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  1. Thanks Chuck, that helps a lot! I started using superglue to fill mistakes a while back after reading one of your posts. I haven't looked back since. Bryan
  2. Great work as always! Can you tell me what scribing tool you use? Your lines always come out so clean looking. Bryan
  3. Durangokid


    Very nice and that cockpit is amazing! Bryan
  4. Durangokid

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    Is is possible to make a sticky thread with a list of Aires, and even other aftermarkets, stuff and how it fits? Make is so people can go in and list what they have used and give their experience with the fit. Maybe even list ways to make it fit. I often search this info before I buy any aftermarket but it can be time consuming and even ineffective. It would be nice to look up a list and see what works well, what doesn't and techniques to make it fit.
  5. Durangokid

    Marine F-4J Phantom

    Thanks Jari, I think that is the right one.
  6. Durangokid

    A-6 A Intruder VF-75 "Sunday Punchers"

    Love your Intruder!
  7. I have been considering buying one of these and this thread is really pushing me in that direction. Is is difficult to copy a set of decal and have the Silhouette cut it out? I'm not well versed with draw software or vector graphics. I have figured out how to scan 48th scale decals and upsize them to 32nd scale so it would be nice to have them cut on the Silhouette. Also, can it cut out regular tamiya tape type masks? I have some masking sheets that I think are made of tamiya tape stuff. Bryan
  8. Durangokid

    Marine F-4J Phantom

    Thanks guys! On a side note, does anyone have a photo of the rear motor area of the Aim-7E2 sparrow? I searched but can't seem to find one. I did find some on the inert sparrows, is it the same? Bryan
  9. Durangokid

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    I'm not a big fan of this aircraft but I'm a big fan of your work. The details are just amazing. The black CA is my favorite filler, it's much easier to scribe through. Bryan
  10. Durangokid

    Because there’s no such thing as too many Phantoms

    Hey Tim, I'm looking forward to the paint job. I think you will like the black basting. Bryan
  11. Durangokid

    Marine F-4J Phantom

    When I started this project I told myself, "Self...don't go crazy with all the details and corrections". Well here I am going crazy with all the corrections, at least the ones I could find. I just can't seem to help myself! Tail attached: Need to remove and add some panel lines according to the photos I've seen... Another thing I said I wouldn't bother fixing... I ended up using .13mm sheet styrene to make the covers. I tried using thin metal but I just couldn't get it to work. After I glued the vent covers in place, I sanded them down as thin as I could. I might have sanded one of them too much! The fix wasn't all that great but I think it looks better than it did before. I also fixed a few more panel lines. The black lines you see is the black superglue I use as filler. I really like using it because it dries almost instantly with the use of accelerator so there is no waiting to sand. Using the accelerator also makes it dry less hard making it easier to sand. The color makes it east to see if the lines are filled. Another nice thing about using superglue is you can rescribe through it better than most other fillers. And finally the landing gear. If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn't have worried about the tie downs. It was such a pain getting them off and them gluing the new ones back on. I use styrene for the main gear leg tie downs but I might change them to metal. I'm just not sure I like the look, I don't know why I didn't think of using metal initially. Let me know what you guys think... I use .3mm styrene rod for my gear lines. I could never get the hang of using metal for the lines. The styrene is much easier for me to shape and glue. I used to dread making and attaching lines to the landing gear but now I actually enjoy it Thanks for stopping by fellas and please don't hesitate to let me know if there is something I need to change or fix. I especially welcome any help from Phantom experts.
  12. Durangokid

    Marine F-4J Phantom

    I was going to add the tail parts after painting. It looked like everything would line up at first glance but after dry fitting several more times, I decided against it. My biggest worry was painting the metal areas with the stabs in place. I was afraid to cut the stabs apart because I thought it would lead to alignment issues. The more I looked at it made be believe I could cut it in a way that would make alignment possible, at least that's what I hoped. Here is what I did: Looks like this after cutting Had to do a few more adjustments so it would fit after the tail was attached... Needed to ad this shim so there wouldn't be a gap
  13. Durangokid

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    Nice work on the panel lines, it really makes a difference. Bryan
  14. I'm really glad you are doing a build thread on this kit. This one is on my short list to do and your build threads are always so helpful. Bryan