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  1. Guyman1

    HB W. 12 (Prototype) - WnW Conversion

    Simply beautiful Michael, Guy
  2. Totally stunning Fozzy, Keep going mate this is epic modelling here Guy
  3. Guyman1

    The Aussies and the AEG

    Very nice Michael, The weathering and ageing techniques are so convincing to the human eye it looks like the real thing shrunk down to 1/32. I am looking forward even more to see this build unfold. Keep going mate Guy
  4. Work of art simply beautiful modelling Guy
  5. Wow!!!!just found this build tonight very impressive the approach to this is amazing Guy
  6. Very nice modelling going on here great weathering the side by side shots are great Really looking forward to the next faze of this build. Guy
  7. Nice to see this start up again Martin This has been one very interesting build. Guy
  8. Guyman1

    The Aussies and the AEG

    Sure is why we do it mate your doing a project within a project within another project. Great stuff Michael keep going mate. Guy
  9. Guyman1

    The Aussies and the AEG

    Very nice Michael it will be interesting watching this unfold looking forward to seeing the Diggers Hanging around the airframe. Guy
  10. Guyman1

    1/18TH JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Wow!!!!! that thing is a work of art what a beautiful Big Cat you have on your hands sir. Guy
  11. Guyman1

    DesTROYer's 1/32 RAAF F/A18 B Hornet A21-103

    Very nice Troy she is coming along great looking forward to more updates. Guy
  12. Guyman1

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953 FINISHED

    Very nice build here great innovation in the parts break down looking forward to more updates Guy
  13. Guyman1

    Spitfire Mk. Vb Jan Zumbach's EN951, Hobby Boss

    Very nice The airbrushing and detailing are amazing an eye catching model you Have here sir. Guy
  14. Very nice Peter as usual a neat and tidy appoch the cowl looks spot on I would love to see this in the flesh. Keep going Mate Guy
  15. Guyman1

    12. Tempest Mk.V, now with full engine

    Mate that is beautiful very aesthetic model looking forward to more updates. Question what are you sealing the decals onto the Alclad with ? they look incredible Guy