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  1. mhorina

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    I'm in . I think the masks are a great way to make this happen. Again count me in. Mike Horina
  2. How do you power your AB ? Maybe something went wrong a/c outside temperature. Air tank to cold, compressor moisture?
  3. mhorina

    Resin Merlin or Packard Merlin Engine??

    If using the first release kit of the Tamiya P-51 please be aware that both superchargers, the one from the Tamiya Spitfire kit and one for the Tamiya P-51 kit are included and there is a difference that you can see. Especially if you use the wrong one. HTH Mike Horina
  4. Andy, Thank you. Wonderful job,well done. It was a pleasure to watch you overcome some dunting problems and be able to create such a neat clean finished model . NICE Mike Horina
  5. Could just be a shadow of the gentlmen's leg, just saying. Mike Horina
  6. mhorina

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Having built 3 Hasegawa P-40s 2 as Fs and 1N my view is. It looks like the Nose cap is too pointed and not sure I like the way the exhausts are to be installed. However I like the way the Trumpeter wheel wells are done and it looks like the flaps would really be neat if they could be assembled easily without a great deal of cussing. Just my observations, I have a F GM nose piece maybe taking a look if the top engine cover could be fitted to the Trumpeter Mike Horina
  7. mhorina

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    No parts for the'long tail'. Only short tail kit. Not accurate for decal option, Tiger mouth 209 Mike Horina
  8. mhorina

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Done now over 10250 Mike Horina
  9. mhorina

    Biplane rigging material

    Bald Eagle, Why is that a 'stupid question' ? Mike Horina
  10. mhorina

    Hasegawa 109 G10 and K4 1/32

    Uwe Sent you a PM Mike Horina
  11. mhorina

    Hasegawa 109 G10 and K4 1/32

    Sorry I have no pictures to show how it was done. I did it soon after the Revell 109 kit was released. It would be maybe 10 years ago and I lost my computer that had my hobby stuff on it. At one time I thought I had outlined it on the LSP site. Long time back I did a Croatian 109 using this to make Black 4. I think there was some discussion on this site at the time. Sorry I can't help more. It is really not that hard if you study the 2 kits with the thought of doing it. Mike Horina
  12. mhorina

    Hasegawa 109 G10 and K4 1/32

    I believe I used the complete Revell fuselage . I think ,if I remember correctly , you can use either kits rudders with the Revell fin . Not sure which of the rudders I used' Mike Horina
  13. mhorina

    Hasegawa 109 G10 and K4 1/32

    It can be done. I have done it at least twice. I lost most of my hobby info about 5 months ago .It is really simple. Both kits can be cut on the 1st panel line that that is behind the cockpit and is the 1st line that clears the rear of the wings. There is a panel line that is under the rear of the cockpit that can be also removed that ends at that panel line I just mentioned. Depending on which cockpit you want to use. I used the Hasegawa front and cut the rear cockpit panel from it .That way using the Revell back panel gives you a edge to strengthen the panels. That way you have more holding the fuselage instead of just a vertical line. If you want to use the rear of the cockpit from the Revell kit don't cut it from the fuselage. HTH Mike Horina
  14. mhorina

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    Sorry to be late. I got the conversion set from Harold today. I would like a set of your decals also or 2 sets if that. would help .Please let me know if they will be available. I did get the canopy but not the decals I hope you can help.Thank you Mike Horina