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  1. When I built my trumpeter 1/24 190d, I was able to use tiny neodymium magnets to allow part of the engine cowling to be removed to view the engine inside.
  2. If I were you I'd try thinning the plastic on the upper wing half down. You could use a grinding head in a dremel, but personally I'd use a #10 or #22 to slowly scrape the plastic away until the resin part sits like it should
  3. Sup dudes, I just got my Trumpeter 262 in the mail today, and I've decided to try to do a build log for it. I've never kept up with one, so why not try again? For this build I've decided to go with a sort of funky Frankenstein scheme, White 34. I'm planning on using this as practice for various weathering techniques, because as of now I have rather limited experience. (Probably because I don't finish so many models LOL) I'll end this post with a mockup taped together as soon as I opened the box, because I'm still waiting on my aires cockpit replacement and haven't done much.
  4. Will be following with interest... I've built 3 of these kits, and I think you'll enjoy it.
  5. Hmm, that's good to know. I've been fiddling with making plugs for and sculpting the shell collectors all evening.
  6. Hi all, I'm working on a build of Fliegerstaffel 15's J-4015 "Papyrus", and I was wondering if anyone knew of any conversion parts for a Swiss mk 58, specifically the spent ammunition collection bulges (at least that's what I think they are) Thanks
  7. If you're not looking to make your own filter, quickboost makes one thats pretty nice. I used it to replace the kit one on the g2/trop
  8. I've never used MM stuff over acrylic but tamiya's own clear lacquer has worked pretty well over acrylics for me
  9. Hi guys, Currently I'm building a Fw 190D, and in looking at pictures of certain examples, I've noticed a fair amount of skin sag on various areas of the airframe. If you want a great example of this, just look at some of those older b52s. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried replicating this on any of their builds, and if so, how'd you do it? I was thinking of gouging shallow trenches inbetween where the stringers should be with a #10 blade and then softening the area with tamiya liquid thin, but I dunno.
  10. Hey dudes, I'm starting a build of a Trumpeter 1/24 Fw 190D9, and *hopefully* I'll be capable enough to skin it in metal. Maybe. Anyway, I'm pretty dissatisfied with the verlinden cockpit, so I think I'll try to scratchbuild one; or at least some of the components. Which leads me to the question: Where can I source some reference drawings, in scale or not, for the components of the cockpit. I guess I'm looking for something similar to Radu Brinzan's extensive book on the I.A.R. 80/81, which was an invaluable tool for scratching parts of the cockpit. Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.
  11. Man, sometimes I have a hard time painting things up bc its cool to see all the little extra bits in their natural color. Makes you appreciate it more, almost.
  12. Some of the biggest milestones for me when wiring was figuring out how to use pins to create complicated bends and rolling out the wire with a hobby knife to make it straight.
  13. I really like the uschi ones, but they're the only ones I've used. They were easy to cut out and settled well.
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