You aren't kidding about the fit issues, they look terrible. Your build however, looks fantastic! Bryan
  2. Thanks Mike, that's a big savings! I was having problems uploading dxm files but the designer edition will let me import vector directly. Bryan
  3. It looks like you built a hobby store!
  4. I just love seeing your builds and the good thing is you do one every other day! Really nice and thanks for showing the riveting process in you WIP thread... Bryan
  5. Amazing build! That is one of the more convincing weathering jobs I've seen. Great work! Bryan
  6. Love this build. This would be right up my alley! I enjoy the building process a lot more than the painting process so I would really dig something like this. I'm jealous... Bryan
  7. Great info guys and thanks for the link Kev! Hey Brady, here is the info for the Inkscape vector program. There are some other programs like Illustrator but it is expensive. I use Inkscape since it's free...
  8. I'll try to help you if I can.. 1. I use Inkscape to draw my decals, it's a great program and it's free to use. I had never used a Vector based draw program before but with the help of youtube videos, I have been able to muck my way through it fairly easily. I think there may be a way to draw them in the silhouette software but I can't give you advise there. The one disadvantage to using vector art is you have to upgrade the silhouette software to import them. You can save them as dxm file in Inkscape but I have been having problems importing the image into the silhouette software so I may end up upgrading myself. 2. I bought mine at Amazon, at the time it was the best price and I have an Amazon card that gives me 5% cash back. 3/4. I use Tamiya masking sheets instead of vinyl that I buy on Amazon too. I think it's just a preference thing for me. I can send you a link to the youtube videos if you are interested in learning the Inkscape program. Hope this helps, either way I think you will love it. It was a big purchase for me at the time but it has been completely worth it. Bryan
  9. Masterful work! You build thread was great to follow too. Man I wish I had you skills! This is going to be part of a ship diorama right? Bryan
  10. Thanks for the help John, I'll give that a try. Nice work on the canopy! It's nice the kit come with more than one canopy... Bryan
  11. Hey John, thanks for the info. I just started using Inkscape and it has been fairly easy to figure out but I still have a long way to go. I've been having a problem when sending my file over to the silhouette software that maybe you can help me with. I save my drawing as a DXF file and load that into the silhouette software. The silhouette brings up the drawing just fine except it doesn't keep the scale. For example, a number that I drew at a half inch ends up being 2 inches in the silhouette studio. Do you know why that would happen? Sorry if I'm taking you off topic... Bryan
  12. Fantastico! It looks like a real plane sitting on the field! The rigging came out really nice too... Bryan
  13. I'm loving this build! Big thanks for explaining your chipping process. I never thought of using a lighter gray color as part of the chipping. It really sets it apart. Bryan
  14. Great job with the decals! What did you use to draw them? The cutting mat is too sticky! I read to dab a t-shirt on it to make it less sticky. It worked well for me although I may have done it too much as it's not so sticky anymore. Bryan
  15. The pilots are looking great! I'm still hoping to see the helo build too as I have a feeling you are going to raise the bar with this one. It's nice to see your work on the forum again buddy... Bryan
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