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  1. i know this technique for a long time. one great modeler was doing in this way canopies and result was amaizing. plexiglass is softened in boiling oil and then it is layed on wooden master. then pollished and it looks absolutely transparent
  2. amaizing paint job. most beautiful flanker model
  3. wow. i will follow with great interest.
  4. yes it looks more like interior green. if it is adjasted ti 72 scale anyway doesnot look correct for me. barkhorn your sample looks different then mine. by the way what do you think about mrp on my pics?
  5. 20190606_211435 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr 20190606_214033 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr i will take more pics tomorow on daylight. but i can ansure you that real one looks even more olive green and mrp more blueish.
  6. here is my pic. model is mrp color. old wing is ak sprayed 20190606_211448 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr
  7. is this sample ak color? mine definitely doesn't look like it. dull green in all pictures has bluish look. mine none. i am confused
  8. very interesting project
  9. great progress as usual. i like your paint collection
  10. hello i want to share some info about this color i received ak real color dark dull green and i am very very disappointed. it looks like olive green, not dull green. mrp i think is very good mach. and one tip for aqua mrp colors. thin it with mr leveling thinner and resalt will be great. straight from the bottle for me doesn't work. cheers misha
  11. super work fanch your attention to details is great inspiration for my works
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