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  1. Get radu's oil coleers photoeched grils. Baracuda stencils and wheels. Hgw wet transfers and seatbelts. Maybe vector cowl flaps. From eduard photoech some parts are useful Cheers misha
  2. great collection amazing modeling speed
  3. exceptional model. painting is amazing
  4. Fantastic work bruce Everything is so neat and beautiful
  5. bandai is also very popular in china. i saw many people purchasing gandam models.
  6. For me new models are coming faster then i build them. 32 scale always will stay more luxury so less models is predictable.
  7. Thank you very much Lanc is looking fantastic
  8. Well done Great choice. Trumpeters one of the best models
  9. Thank you alex for this great work
  10. Good conversation Of course 32 is better but unfortunately now i think 35 for rotary is as rule. But to the other hand many 32 scale models are so inaccurate that 35 good helicopter will look much closer to scale to be honest.
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