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  1. Zank_Frappa

    Hawker Hunter Mk 58 Conversion?

    Hmm, that's good to know. I've been fiddling with making plugs for and sculpting the shell collectors all evening.
  2. Zank_Frappa

    Hawker Hunter Mk 58 Conversion?

    Hi all, I'm working on a build of Fliegerstaffel 15's J-4015 "Papyrus", and I was wondering if anyone knew of any conversion parts for a Swiss mk 58, specifically the spent ammunition collection bulges (at least that's what I think they are) Thanks
  3. If you're not looking to make your own filter, quickboost makes one thats pretty nice. I used it to replace the kit one on the g2/trop
  4. Zank_Frappa

    Lacquer over acrylics

    I've never used MM stuff over acrylic but tamiya's own clear lacquer has worked pretty well over acrylics for me
  5. Zank_Frappa

    Aircraft Skin Sag Techniques?

    cool thanks
  6. Zank_Frappa

    Aircraft Skin Sag Techniques?

    Hi guys, Currently I'm building a Fw 190D, and in looking at pictures of certain examples, I've noticed a fair amount of skin sag on various areas of the airframe. If you want a great example of this, just look at some of those older b52s. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried replicating this on any of their builds, and if so, how'd you do it? I was thinking of gouging shallow trenches inbetween where the stringers should be with a #10 blade and then softening the area with tamiya liquid thin, but I dunno.
  7. Zank_Frappa


    You're lucky A year ago our brand new puppy got up onto my table, and proceeded to destroy the rear fuse half of a meng me 163 Needless to say he didn't come into my room for a looooong time
  8. Zank_Frappa

    Fw 190D References?

    Hey dudes, I'm starting a build of a Trumpeter 1/24 Fw 190D9, and *hopefully* I'll be capable enough to skin it in metal. Maybe. Anyway, I'm pretty dissatisfied with the verlinden cockpit, so I think I'll try to scratchbuild one; or at least some of the components. Which leads me to the question: Where can I source some reference drawings, in scale or not, for the components of the cockpit. I guess I'm looking for something similar to Radu Brinzan's extensive book on the I.A.R. 80/81, which was an invaluable tool for scratching parts of the cockpit. Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.
  9. Zank_Frappa

    MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.

    Man, sometimes I have a hard time painting things up bc its cool to see all the little extra bits in their natural color. Makes you appreciate it more, almost.
  10. Zank_Frappa

    Kit Bash Stinger

    Some of the biggest milestones for me when wiring was figuring out how to use pins to create complicated bends and rolling out the wire with a hobby knife to make it straight.
  11. Zank_Frappa

    Ultrasonic Cleaners?

    Alright boys, cleaner arrived today, and my god was it worth it. I ran my airbrush, and some files, too, just for fun through some denatured alcohol. Everything came out spic and span; I'm really pleased with the thing.
  12. Zank_Frappa

    Ultrasonic Cleaners?

    Yeah I learned the hard way to take all the o rings off before soaking it in anything
  13. Zank_Frappa

    Ultrasonic Cleaners?

    I went ahead and bought this one from amazon. We'll see how it does. In the mean time, acetone (mostly) did the trick, but I can still see some paint residue that I cant reach, even with my pick or brushes.
  14. Zank_Frappa

    Ultrasonic Cleaners?

    It's been a while since I've even looked at a model, but I got the itch. $170 later and, well, here we are. Anyway, I broke out my airbrush and compressor and... I forgot to clean it. Months ago. Could've sworn I did, but oh well. I took it all apart and soaked it in lacquer thinner for 2 days; nothing. As it turns out last thing I sprayed was metallic lacquer. Awesome, right? So now here's the question: I'm looking into buying an ultrasonic cleaner to solve this little problem and hopefully prevent it happening again. I've seen those little magnasonic things on amazon, they any good? I don't wanna spend too too much right now. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  15. Zank_Frappa

    Wood grain decals

    I really like the uschi ones, but they're the only ones I've used. They were easy to cut out and settled well.