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  1. These are such impressive bits I have MK XXI in the build faze with these great add ons it will take a lot of the scratch building out of the build and a MK XXI cockpit and some add ons to the internal would be great I will defiantly be buying some of these to build up a MkI,MkX and a MkXXI Thanks mate I think you just saved that dinasour of a kit from extinction I will be looking forward to getting your 3D bits Guy
  2. These are such beautifully build models and in such a neat fashion keep going mate really looking forward to the end of this twin build Guy
  3. Very impressive mate beautiful result here Guy
  4. Looking real good Guy keep going mate Guy
  5. Just love a plan come together this just gets more interesting as you go I do love these old kits just something about them. Really looking forward to more updates mate keep going your on a roll Guy
  6. Gee that's nice mate love way this is coming together Guy
  7. This is amazing modelling going on here and in such great speed looking forward to more updates Guy
  8. sad that has some real potential for the Dinosaur that kit is
  9. What ever happened to this beautiful build was it ever done ?
  10. Beautiful work here such a unique model Guy
  11. Nice work mate the tape on the bombs turned out very nice impressive stuff so far Guy
  12. Totally stunning Fozzy, Keep going mate this is epic modelling here Guy
  13. Very nice Michael, The weathering and ageing techniques are so convincing to the human eye it looks like the real thing shrunk down to 1/32. I am looking forward even more to see this build unfold. Keep going mate Guy
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