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  1. What a striking scheme! I wouldn't say beautiful, it's just too much for my poor eyes and I'm already wearing sunglasses! But striking it is and I applaud your masterful execution! Very well done!
  2. The world cup is one of the few occasions where I watch some football. I never know the players and my friends have to tell me who's who Of course I'd like to see 'our' team (Germany) to do well, but there are lots of countries with great teams, so whoever plays best deserves to win! Not a fan of having world cups in Saudi Arabia and Russia though, that always has a bit of a foul smell... As, incidentally, did the WC in Germany in 2006 as is now known... Greets, Jonas
  3. Yes, that's what I found, too. Pilot Karl Tacke was the brother of my grandmother, hence the interest.
  4. Hello y'all, i'm looking for information regarding a Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-2 with Werknr. 500018 (at least I think that's the Werknr.) that flew with ZG 26 before being destroyed near Wunstorf on 20th february 1944. Does anyone know anything about this particular plane or has any idea for books/websites where I could find some information? I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance, Jonas
  5. I respectfully disagree, Sir! If Kent does a Lancaster, we're in for a treat!
  6. Ah, ok, I missed that somehow! Yeah, in that case, I'd ask, too!
  7. Wow, that's a cool price for a cool kit!
  8. And yes, we in Germany love our free time and definitely can't be bothered while off work
  9. I once e-mailed them about some decals for an 8€ 1/72 kit that had gotten destroyed during application by my own idiocy. Received the same bot-generated mail, then three weeks of radio silence and then I got a whole new decal sheet in the mail! I think you need some patience, they'll get to you eventually. Greets, Jonas
  10. You're making this look so easy that I am very tempted to try it myself. There's just something about those B/C Mustang lines... Oh well, I probably shouldn't though... Greets, Jonas Edit: Sorry, just read about your paint problems! Glad you got it figured out now, I'm looking forward to seeing your results!
  11. Troop carriers on the other hand do get the stripes as per the order posted above. That does explain at least the C-47s. Not sure if the Horsa was also considered a troop carrier... Greets, Jonas
  12. Awesome, this will look great when finished!
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