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  1. it is great to have another corsair build good luck and will follow with interest
  2. very nice build engine looks great with all details
  3. it is pity there is no lancaster out
  4. 1. Tamiya 2. Zm 3. Wnw despite i don't have any wnw or zm. But as i see they are very dedicated to this hobby. Bottom Trumpeter Revell Maybe eduard Theese company's doesn't think accuracy is important Despite some good models
  5. beautiful finish great looking model
  6. great work looking at this fantastic works i am thinking about wnw models
  7. very very nice mig model well done i like your attention to shape
  8. Always very interesting topics about tamiya. As their new models are always something very special for all kind of modelers. I hope for 109 family. F6f P38. P47 Who knows
  9. it's time for update my new tools 20190313_215816 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr 20190313_215730 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr
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