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1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

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Goodness me Peter, genuinely one of my favourite aircraft!! Delighted it's going to be tackled by your good self and in 1/18.


It was on my shortlist to attempt a LSP some point of a Mk1 but frankly I'm going to bob it down that list now you're on the case.


If you would like any of the reference I started to gather as well as images from hours of internet trawling, last year I took over 200 high res photos all over (and under) the FAA Museum's Firefly Mk 1, “Evelyn Intentionsâ€, which shares a whole lot of features with later variants - I crawled all over and under taking loads of detail shots and close ups of everything I could get access to including loads of the wheel wells, undercarriage, wing fold internals etc. - plenty of close up panel details too - man that thing has loads of rivets both raised and flush! The only area I struggled with access was anything under the canopy which was closed.


Please PM me your email address, I'd be delighted to share all of them with to you via wetransfer.




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Oh boy, I am crawling around on the carpet picking up bits of my brain that has just blown.


Looking forward to this and thanks for the heads up. No need to prepare any models for the competition in Telford in two years' time!

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