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  1. Agree with getting a G-4 kit Mike Horina
  2. Thunnus, Back in the day Bruce Radebaugh of Parts-R-Parts made a resin part to correct the alignment of the oil cooler on the Hasegawa 109 G6 and 14 kits. You would cut the whole ring on the nose and replace it with his correction part. Mike Horina
  3. Dave in your post above. Thought it was for the new release.Sorry Mike
  4. Parts show up on instruction sheet for the camra instal.Parts are in the Pacufic release I don't know anything about whats needed in the cockpit . Mike Horina
  5. How to order? I tried and PM said cant send Mike Horina
  6. Yep I don't see the air scoop in that picture Mike Horina
  7. TAG, thank you for this picture. Along with the previous picture it is just about all anyone could want or need. Mike
  8. Very close and it will help. Thank you. If possible, if anyone can show how the pipes are on the tank itself that would be appreciated also. Thanks again Juggernut. Actually I think it shows what I was looking for. Mike
  9. I am in need of a diagram that shows the plumbing for the P-51 Mustang with under wing pylons using the 110 gallon paper fuel tanks. Thanks for any and all help. Mike Horina
  10. Not happy to hear they are for the Revell G-6 kit. Still have too many Hase 109s left. Maybe these new parts can be used or modified to get something useful for the Hase kit. I think AIMS has the right idea of improving both the Hase and Revell kits, helping both kits with parts for both of the kits Mike Horina
  11. I will be there. Thursday& Friday Mike Horina
  12. I would try adding Tamiya Clear Blue to whatever version of Aluminum paint you are going to try and use. HTH Mike Horina
  13. I'm just about to start on mine. As Thierry said start with Hase G-10. I am using the nose parts from the G-10 and the fuselage parts off a G-6 kit. Cutting the G-10 kit parts that would attach the G-10 fuselage off and using the fuselage cut from the G-6 kit. If you have a G-14 kit available you could use the tail parts from that . I will cut the G-10 tail off at the trestle hole and do the same with the G-6 fuselage to so as to use the tall tail fin. Or if you have a spar G-14 kit that tail could also be used, and just use the instructions from the G-6/G14 Good Luck. Or if you can get a Revell G-6 cheap you could usethe rear fuselage from that and use the Hase G-10 kit as above. Mike Horina
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